Housewife, writer, coffee drinker, and seeker of inner bliss.

Welcome to our life. It is filled with coffee, homeschooling, bread baking in the oven, and attempting to grow as much of our food as possible in a small backyard.  I love being a housewife and work daily to work under one small income that keeps shrinking. Despite the budget cuts as of lately, I meet the challenge with gusto and creativity. The simple and frugal life offers so many joys and opportunities that it is one to embrace and not take for granted or wish for something else.

I am also an author of many homemaking books and fiction under a pen name.  Lately, I’m working hard on the fiction because it is such a great creative outlet.

Our days are filled with routines and good habits. There are homeschooling and gardening, cooking from scratch, swimming at the health club (our one luxury), reading stacks of books, and the basics of cleaning and managing a home.

I find ways to make the money stretch, to feed us organic, nutritious and delicious foods, to improve our health and quality of life, to make housecleaning an easier and more enjoyable task, to find bliss and fun daily. And to enjoy a good pot of coffee. And music.

Come along and I will share all I’ve learned about thriving on a small paycheck, looking forward to housework, growing your own groceries, making your own cleaners, cooking from scratch, writing books, finding inner peace and bliss, living a wholesome life, becoming a patient parent, and enjoying the homeschool journey.

You can find me on YouTube:

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