Keeping your home clean, tidy, and fresh without losing your s***.


I’ve been obsessed with finding the perfect cleaning routine, one that will change the way I housekeep forever, one that will change my life, my families life, will give me more time to do the things I love! I want a super clean, sparkly, fresh home that makes you just want to take in a deep breath of that lemon scent and put your arms out and spin.

What I have now are cobwebs I notice when I have no broom nearby, filthy baseboards I notice when in the middle of another duty, dead flies in my window sill from last summer…you get the point.

I watch all these damn Flylady videos with her team showing us how to clean…but they don’t. She doesn’t. They sit there and drone on about it and I want to see this formula at work. I want to see these ladies busting their humps. I watched five videos and still only have a morning and before bed routine and the classic old timer trick I’ve used for years.

I have to say, since I started faithfully going back to my night time and morning routines, it’s much easier to keep up. But where are the heavy duty details? Where is the vlog of Flylady on her knees scrubbing baseboards?

I read an article on the 1950’s housewife routine. Three hours in the morning. That could really get you caught up and be more than enough time to bang out another project like reupholstering a chair or building a shed out back.

There is another way to go to get super organized for the whole year; The Sidetracked Home Executives by Pam Jones and Peggy Young. This involves index cards. Not interested, but Grannie loves this system and has set up two family members. She swears by it for running an efficient home. It just sounds like there are a lot of cards involved.

I did receive a used calendar scheduler and at first, just shoved it in a drawer, but I have since brought it out and with colorful pens and white out, made a monthly schedule. I have an activity on each day of the week.

It seems people are getting as complicated and obsessed with scheduling housework as they are with these fab diets. “Oh, I only eat meat now, I’m Keto…yes, and I only mop on Tuesday, it’s my new Flylady routine.” (This is only my impression, I’m no fan of Keto nor am I enamored with Flylady or S.H.E., too much thinking, and work).

I feel like acting out.

I tell you what works for me. Getting a housecleaning lady. Yes, that is the solution, but we are on a mission to save money and that doesn’t seem to be in the budget these days.

Well, what has been working is this simple routine; I do have the calendar book to keep me on track and not forget things like appointments with the eldest child’s homeschool teacher. I do a night routine that really makes my mornings pleasant because the kitchen is clean and tidy, the house is tidy, the table washed, and then I have a quick morning routine of making beds, cooking breakfast, brewing coffee, checking my schedule for the day. This is a Flylady thing. But she suggests dressing to the shoes and that irks me as shoes are the filthiest things you could wear in your home. We are a no shoe house.

I then take an hour to do house cleaning daily (I do set the timer…and brew coffee).  An hour a day becomes a lot as you catch up. I have other things I do such as clean the bathroom when the boys are bathing, or wash dishes as I wait for the dinner to cook. To keep the home smelling good I turn on my wax scent warmer now and then or simmer cinnamon and cloves in water on the back stove.

Then there is shopping and cooking. I’ve decided to shop only every two weeks. One big shop for the month and then mid-month for some fresh produce and soy milk. I’ve also incorporated one day of meal prep, every Sunday. This will involve making a month of menus.

Obsessing about cleaning and having to shop and cook constantly is what wears down the homemaker. Making it easy and streamlined will change your life and free it up for hiking, gardening, writing a hit novel, enjoying the children.

Here are some vlogs that helped me so much and were so inspiring to watch on food prep. One is for all food and one is more vegan. You will love them both.


20 thoughts on “Keeping your home clean, tidy, and fresh without losing your s***.

  1. While FlyLady works for many people, I simply take what I need from each system and leave the rest. No system is ever going to be perfect for every stage of your life, so dump that goal right now, kiddo! I’ve seen your house in the videos–it’s fine.

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  2. Kate, lol! lol! I just read your blog and I am out of breath and in need of a rest.  I really don't know how you do it.  Girl, you got to stop stressing about the little things and just enjoy being in the moment.  You know as well as I do, there are better things in life than always having a spic and span house.  Houses are made to be lived in and don't worry about those cobb webs they are good to have around, they trap the flies for you so you won't have to worry about cleaning your windows.  LOL!  See, 1 less thing to do.  LOL!   And in case you forgot your name is Kate Singh not Martha Stewart!  LOL!     What?  Your Keto now????????? Oh!  Kate just eat what your body needs and stop worrying about the flesh.  You are a beautiful women and I am sure Bali and the kids love you as you are.  You said in a vlog once that you don't feel good after eating meat.  For as long as I can remember I have had a thing with meat.  I would eat meat but wasn't a fan.  I was very confused about what to eat until one day a friend of mine gave me a book: “Eat Right 4 Your type”.  This book just confirmed what I was feeling and thinking all along.  My body thrives on a vegetarian diet.  If you want I can send you the book.  Just let me know.  If you google it you will find some interesting information and videos.  You will need to know your blood type for this book. Anyway, I just wanted to touch base with you, it's been a minute since we've talked. I love your blogs, keep them coming. Have a wonderful day. Your friend from Canada.


  3. I don’t do well with any routine. The heavens only know why. So I started to clean the extra bits when I see them. Of course, I can’t escape the dishes and the cooking but I enjoy it so it’s not that much if a problem. But I live your idea about the shopping. I hate shopping (yes, I am a woman still… 😜) but our fridge is too small… Great post!


      1. But it’s nice that you are so positive about it and make the best of it. I usually shop once a week but we used to do a big one at the beginning of the month and then just topped up. We can’t do that now because of different cash flow. But I think it is amazing with how little you can get along if you are a bit creative and open minded…and have a garden to grow fruit and veg 😊


  4. Okay, you think YOU’RE bad at scheduling? I’m the only one up right now, and I’m sipping my mug of tea, doing my usual morning online stuff. I just realized it’s Obie’s BIRTHDAY. I knew it was coming, but with all the stuff going on right now, I spaced it out. Since he knows we’re taking him for Chinese food Saturday, and the church always makes a big deal about it, I’m covered as far as celebration goes. Yet I do want to make today a little special for my ‘mugwump’. So when he gets up, I’m making pancakes, eggs and bacon for breakfast, plus we will take him to get a couple of new music CDs. Whew, dodged that bullet!


  5. Hello There Kate! I recently discovered your blog/YouTubes and I’ve gotta admit: I’m a fan. I wish you had been around when I was raising my tribe – I share many of the same philosophies you do. BUT, this time, I gotta throw in my advice, for what it’s worth (5 cents?). Please don’t obsess about having a clean house. Enjoy your time with your boys now, while they are young. Once this phase of your lives pass, you can’t recoup it! There will be plenty of time in the future to clean/organize/function at uber efficiency. But right now, all you’ve gotta do is provide a predictable, decently clean environment for those boys to continue to thrive in – and give them all the love you can. Take it from me, (a mom of 6), it goes by sooooooo fast. Enjoy it – and plan on getting great at cleaning, etc., in the future.


    1. I thank you and agree! I wrote this with humor but it must not have come across too well. I love my house clean but I’m trying to figure out a schedule and method of cleaning/cooking so I’m spending far less time doing it and more time having fun with those boys. I freak out everytime they grow an inch!!


  6. Hello! We are in the middle of putting down new wood flooring, then on to painting after the wall paper comes so I can match it properly. I have about 250 pounds of apples to process and the dregs of our garden, a few zuchs, beans, spuds and cucs, beets and carrots. We don’t like being at the mercy of the grocery store for food. All this is to say that my house is an absolute mess right now and it is not comfortable. We see the light at the end of the tunnel, but nonetheless a cluttered mess. We are also waiting to have some of my mother’s furniture removed and we are waiting for ours. My house is a place I like to be in and the current state is making me a tad uncomfortable. I try to get zen and be in the moment but months like this are tough. Living in the Pacific Northwest as we do makes us turn inward in the winter. I want to be relaxed in my home, not uncomfortable. This too will pass and with it new floors, furniture, wallpaper and paint and freezers and cupboards full of food. But man it’s a lot of work. Just feeling the stress and comiserating. I can’t strive for magazine perfection. It will never happen!! Just comfort and joy.


  7. Some great tips here Kate! I’m on a declutter challenge at the moment, trying to get rid of stuff we’ve been holding on to. The house will be so much easier to keep clean when it’s got less stuff in the way! I’m going to adopt the nightly routine idea as well, thanks 🙏🏻


  8. I am in the beginning stage of rearranging the kitchen.. OMG! I craft a lot so I have stuff EVERYWHERE! I have been reading your books from Kindle and Watching your videos.. So coffee is again brewing and I again am starting off this day in the Kitchen! Wish me luck!!


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