One Paycheck and A Housewife: Home economics on a small budget.

One Paycheck and A Housewife: Home economics on a small budget by [Singh, Kate]

Living in Northern California on one income is not an easy task. It’s even harder to buy a home for the family with the escalating housing market and rents. How do you house a family, feed them well, and have a middle-class life on a lower working class budget?

This ebook will be free today and tomorrow and then again next weekend starting Friday through Sunday. It is my experience and advice on living frugally. It is about learning to embrace and enjoy life with very little and that you can often find the truest meaning of life, fun, and creativity in simplicity.

17 thoughts on “One Paycheck and A Housewife: Home economics on a small budget.

  1. Hi Kate, I recently discovered your You Tube channel and blog and I love them! You have a beautiful home and family and I love your frugal living tips. I was just wondering if everything worked out with your husband and his immigration stuff. Hope all is well 😊

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    1. Thank you, Kristyn, for caring and the compliments. We are still working on the immigration stuff but the good news is that he has a work permit now and that makes life much easier. There is always the possibility of him having to go soon. He would be able to return, but how long that would take is the scary part. It could take years. It is a constant irritant in the back of our minds.

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    1. This one is short and just a sort of update on what I’ve learned and been doing so far. The home economics books are fun and easy to write. I just watch these shows on the growing gap between rich and poor and I see people struggling and want to share another way to live. Times might get harder with this crazy housing market over here.


  2. Just signed in now and love your blog already. Thank you so much for the free e-book. My husband and I are in our 60s, both retired and live on Social Security only. We were able to buy a home last December (by the grace of God) but it is verrrryyy tight, mainly because of high credit debt. We live paycheck to paycheck but I am very frugal and I know we will make it. It just hurts a lot!! Looking forward to your ideas. Thanks! May God bless you and your family!


  3. I loved this book and have read it and many of your others several times. Love how you teach a contentment with life and the blessings we have. Also love your financial advice. I am hoping to retire from teaching after the next school year and will live on 36000 a year, for myself, spouse, 1 fur baby as you call them and 10 chickens, oh and the gardens, just like you do!


    1. 18 hours of childcare a week? Try 168 hours! Good article in that pointing out the necessity of homemakers. I believe more and more people see this and more parents are moving toward a person staying home because of the pure convenience and grace it brings to a household.


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