Home economics: Lots of tips and Ideas.


I would love to share with all of you what I’m learning and relearning about keeping a home, making schedules, and budgeting, easy ways to get the cooking done, and organize the home. Here are just some ideas and tips to inspire.

5 thoughts on “Home economics: Lots of tips and Ideas.

  1. I wanted you to know I make my own laundry soap, too, (the dry version). I have found Family Dollar’s brand of OxiClean a WHOLE lot cheaper. I have been using it for a while now with no problem. BUT, I find that my clothes seem to clean better (with the name brand or not) if I use 3 Tbs. of laundry soap. You still save money. I also just read where Dollar Tree has their version, 32 oz., for a dollar! I will check them out next time. Hope this helps. I have a nosy question. Don’t answer if you don’t feel you don’t want to. Is your home paid for? If not, you are one HUGE wonder whiz with money….better than me and I am hard to beat when it comes to groceries. Love the blog. Keep talking, baby, cuz I’m listening!!


    1. You are so polite! I don’t think it’s nosy at all. We don’t have this paid for but our mortgage is $935…however, I’m paying $1012 to get it paid in 15 years. I did the mortgage calculater in Dave Ramsey’s book Financial Makeover. I’m not always so good with money, actually gave my cards to Bali recently until I’m really in the frugal “zone”. As for laundry, I will check out the Dollar Tree but I deteste our store, so filthy. Visit me on my Channel Coffee with Kate on YouTube. I have a lot of ideas and fun and we have a great community over there. I’m not doing so many blogs these days. I just post from my channel on here. I bet you have some great tips!:)


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