Life Changers.


4 thoughts on “Life Changers.

  1. I just joined your blog. My sister was always talking about it and you are her favorite! Been catching up on many of your posts. I too read Seth and Abraham…for many years. Seth can be hard to understand. There is a recent book (it was in my library) that came out I think you would enjoy. It is backed up by science…or rather, science caught up with Seth. It’s in very plain English and so fascinating. The title is MIND TO MATTER – the astonishing science of how your brain creates material reality. Author is Dawson Church. His entire line of work is fascinating.


    1. I would love that! I’ll look into it later. I’ve been at this so many decades I need a break and living a simple existance with the boys right now, but I’ve been manifesting and communing with God like crazy lately. It’s hard to say what finally clicked.


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