A month of groceries and Thanksgiving dinner for $149.30!


9 thoughts on “A month of groceries and Thanksgiving dinner for $149.30!

  1. Thanks for sharing your grocery trip. You know the old saying – 80% of the time eat well. You bought healthy, just not totally organic. I know I cannot eat totally organic ever, it seems, due to financial restrictions and sometimes time restrictions, or just too tired to cook that night. I love the sunflower crunch salad! I, too, have used the Stouffer’s lasagna. I made lasagna by scratch a couple of weeks ago. Even using cottage cheese instead of ricotta (something I have never done before), it cost a small fortune and used up a good portion of my allotted budget. I think you rocked your budget this week.

    I also liked your religious video a couple of videos ago. I am a Christian but not your typical Christian also. I love Jesus and believe He is the Son of God and our Savior. I like to explore other denominations and see the differences. I believe you can learn something from everyone and am interested in listening to others’ thoughts and beliefs. If you have never read Nesting Gypsy with Sara Janssen, she is an unschooling, former dreadlocks hippie Christian who is not typical either. I enclosed a blog she wrote about her beliefs that I thought you might enjoy. Keep up the blogs; I look forward to hearing/reading them! http://www.nestinggypsy.com/blog/2014/2/20/finding-truth


  2. I just finished reading “Return of the Old Fashioned Housewife” and had to come visit your blog. I love it! I just started once a month shopping, after 30+ years of homemaking, and it is such a great concept. Granted, our 3 sons are grown but it makes life a bit easier not having to shop so often and fight the crowds. Thanks for the blog, I’ll definitely be back.


    1. Hi Cheryl! I live mostly over on my YouTube channel “Coffee with Kate” so visit me their if you like. We have begun a year of ultimate frugality and I’m getting all sorts of ideas. I love the shopping once a month early in the morning. I can’t handle the crowds and weekly shopping. Of course, I don’t have three teenagers…yet.:)


  3. Oh gosh, I love Winco. I’m on the wrong coast for it, but my in-laws have one near them, and it’s the grocery store of my dreams. I’ve reduced our grocery spending, but am still working on getting it down. It’s so cool to see you manage to do a month’s shopping, along with a holiday dinner, for this little money! I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving.

    I just found your site/youtube, and am reading one of your books right now. Thanks for doing all this, and I’m really excited to dig into it all!


  4. You guys are absolutely killing it on the grocery front. We’re a family of 3 from Australia and last month;s grocery total was about $600 and I’m not happy with that at all. This month we’re aiming for $400


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