Frugality and Wealth Consciousness.


4 thoughts on “Frugality and Wealth Consciousness.

  1. Kate – another great video. I was wondering if you have ever read Rhonda Hetzel’s blog – Down to Earth? She is Australian and blogs about a simple life, gardening, sewing, budgeting, cooking, etc. She has two very good books out. She returned to the simple life after retiring. She did a blog for 11 years and quit this past September. She and grandma Donna are buddies but Ronda goes into a lot more detail than Donna. If you have not read her before, you will have TONS of reading to catch up on, but it’s all good.

    I will look up the video where I saw the rosemary “sprouting” and let you know which one it is in.

    I look forward to your “vlog” each week; it is so uplifting!

    Cate <


  2. Hi Kate! I found your YouTube channel sort of by “accident” a few weeks ago, and I’ve been watching your videos all the time now. 🙂 I watch a lot of Dave Ramsey and frugal living videos, so it makes sense that I would find you.
    In any case, I was a stay at home mom and housewife many years ago (my kids are now teenagers and I’ve been divorced for 9 years, so it’s still all about one income, but it’s only my own income HAHA). I wish I had YouTube and YOU back when I was at home caring for kids and cooking/cleaning/growing veggies. It’s such a lonely life, but you handle it all with such grace and you have so much energy! I admire your steadfastness in working hard for your home and family. You’re amazing and keep it up!

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    1. Thank you, Sondra! YouTube has changed so much. Back about 5 years ago I was pretty isolated and lonely and I wasn’t into YouTube and when I did go on there I did not find the great things I find now.


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