I have been writing on this blog for a few years and loved every write up and share. I started this blog when I was just building a writing career. My boys were very little and I was spending my days at home baking and watching Dinosaur Train and Sesame Street. I was in heaven (still am), but I wanted a creative outlet and a way to communicate all I was learning and how I was healing and growing in my life as a mother and homemaker.

My family had moved from a town I loved, our community, Church, and good friends, years ago and I spent years living isolated on fruit farms with babies, dogs, and a stray cat to talk to and not much more in the way of intellectual stimulation. I was happy but craved a chat over coffee. I also lost a good friend to an immune disease and pill addiction and missed the talks of frugality and sharing recipes.

This blog and my writing of books have filled that space and I have a new community and friends today. I have a full life of exchanging ideas with wonderful and wise folk. My life is thriving and I have to whittle things down so I don’t overwhelm and lose the joy of creating.

I will leave the blog up as long as WordPress leaves it up. There are years of great ideas, tips, advice, and sharing. If you would like to know me and my family further, learn more about a full, rich, joyous life through frugality and spiritual seeking…please come on over to Coffee with Kate on YouTube.

That is where I’ll be.



  1. Kate, I’m glad to hear you will leave the blog up. I just found it. But I believe I found you on You Tube first so I’ll be following you there. I can certainly understand needing to pare back your responsibilities for any number of reasons. All the best in 2019!


      • Kate, you say your blog is not growing, but I found your blog, because of your YouTube channel. Initially was wondering, if you had a Facebook page. Each platform of social media, supports the other, in my opinion. Am going to enjoy looking through your blog. Glad it will be up for a while.


      • Hi Bea! I’ll leave this up here for years if they don’t take it down. So many years of fun stuff. I agree with you that each platform supports the other but I haven’t the energy to keep up the blog and YouTube. I want to keep from going cookoo.:) I write books and raise littles as you know and not enough daylight hours.:)


  2. Hi
    I really enjoyed your blog and I love your youtube channel.Please keep posting there because you are so bubbly and upbeat about life .Your house is Gorgeous!!.
    I just wanted to alert you about something I was made aware of . That kids fed a pure vegan diet do not attain their expected height because of the lack of calcium from milk and protein from meat . It might not be accurate but what does their pediatrician say.


    • Thank you, Debs, I appreciate the info and how diplomatically you put it. I don’t feed the boys vegan. They have always had goats milk and eggs and they have fish and meat when they want. I’m the only one in the family going back to my old ways and even I have meat if I really crave it. ๐Ÿ™‚ xoxox


  3. I have only been aware of this channel for a short time, but it has really changed my view of my โ€œworld.โ€ Thank you. I will follow you, where you are. Please let me know the name of your โ€œPhoโ€ and won ton soup powder. It looks wonderful. Happy New Year to you and yours.

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    • Hi, please leave comments on the YouTube channel in the future, I’m here less and less. I will look up the soups and let you know.. Give me a reminder on there after New Years and I will get your answers. I’m so happy to hear that you are gaining a new perspective on life! I love when that happens. Please join me over yonder on YouTube and be a part of a wonderful community.:)


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