Make it, Bake it, Sew it, or Grow it.

Make It - High Resolution

I was so inspired by We Had Everything But Money, a collection of stories from the depression, that I have begun to look at our lifestyle in a new and appreciative way. Creating a life that is simple and sustainable, mixing a little old fashioned with modern, and finding ways to make most of our needs right at home. My baking and gardening has taken off and I brought the sewing machine in from the garage. It is only the beginning of finding ways to save money and stop spending.

This book is now on Amazon and will be free this coming Saturday and Sunday. I’ll also keep it at .99 cents for a few months.


14 thoughts on “Make it, Bake it, Sew it, or Grow it.

  1. Hi Kate,
    I absolutely love your work. I raised my children on a farm in the Adirondack Mts. in upstate NY with no electricity and no plumbing. We lived on $500 a month and we had THE BEST LIFE! People would literally drive an hour just to come and see how we lived. I have always made my living as an artist, with blessed success, but the certain knowledge that having money is not to be taken for granted. It always felt so much more secure to know that I could live on very little and be very happy with life. It’s also important to the world that people in the US learn to enjoy having less. I think consumerism may be on the wane, and that would be terrific. You are absolutely doing you part to help the environment, and your sons are learning great lessons.
    I love your photos and the decor of your home as you have shared it. You are so talented. My Kindle has many of your books and I am happy to add this new one to my reading.
    Thanks for all you do,
    Cate Mandigo



    1. Thank you so much, Cate!:) I am trying hard to do my part to influence the masses toward a greener and brighter future. I love my life and we learn how to live on less and less, it is a fun game because it isn’t out of survival. I really do think that people are changing their attitudes and it is a must.


  2. Loved the book! I especially liked the part where you talk about your boys enjoying thrift store toys better. When my daughter and I go to Goodwill and other thrift stores, I see her creative juices flow. Instead of shopping at a box store for a specific item, she cruises the thrift store isles and thinks of what she can make with what is there. She will think and scheme and decide on what she might need for a project. I love that creative spark in her. My best friend also sees much more creativity in her boys when they are given thrift store toys.


  3. Love your book and vlogs! I so enoy the down to earth view you have on making life simpler for your family. I am trying to do the same in my world. I have some birthdays coming up and decided to sew things for the birthday girls and boys rather than buy something. My fabric stash overflows and I am determined to use what I have on hand for presents this year. We also live in a small house with a small mortgage. Here in washington state real estate prices have gone crazy thankfully we bought our waterfront cottage when prices were low… our mortgage is $750 a month half the price of a one bedroom apartment around here! I have read all your books and find them helpful in so many ways on cutting costs , being content, creating a charming home and peaceful life…now if I can just get my husband to not watch the news lol! Blessing to you and your family …Gaila
    Ps try the prudent homemaker ‘s “cicken” fried steak recipe …my husband didn’t believe me when I told him it was meatless!!


    1. That is so funny you just mentioned this! My friend on my Channel just mentioned this recipe as well yesterday. I must be meant to try it. I’ll try and find the recipe. Come find me at Coffee with Kate on YouTube. If you love my books you’ll love the channel and community.


      1. I watch every time you post a video I love all your clogs and re watch them know I miss things the first time so when I watch the next time through lol …thank you for the community you have built here so encouraging and inspiring ! Your frugal friend Gaila


    1. I just got to the birthday section in your book and wanted to add this. I recently took my son to town for his third birthday to buy a Playmobil fire truck (expensive). I don’t have very much money but I thought I was supposed to spend a lot on birthdays. On the way to the toy shop we passed a charity shop so had a quick look. My son picked up a huge toy fire truck for £3. He begged me for it and plays with it all the time. I didn’t need to buy the extensive toy after all – this was a huge lesson for me.


      1. Yes, I had the same lesson when I bought Arjan a $100 huge dinosaur he just had to have. He played with it one day.We gave it to another boy for his birthday. All the thrift store toys get played with for years.

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