A day of homemaking.


A few blogs I would love to share with all of you, although most of you may already enjoy them:






These blogs and the writings of Connie Hultquist and Mrs. Sharon White always bring me back to the basics and joys of homemaking. They are devoted homemakers with a real love of tending to the family and hearth. They also have very strong spiritual practices that keep them in balance and in gratitude.

I have been working too hard on my channel and writing books and it has caused a severe imbalance that has caused me to be rude and irritable. I have already canceled all my media and never watch the news, however, I get sucked into the YouTube vortex and consumed by writing.

So, I have taken up my ladies books and blogs to read passages on being a housewife and mother and finding peace and faith in planting a garden, putting up a pantry, cleaning a home thoroughly and turning back to daily communion with God. I feel much better, I must say.

I recall when my family moved to Walnut Grove (not the one in Little House on the Prairie but so fitting since I devoured all those books as a girl). We lived on a fruit farm on the Delta River and owned one car. The nearest town was 40 minutes away. I stayed home with two babies and once a week my childhood friend would visit and once a week I would go into town to buy a Starbucks latte and do the grocery shopping. This was “me” time and I looked forward to it as a child does Christmas morning. Grocery shopping and buying fancy drinks is not a big deal to most people, but when it becomes a rare thing…it becomes a treasured luxury.

Life was simple. Bali worked all the time and I tended to the home, two little baby boys, and feeding everyone. I didn’t write yet, I didn’t get online unless I was finding a homemade bread or laundry soap recipe. I had local channels and only watched an old movie now and then.

I did keep my home tidy, picked fruit from all the various trees around our house, hung my clothes out on the line, and I would sit outside with the boys and read stacks of Amish fiction while the little’s played in the sandbox Bali made them from the leftover sand when a new well was built.

Life was slow and easy. It was a farm and we woke when the sun rose and went to bed when it went down. We enjoyed the birds nesting in our screened in porch and listened to the coyotes hunting at night. I miss that time. I didn’t get out much but I was so peaceful and content.

We now live in town and life is a bit busier. We have two vehicles and one boy is now enrolled in an Independent study with a delightful charter in Nevada City. We drive from town to the forest for him to have a good education. Before he had chosen a public school in town and I did not enjoy those days. The waking with an alarm, packing lunches, washing twice the laundry, being separated from my first born eight hours a day. I was relieved when he decided it wasn’t for him (with the help of bullying that went on for a few months) and now he is involved in a school that is fun, loving, and casual where the kids are wholesome and confident and don’t have iPhones in their hands.

My dreams of homeschooling and coops are alive again. I’m also homesteading in town like crazy.

I have been building up my pantry, cleaning deeply, and reading my little ladies works. I’m back to more reading and blogging and off YouTube and not forcing novels from my fingertips. I am enjoying all the planting and work Bali and I are doing in the gardens and cooking everything…or almost everything from scratch and loving my time in the kitchen. Music plays on the radio and the TV is saved for a sitcom or old movie now and then. We all enjoy doing art and coloring, and I’ve really taken up my role of teaching Arjan at home with both hands. We learn as we travel, as we cook, bake, garden, we write together, we read together.

Today I’m watering, feeding and rinsing the dust from my house plants. I’ll be baking four loaves of white and wheat bread, a huge batch of Amish bran muffins from my new Dining on a Dime cookbook (it has been very fun carrying it about and planning recipes). My spouse is vacuuming the house and will be making a big pot of Punjabi Mung Bean soup and the boys will play outside most of the day.

Life is cozy and charming for me now. I will finish this blog, do my shopping list and head out to Winco today to build my pantries a bit more. I was gifted a hundred dollar bill by a subscriber on my channel so I’m eager to see how far I can stretch it at the store. The other day I stocked my whole pantry, fridge, and freezer on $300 from Grocery Outlet. I’m excelling at the budget these days and each victory inspires me.

Check out the blogs and be inspired as well.




29 thoughts on “A day of homemaking.

      1. Hi Kate I really enjoy your Utubes. I also live in Yuba City and I frequent a lot of the places you go to. Library Winco etc. I always look around hoping I run into you. I love your simple frugal lifestyle, I am a lot like that, I am retired now and I am finally doing what I dreamed, I love being a housewife, I take care of a baby two days a week and care for my 7 yr old and 11 year old grandchildren after school, I enjoy cooking and finding ways to live as frugal as possible, I like to sew and I am also trying to get back into reading my bible, It would be nice to meet you someday, Keep up the good work you do,


  1. I just watered my kitchen herbs and I have more growing! Also my avocado tree (Its also in my kitchen) is now about 4 foot tall and has new leaves coming in..I live on a 3rd floor and have no yard but there is a grass area on the side of my house so I ordered some seeds and am going to try a little garden there as soon as its warm enough to plant.




    1. Lol! It looks like you are shouting. I just thought you were very excited.:) I love the book, I’ve had more fun with it. I take on road trips, carry it around the house. I did the Amish bran muffins today.


  3. I have been following your blog and u-tube since January. I have been learning a lot and got inspired to learn more about homesteading. I always had a garden, but this year I’m going to expand it and learn how to pressure can. Thinking about doing chickens. On a small lot in a rural town. Thank you so much, your my mentor.


  4. I’ve watched your videos from the very beginning and feel that your youtube video today is the best one you’ve ever done. We all (and we housewives especially) feel the push to do more and be involved in more all the time and it takes a strong person to pull back. I notice it in my own life. I take on one thing, then one more thing and before I know it, I’m in over my head. I realized awhile ago that it’s not my work at home that causes me stress–it’s all the other things outside my home! My work at home brings me joy and peace, even in the middle of canning season or other busy times. And we women feel the pressure not only to do our work, but to take on our husband’s work too! Of course we want to do all we can to help and support them, but it’s interesting that men don’t pressure themselves to “do it all” like we do. Thanks for the encouragement and reminder. And yay for blogging! ~Amalia@AHousewifeWrites


    1. Thank you Amalia! Since letting go of my husbands burdens of money making and letting him know it’s on him and my job is home and hearth, and since letting go of trying to please and be successful outside the home…I feel so much better. I am reading much of the Mrs. Sharon White and Connie Hultquist to remind me that my life can be simple and slow and that is just fine. I tend to the family and that is enough.


  5. As much as I love your channel, I really enjoy reading your blog. I will always be a bigger fan of the written word, even as I work on my own channel. I wish I could afford to get all the Mrs. White and Connie Hultquist books, but so far all I have is Living On His Income from Sharon, and that’s just because I got a bunch of Amazon gift cards from a survey, so it was free! I find it so funny that at the end of this month I will turn 62, and I still enjoy beginning new projects, ‘raising’ my adult son with special needs, and homemaking, while the majority of women my age are doing everything they can to ‘retire’ and just sit around. While I am getting in my little home gym and working out each day, many of my friends are complaining that they can’t do anything anymore, because they are ‘old’. Honey, you are old because you don’t do anything!

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  6. I just came across your blog today and I’m loving the content. I am a stay at home mom and, reading this, I feel more inspired to help me be more content with where I am. I enjoy being a stay at home mom and caring for these peoples (most of the time), but I get a lot of pressure from people I know to go back to work or contribute some way financially. I contribute in more ways then people realize and seeing blogs directed at going back to the “old ways” reminds me why I’m doing this. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Your job as a homemaker is so important and if you totaled up all your jobs and cost it would be around $40K to $50K a year to have a nanny, housekeeper, cook and so on. What you give the family is stability and nurturing and a good home. Just keep nesting and enjoying yourself and ignore the others. Going back to work would cost more in many ways.

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      1. Thank you for your words of encouragement. Most of the time I know I’m doing what’s best for my family, but sometimes people’s comments get to me. You’re right though, I should just ignore them. My son is only 13 months, so I’ll just enjoy him and this time we get together.


      2. Oh yes! He’s a baby and he needs you. I didn’t have children for others to raise and enjoy. My question is why do people have children and then go off to work all the time and they don’t raise or enjoy the littles. They miss all the good stuff and don’t bond that well with the children and then wonder why the teens hate them? I’ll stay home forever, even when the kids leave my husband loves having a house wife. You just turn the question on the other person. And remember, 70 short years ago women kept a home for thousands of years. This two people working is still new and wearing on many families.

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  7. Well hello kate🙂love your blog I also watch your utube🙂I’m so enjoying reading about your life and accomplishments and your hubby and kiddos🙂They are adorable the kiddos🙂Hubbies not bad either😉lol don’t worry I have a handsome hubby too😉been married for almost 34 yrs and when I look at him he still does it for me😉Love talking about being frugal,homesteading,gardening,God,and just about any chit chat!(that sounds old chit chat)Lol well anyways you get it🙂Keep the blogs coming when you have time🙂Family first😍

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  8. Hi Kate! I just came across your blog when I went to your youtube channel and read the about section. You may recognize my name as I am a regular subscriber to your channel. I will be 60 in a few weeks and I find great enjoyment in reading your blog and listening to you. You touch my heart. I dont know if I ever told you that I have five sons all grown, whom we homeschooled. Our oldest went to a private school and then public school and it would be putting it nicely to say he sowed his wild oats. He has sometimes said he thinks maybe the reason for him being here is to show his younger brothers what not to do. I have had hard and joyful times, but today I must admit was a little hard due to some physical problems and I was struggling. Which is why I looked you up. I would like to be happy again being at home. Some of our sons live on their own. Our youngest is in the service. Its hard only getting to ser him once, maybe twice a year, if we’re lucky. Another son is engaged and had his own place. Our other three work really hard and have a great work ethic. One of them will have his bachelor’s degree this coming May. Something in computers. I just feel lost. You know, probably having to deal with chronic health issues, and missing when our sons were young. Well, I have rambled Kate and thank you so much for your time and patience. Love your upbeat attitude. Thank you for sharing your family and your life with us. I truly appreciate it. Your family is wonderful. I also have a great husband. We will celebrate our 38th anniversary next month. Have a wonderful day, and again, warm thanks.


    1. I can only image how hard it is to transition to grown boys out of the home. I have these little guys and I know I will miss this time terribly. I do recognize you from our community. I’m glad you found me here as well. I’ve been back in the mood to write on my blog lately and do less videos…I love to switch it around now and then.


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