Being inspired to clean a little deeper and finding more inner peace in my work.


I was introduced to a new channel Haegreendal. It is based in Korea and is a homemaker recording her days and family life. It has influenced me heavily as it is beautifully filmed and edited and very Zen-like. I watched it the other night attempting to fall asleep. It didn’t work as the competition was a mocking bird rehearsing all the songs it had learned recently and then a grown cat that sounded like a lost kitten (you know I had to go out searching for it at 3:00 am only to find this adult/child cat having a fit over one of my homeless cats).

What did happen was a desire to wash and scrub my house deeply. To feel that calm that comes from having a house cleansed and in order with all things in their proper place. To have more moments of calm and focus on the simple chores but working on the inner healings of the mind and spirit that come with meditation. To cook with more pleasure and eat with more presence. To treat myself more often in kind ways.

A housewife can meditate all throughout her day. The lathering of dishes, the swoosh of a broom whisking away dust on the floors, the scrubbing away of years of cooking grim from cabinets and walls, the fresh scent of sun-dried laundry, making beds with clean linen, the picking of flowers in the yard and creating lovely bouquets.

I get tired of cleaning and cooking but then something like this woman’s channel and outlook comes along to reinspire me with new ways to look at my own daily life. My daily life is cooking healthy meals, cleaning our home and bringing about charm, and tending to busy and sometimes wild boys. Although it gets old in theory, it is a very easy and delightful life. It all depends on how we think of our life as a homemaker. Do we see it all as drudgery and never-ending toil or do we see that we can create a beautiful life filled with inner and outer peace and bliss?

I have been entering the world of pre-menopause and it is confusing and scary at times. It is also bringing forth another woman that is beginning to see the benefits of sensibility and simplicity. I am beginning to think thoughts like, “do I really need anything else but what I have?” I also have thoughts like, “Holly heck, please don’t let me lose my hair and fall apart!” There is one who is afraid of aging in an uncomfortable way and another who is becoming content with what she has.

I have been caught in that rush of scheduling goals and challenges and wanting more, more, more. But lately, I feel content with what I have and wonder what all the chasing of my tail is about and is it at all necessary? No, I think not. So I put on a movie and get out my grown-up coloring books and my boys gathering around me on the family bed with their art projects, books and toys and life looks pretty lovely.

Families struggle in other places and countries. We have a house that is cozy and pretty. It keeps us warm in winter and cool in the summer. We eat a variety of wholesome foods that taste good, we have all sorts of ways to have fun and play, we can pay our bills easily, our family is kind and interesting. What more do I or they truly need?

So, I feel myself accepting this house and this neighborhood, this town. Is it our forever place? Who knows, but it serves us well now and if it turns out to be where we all grow up and grow old, that is just fine. With this satisfaction in our family home, I then roll up my sleeves and begin to scrub it to my satisfaction. I want to live in a fresh, clean, tidy home. It makes my mind rest easily and soothes me on those confusing days. It also promotes creativity. July’s NaNoWriMo is five days away so I must prepare the cottage for my writing days.

I spent all morning in the kitchen pulling out the island, stove, and fridge and washed walls, swept and washed floors and sides of the stove and fridge. I then pulled up a footstool and with a bowl of hot, soapy water, scrubber, and a butter knife (for the things really caked on) I scrubbed all the cabinets. It felt so good cleaning away a couple years of cooking and baking grime and yuck. My old cabinets look so fresh now.

For lunch, I made a big pot of Pho broth with noodles and a huge bag of mustard greens that were harvested the other day in the back kitchen garden. Simple food for cleaning days so mamma doesn’t lose it.

Right now I’m enjoying my first and only cup of espresso brewed coffee and doing this bit of writing. The next project will be to sweep, vacuum and wash the remaining floors today. Tomorrow will be laundry, making some homemade bread by hand instead of my bread maker…unless too hot, dusting, and maybe, if so inspired, I’ll wash more walls, baseboards, and window sills.

Dirty walls and windows bring a home down no matter how clean the floors or how well the beds are made.

Love your home no matter where you are or if you rent. It is where you are now and with some cleaning, love, and nurturing it can be a wonderful place to nest for now or forever. Hit the thrift stores and find charming items to brighten the home, spend a few weeks purging, organizing, and scrubbing from top to bottom. Clean out drawers and closets, because even though you can’t see the mess you can feel it lurking in the dark recesses.

Then, and this is really important, find ways to celebrate and treat yourself and your life, home, and family.


22 thoughts on “Being inspired to clean a little deeper and finding more inner peace in my work.

  1. Can you share the link to your new channel. Thank you Kate

    Get Outlook for Android



  2. Another beautiful piece, thanks for sharing.


    On Tue, Jun 25, 2019 at 4:08 PM Coffee with Kate wrote:

    > Mrs. Kate Singh posted: ” I was introduced to a new channel Haegreendal. > It is based in Korea and is a homemaker recording her days and family life. > It has influenced me heavily as it is beautifully filmed and edited and > very Zen-like. I watched it the other night attempting to ” >

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  3. The new vlog you found is very calming and inspiring. I get that from your vlogs, too. My homemaker’s life is delightful. I love it! You’ve got me considering July’s NaNoWriMo. I have been writing out my life story for my son and future generations using a list of questions from Pinterest. I have just started, though, and need some motivation. This was a lovely vlog, Kate. Thank you! AKA Karen Smith:)

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  4. Thank you for sharing Kate. It sounds like Haegreendal has helped you to become content. We can’t wait to check this channel out as well. It is important to continue to be inspired and stay motivated. Thanks again.


  5. Thanks Kate, loved reading this. There is so much loveliness in a loved, clean home and in the doing it. Cleaning the kitchen cabinets can indeed be cleaning the soul too. My health limits my body very much, but when I can, I clean, wash or tidy something. Cook or organize. It helps my soul and makes home nice and fresh. I am looking forward to menopause with great antisipation as I also suffer from a condition that quite possibly might lighten a little, lightening some of the pain I struggle with every day. My other health condition caused my body to “rust up” and my hair to fall out, heatflashes and you name it. It all began round 30. Doubt menopause can do me any more harm. But, I also am feeling a sense of calm and contentment seep in! I really love that effect.
    Going to drag my sore old ilness-pre-menopause-battered body out of bed, and get that coffee on! Thanks for a lovely read and great inspiration. Pam in Norway x


  6. Thank you for sharing this I really enjoyed it. My children are 2 and 3 (I’m a single parent). I often feel stressed and I don’t know how to relax with my kids, it feels like a lot of hard work with no time off. I’m going to give this approach a go this weekend and see how it goes.

    I’ve been thinking about this post at work today and trying to enjoy my cleaning, my tasks I have to do, being mindful of them. It’s helped. I hope I can learn something from it.

    Thanks again Kate.


    1. I hope so too. We are all learning as we go and being inspired by each other. We don’t have a womens circle in our daily lives but we do here with the virtual community that brings us all together from all over the globe.:) Having two babies and being on your own is hard.


  7. Hi Kate! I love your channel on YouTube but just wanted to throw something out there about your allergy dog. I am a licensed veterinary technician and we see allergy pups all the time! There is so much mis-information online, good intended I am sure but just a few things to consider for your itchy pup.
    1. Dogs become allergic to the protein in a their food. In people we are usually allergic to the carbohydrate source. Huge difference. If you suspect it is a diet allergy then you want to use a less common protein source like fish. Chicken , beef, turkey, and lamb are the most common protein ingredients so if you suspect he is allergic to food then cut them out 100%! BUT this also counts for treats, table food, ect. So it isn’t sexy, but look at the back of the bag for ingredients and don’t use treats that contain anything chicken, beef, . Most people totally forget about the treats ;/ If you are willing to go that route talk to your vet and see if they have a brand they reccomend for over the counter.
    1b. There are always environmental allergies too. Some pets have both just like people ( but dogs = protein allergy vs human= likely carbohydrate allergy)
    2. Hot spots are just a generic term for moist dermatitis- so a wet skin infection. The skin is irritated ( from licking, chewing, scratching) and then stays moist and basically is like a petri dish then by the time we notice it the area is pretty icky and infected. Thicker coated dogs and dogs with longer fur ( thing labs/goldens/ Shepard) get hot spots all the time but any dog can get them. Especially dogs that have those beautiful floppy ears or swim. We sell a special brand in the hospital but you can use an antibacterial shampoo that has chlorohexadine in it- you can buy them on amazon. You have to let the shampoo sit on for 5- 10 minutes on the skin but it helps the actual bacteria on the surface of the skin. Your vet can also sell it to you.
    3. That oil supplement is good stuff!
    4. Fleas are always itchy for dogs but some dogs are actually allergic to the componants to flea saliva. Yup, flea spit. Keep all the critters, dogs and cats on year round flea and tick prevention to ward off those tiny demons. And if you want efficacy use a vet product. We seriously don’t get any kickbacks from the companies other than they give us free samples for our personal pets. So literally we use the products on our own pets that we recommend for your pets. Plus there are multiple investigative studies that look at safety and efficacy.

    I am a bit of a hippy- I know there may be *SOME* repellent features of some essential oils but that is like saying if I use cat pee on me it is the same as birth control. That is the best example I can think of. LOL. Definitly wouldn’t bet money on that. Get the good vet products and don’t worry if you wasted your money, they have product guarantees. Bravecto is a once every 3 month oral pill and serestro is a super safe, and really effective collar that lasts 8 months- but those are just the 2 most popular. You can buy them online or from your vet. Talk to your vet and their team. Trust me- they would rather prevent fleas and keep your pup itch free πŸ™‚

    5. Lots of info coming out with grain free diets for dog. Basically dog food manufacturers used the hype of grain free in human products- applied it with good marketing to dog foods and pet owners gobbled it up like crazy. Now vets and vet cardiologists are seeing a spike in cases of dogs with DCM, a really aweful cardiac disease. 😦 . Here is the FDA link so you can read for yourself.

    Previously DCM was seen in large breed/ giant dogs and certain breeds were effected more ( Danes, labs, boxers, cocker spaniels) but now they ( vets and vet cardiologists) are seeing a much, much more varied population that have DCM. There is more research that needs to be done but I bet there is going to be a huge push back to stop feeding grain-free diets to dogs. Just my 2 cents…

    This novella is not to replace your veterinarian. A good vet hospital will always be willing to answer your questions. It is just to share some verifiable facts. The internet scares me with some of its dog advice… I once read that instead of vaccinating your dog for parvovirus ( an awful virus) you can just as a small amount of bleach to their water every day. CRAZY! Remembering that still hurts my soul. If I got a dog tomorrow I would just get pet insurance and budget that in. Its harder with an older pup though.

    Many thanks for all the content you make πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me. I ordered the shampoo and collars and I agree with the grain free. I mix Taste of Wild and Diamond Naturals with a grain. Any food suggestions? I also do bone broth.


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