Fantastic redecoration of the home with Goodwill treasures.



A housewife’s day is endless when little people and furry critters are involved. There is a lot of washing, sweeping, vacuuming and tidying up…repeat, repeat, repeat ad nauseam. I was tiring of the Twilight Zone of house cleaning and wanted to have more time to write and play. So a journey began involving some research into Minimalism. I watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series and the documentary Minimalism with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I’m not new to the movement. I had been introduced to downsizing when researching ways of homeschooling. I had read The Magic of Tidying up years ago. I’ve been at it for the last 4 years.

But recently I’ve been motivated to clear out clutter to make housekeeping easier. I’m tired these days from a monotonous schedule, from trying to keep my home neat and tidy. I love a clean home with made beds and swept floors, books stacked nicely and dishes drying on a rack. It eases my mind and gives me energy. So, I decluttered and donated like crazy over the past few months. I found the house easier to maintain and quicker to clean without all the furnishings and full shelving.

Then we decided to move and I cleared out even more to “stage” the house. We wound up not moving for now and I’m left with a sort of dull and halfway in between home. Am I a minimalist? Am I Hygge? What the heck is happening here?

I love cozy and colors and old charm. I love antique and overstuffed. What to do? I wasn’t really crazy about this look and stripping the house, even more, didn’t appeal to my shabby chic taste. Turns out I can’t do Minimalism even though I very much get the theory and healing behind this art and support others in it fully.

Then the other day I had an appointment at a new dental office that is a nice step up from the depressing clinic. They have a coffee machine, music, milk chocolate walls and an enjoyable staff. I was thrilled when the assistant and I bonded over thrift store talk and why neither of us will be raising chickens again (still open to discussion) and then when the dentist and I bonded over talk of tiny houses and remodeling mobile homes on land and it turned out he is also obsessed with this topic and watches YouTube…well, I just died and went to Heaven!

The icing was an Architectural Digest magazine filled with grand designers who seemed to love that old antique charm, too much color and layers to fill vast rooms. I filled my mind with these visuals and an idea brewed.

I was supposed to be grocery shopping the following day but my car veered into the Goodwill parking lot and I began loading a cart with fabrics, soft throws, colorful pillows, and old paintings. I spent $120. This was an amazing price for all I purchased along with some summer tops for myself as I’m recreating my wardrobe as well. I’m feeling creative and playful these days, what can I say. Forget the no spend, I’m over it for now. I have a house to decorate!

Monday morning I brewed a pot of coffee, poured a quart of water (you don’t want to dehydrate during this artistic frenzy) and put on some of my spiritual/mind seminars by Bruce Lipton, Wayne Dyer, and Abraham Hicks. I was inspired. I played and worked all day with my thrift treasures and with a hundred dollars worth of colorful cloths, pillows, and art. This is what happened.



Some will go out and buy a new living room set or $900 carpet. Whole living rooms are replaced for thousands of dollars. I say that is not necessary. A hundred dollar bill spent wisely at a local thrift shop or weekends searching garage sales and estate sales will bring you delightful things to transform a house. I love looking at magazines and Pinterest to create my own home decore statements.

Have fun with your house, play with it, decorate, paint, clean and enjoy.

15 thoughts on “Fantastic redecoration of the home with Goodwill treasures.

  1. I love the look but whenever I used blankets and throws on my couches to hide holes they covers always ended up on the floor. I didn’t like that either. Too messy for me.

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    1. Very nice!

      To my mind, minimalism isn’t just empty white spaces and owning no more than a 100 items. It’s simply finding the minimum of stuff that makes YOU happy and comfortable, then stop adding more just for the sake of it, or to keep up with the Joneses.

      So, for some people this will be empty white spaces and no more than 100 possessions, but we’re all different, and that’s where some minimalist writers make their mistake and forget this, so they try to convince everyone else that this is what they need too, in order to achieve the same level of comfort and peace.

      But for some of us minimalism is full bookshelves (carefully curated, of course πŸ˜‰ ), colourful scatter cushions and tactile throws. Scented candles and vibrantly growing plants and rainbow makers and dream catchers and…. And so on until WE know we have enough.

      So that’s what I believe minimalism really is, in its essence. Enough, whatever that may mean to any individual, or any family unit.


  2. Love what you did Kate, I have been watching your vlog like crazy. We must be kindred spirits, I am redecorating my bedroom with paint and stuff I’m finding. I just love your vibe. I’m 63 and recently retired (I love being a housewife!)

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  3. Looking great! What a good idea to have a thrift splurge and have some fun with it. Looks very cosy and inviting. We have a really old tatteted couch, most pepple would have thrown it out years ago. For us it’s got to the stage of “let us see how long we can keep it”. It is rather satisfying. Bought some thrift fabric with orange flowers and brightened up the room instead. Fun AND cheap.

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  4. “I was supposed to be grocery shopping the following day” when inexplicably, and without any control on my part, “my car veered into Goodwill”. Been there, had that happen to me too! Looks great!!! You Do You!!

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  5. I love you home! So cheerful and happy. Your new decor looks boho to me ( I think this is what boho is ) and I really like it! I was wondering if you would mind saying why you don’t want chickens anymore. I have one chicken and am debating on getting a couple more. Is there a negative I might not know about or is it just a personal choice? Thank you


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