Jumpstart frugal. Part 1.


We are busy, busy, busy. Homeschooling began and the boys have a day of enrichment classes and one day of the forest/outdoor school up in the mountain community. We have put in our Fall garden and I’m back to writing out our budget and cooking up a mess of beans and fried onions and potatoes on a regular basis.

I made this video recently. It is inspiring for those of us wanting to cut cost and downsize. Enjoy and part 2 will be out soon.

6 thoughts on “Jumpstart frugal. Part 1.

  1. I have been watching your videos a lot lately. Thank you for the inspiration! I am also inspired to resurrect my old blog soon…. getting back to the basics, you know? I actually have not read a blog post in years until today. It has been nice! I understand the busyness of life. I homeschool and garden as well. I also enjoy your vlogs and blogs as we are the same age. I will be 49 in December. God Bless and here’s to a new week!

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  2. Hello there Kate,
    I pop in a few times a year to read how your life is going. Last I read you guys were doing public school and it was going really, really well. Now I read you are back to homeschooling again. I skimmed to try to find a blog on this topic but didn’t find it. How did that first full year go? And what brought on the change back to homeschooling?
    It’s great to be able to read up on old conversations we used to have back in the day.
    Look forward to hearing how this all went for you guys,


    1. Hi Cynthia! Arjan wanted school and it lasted a couple months. It was too long, lots of bullying and he was tired and moody all the time. He is now in Independent study up in Nevada City with a charter. Both he and Sam attend one full day a week and attend Fox Walkers (the outdoor forest school) one day a week. They love it and have many friends and both are thriving. I’m sometimes tempted to through them in school full time to get a moments silence but really I would miss them too much. I don’t have FB but you can always email: vondola@yahoo.com. Would love to hear how all of you are doing and if you are still living in Walnut Grove?


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