A money blessing and stocking the plant-based pantry.


This gorgeous fall canopy is in my favorite city in the mountains. I’m surrounding myself with as much beauty as I can take in daily. I’m filling my mind with these beautiful images, rich and abundant thoughts, and conjuring up wishes and dreams all the time.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Dr. Joe Dispenza and other teachers and lessons are clicking into place. You know how that is when it all finally makes sense and you have a large shift of consciousness. Life flows, gifts appear, blessings are daily, and it feels like the whole Universe is working for your benefit.

There is one discussion Dr. Joe was teaching about his daughter and what an incredible manifester she is. The short of it was that one day she decided her desire was to have a shopping spree. She wound up manifesting a huge shopping spree that was given to her and her friend by a father’s client who wanted to show his appreciation.

Point is; she manifested this big shopping spree out of nothing and out of know where. It doesn’t matter what it is if we do it right…it comes to fruition.

How did she do it? How does anyone manifest successfully? Well, that is the question I have pondered, meditated on, and intellectualized to death and ad nauseam.

That was the problem. You do need to remove blocks but you also need to LET GO! I have that on the fridge under the photo of a cup of coffee. To co-create a life full of goodness you just ask yourself, “what would it feel like if….” then you feel it as if it’s here or happened. Hold that feeling. Now go about your day. Simple.

I have had some incredible experiences lately. The foster agency called after a year to say they made a mistake with the paperwork and that was what was preventing it from going through. We were fully approved and where we still interested? Days before they called I had a vision of them calling and then I had another feeling of holding a baby and it was so real. I then gave away the last of my baby things to a pregnant neighbor. I let go. It happened. Now we are at it again, preparing to foster.

Then we have been on this ridiculous ride to buy a house but with cash and no loan. I let that go recently as well after months of frustration. When I really let go a piece of paper we needed to get a loan arrived and we now qualify for a real loan for a house. We are now in the process of looking at a fixer in my dream town.

Then I heard the story of Joe’s daughter and I thought, “How fun. I would love a shopping spree!” But I have everything. My house is just perfect right now after I did some decorating from the local Goodwill. Our wardrobes have been stocked for the year from the thrift store. What I do need is help to stock my pantry with organics and plant-based bulk foods to do all the scratch cooking I’m diving into.

I thought, “What would it be like to have someone give me a huge chunk of money and say that it was for stocking my pantry.”

And two days later a woman wrote to me and said just that. She wanted to send me a large sum to stock that pantry. She has been following our new journey of going plant-based and organic and wanted to help. Wow!!

I received the money in my bank the next day but I just wanted to embrace the feeling for a couple days before spending it. I also have become so used to NOT spending money or working with tiny increments of $50 every 7 to 10 days that I was overwhelmed with the abundance (in a fantastic way).

Here is the other thing; when you cook from scratch your list for a pantry stock up becomes a lot shorter. A short list of boring things such as flour, oats, dates, cashews…become gooey vegan cheeses, seitan steaks, Beyond burgers, and so, so much more.

I wanted to use every blessed penny wisely. So I set about reading cookbooks that I had ordered from the library. Stacks of vegan cookbooks filled with sauces and stir-fries. I watched YouTube vegan chefs and made a list of dishes we love to veganize. I’m learning the craft of making wheat meat and homemade soy milk. The Beyond burger is my next challenge. I began making a grocery list.

So, I savor this gift for a couple days and plan menus. Yesterday I visited a really great Grocery Outlet that has plenty of organics. I stocked up on bathroom supplies (not really pantry but needed) and organic nut butters, powders, and some frozen veggies. Then I hopped over to my health food store co-op and ordered huge 25 lb to 50 lbs of wheat, flours, steel cut oats, coconut sugar, brown rice, green lentils and things I can’t remember. I will wait to pick up this order and see the cost (may faint) before continuing on this pantry shopping spree.

I have to say that the health food store really jacked its prices up recently and not just a few cents here and there. We are talking $1 to $2. Talk about sticker shock. This made me really understand the need to do all my cooking from scratch in order to afford to eat well.

When you put in a big bulk order with a co-op or Azure Standard, it’s going to be a big price tag. But once you have your 25 lb and 50 lb bags of foundational foods that stretch for months upon months, then each month you are just adding here and there.

And you all know what I think of planting a huge kitchen garden or as much food as you can. Even a container of herbs and tomatoes will make a difference in your cost.

Places like co-ops, Azure Standard, Grocery Outlet, WinCo, Aldi’s and Food Wherehouse’s will help with this cost and the building of an amazing pantry. If you can’t afford all organics just follow the Clean 15 and Dirty dozen list and buy non GMO’s at the least.


Follow me on Coffee With Kate on YouTube to see what we are cooking up and learning on this fun new journey.

11 thoughts on “A money blessing and stocking the plant-based pantry.

  1. I just love reading your journey.
    I’ve been vegan for a month since watching What the Health and feel much better for it. I’m looking forward to seeing more of your vegan ideas, you always help to inspire me.
    I’ve been worried about money recently, I keep looking in thrift shops for things for the house but don’t find anything. Maybe I’ll try manifesting! So happy you got to stock your pantry this is wonderful, you so deserve it ♥️


  2. Great journey! I ordered a 50lbs bag of flour a couple weeks ago, and I feel so rich seeing it every time I open my pantry. Rice is next on the list. I’ve been buying a 13 bean mix for soups in bulk for about a year, its amazing.


      1. Absolutely! I made oat ciabattas yesterday, and we are going to make pizza for our dinner guests tonight. And then there is that sourdough that is brewing oil the counter 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful weekend!

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  3. The Game Changers Documentary was on Netflix last night so hubby and I watched it. Very inspirational. We will never be totally Vegan however it actually made hubby think about it more and he said he is willing to try new foods. Wow…if you knew him your jaw would have hit the floor. Doing groceries today and gonna pick up what I need to make a faux burger from scratch.
    Maybe this was manifested as I had given up on him ever changing. 🙂


  4. Now here’s the irony. I have tried for years to be as plant based as possible in our family, yet I just seemed to feel worse and gain weight. However, since I recently decided to go keto for my son’s sake and we have been eating basically meat, high fat foods like butter and real cream and nutrition dense veggies while cutting out starchy foods like potatoes, rice and pasta–I am now losing weight and feeling better than I have in a while. I find it amazing how diverse we are as human beings, how one person thrives on one form of eating, but another person requires a completely different diet. May we both be blessed in our endeavors to feed and nourish our families.

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  5. hi kate i am so very glad you were blessed with a monetary gift . i love how the kids are so involved with the health journey.kate when i was a child i had what they called a lazy eye and glasses straightened it out . i noticed sammie eye looks a little weak


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