Happy Harvest Y’all!


I haven’t been blogging much and I do apologize. It is that month of November that brings with it the NaNoWriMo challenge. For those of you that aren’t writing nerds, it is a month where writers from all over the world gather virtually and write a full 50,000-word novel. National November Writing Month. They have summer camps in April and July where you can do anything from edit a book to just writing a poem. November is the big daddy novel challenge.

I have been successful a few times and each time I reward myself with a mug or Tshirt. You only get a certificate you download on your laptop so you have to sweeten the pot yourself by buying touristy things. I have to say that every time I sip from my NaNo mug or wear my NaNo shirt and catch a glimpse in the mirror I feel like a wonderful writing nerd. I have a place in this world. I have arrived!

I finished yesterday after a very slow start and changing my book idea three times. I decided on writing about my years’ homemaking. My favorite topic. I’ll be publishing this one soon. I will be honest, I finished but toward the end, I fattened it up and finished it off with recipes and pre-written blogs. I had no more to write at that point and was 11,000 words from the finish line. With guests coming and a housing deal going on…I said forget it, I don’t need a victory or a shirt this time, I just need to be done. So, we’ll just say I finished but I didn’t truly go to end typing raw and from scratch. That is a truly exhilarating feeling because you really have to pull the last 10,000 or so words an emptied vessel at that point.

My good friend is up from Oregon. She literally outdrove the storm that arrived on her heels. I’m watching Good Day Sacramento right now and all the mountain towns are buried in snow. One day it was warm and sunny and it felt like Summer would never completely relinquish its hold on the seasons and the next day it was snow, snow, and more snow. Winter arrived with all its power after a long rest. It slid its way onstage in a truly dramatic style.

We finished our last interviews with the social worker on Monday and should be licensed within a month. That was a huge relief. We have been in the process for a year to become foster parents.

We are also in a contract for a house up the hill. This is still a bit unstable as we have to make it past an appraisal. If the appraisal passes then we have ourselves a new house and a new life in the mountains. If not we have to see how willing the sellers are to work with us.

I have been trying to get us moved to this one town and forest for two years now, both physically and spiritually. To have this happen at last is such a relief and a happy time.

I’ve been working on the foster to adopt situation for over a year. To have this completed and a go is also a relief and happy time.

Thanksgiving is a time of feasting and family. Many don’t know the history and just think of pilgrims and Native American Indians. That first gathering was actually called the Harvest Festival. The next two declarations of this holiday were from presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Both were declared as a time of praise and thanksgiving. President George Washington declared it after a resolution of congress. President Lincoln declared it an official holiday in 1863 during the American Civil War. It is to be a day of “Thanksgiving and Praise to our beneficent Father who dwelleth in Heaven”.

So, it seemed to be recognized during trying times and historical victories. The first Harvest Festival being one of surviving the first hard winter here thanks to our Native American ancestors, the third time was gratitude that the government was agreeing and moving forward, the third was during a war in our country.

But did you know that a woman named Sarah Josepha Buell Hale was pushing for Thanksgiving for 36 years? She is known as the ‘Godmother’ of Thanksgiving and also known for the poem Mary Had A Little Lamb and popularizing white wedding dresses and Christmas trees. Go, Sarah!

I feel grateful for many things these days. I feel very blessed and the more I focus on the blessings and goodness in my life the more Spirit leads me to more goodness and the more the Universe hands me gifts.

God is a Yes. That is all you need to know right there. Speak in the positive affirmation and it will change you and your life. I have been doing that and I could not list all the gifts I’ve received from people, from life.

I will say that the two biggest gifts are all the lovely people coming into my life lately and the final success’s of desires I’ve held close for years. I seem to draw like-minded people to me like a magnet. The clearer I become about my stance on life and who I truly am, the more they appear. The more I’m willing to grow the faster my life unfolds the way I dream it.

I’m grateful my children are still small and pure in their personalities and how they express themselves. I’m grateful my husband is kind and patient and hard working. I’m grateful for the friends and family we have. I’m grateful for the new people joining our trib. I’m thrilled with the prospect of moving to a new town that I absolutely adore. I’m excited and nervous to start taking in babies to nurture and heal while their parents hopefully make a change for the better.

I have been working hard on all this and the home, the cooking, cleaning, trying to figure out homeschooling that works for all of us, and my YouTube Channel. I love all of it so I don’t realize when I need a break but I finally gave myself a couple weeks off completely, except today with this little blog. I have hardly turned on the computer after I finished my book for NaNoWriMo and I sent some papers to the mortgage company.

Other than wrapping up projects and business, I have had a friend here to help with errands, being with the boys, and cleaning the kitchen and what a blessing all that is! I have been able to just wear my stretch pants and cook up a storm while listening to good music on my Chrome book in the kitchen.

The day after I learned that we got the house and that we would be licensed in a month I felt joy and then exhaustion. I had us all in bed by 8pm. I slept so deeply. Then I had my beautiful day of cooking and playing in the kitchen. I love thinking sometimes. I think about this year and the good and challenges. I envision the future and how good that feels, but I feel like I really want to hold onto this beautiful time with my crazy little boys and having a full house of children and happy dogs, my good friend and lovely husband that has been such a good partner so we could build this life we enjoy so much.

The day before Thanksgiving is Friends Giving with old friends but the husband had a bit of a tumble down a long set of stairs and broke 4 ribs. They didn’t make it and I was sad for them and selfishly for us missing them, however, it was such a relaxed day and we had a big vegetarian feast with the herb stuffing, golden Yukon mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mushroom gravy, cranberry sauce, Quorn Turkey loaf, and homemade no-bake cheesecake and I made a graham cracker crust. It was so darn good.

Today is the actual holiday and we will celebrate with a real Tofurkey and more mashed potatoes, gravy, cornbread stuffing, cranberry jelly, but maybe I’ll add corn to the green bean casserole and the rest of the cheesecake. We will all gain bellies and have another day of just feasting and enjoying music, movies and playing.

We will also go to see the new house and thank it for helping us. I believe a house chooses you as much as you choose it. I asked that it help us with the whole process if it wanted us to be its new family and bring it back to life. Obviously, it did because this was the second time we returned and put another offer down before they finally accepted.

This house has an acre of land and all the things I wanted; a pantry, laundry room, extra bedroom for the daughter I hope to adopt eventually, and land, land, glorious land to have a huge garden and fruit trees. Even land for the old dogs to run around and Molly to exercise her tiny legs. The boys have trees to climb and a tiny brook to play in. This is a wholesome transition. And the other wonderful thing is that we can keep our home here. It will be a rental. We are far too attached and in love with this home to just give it up. There is too much growth and love that has happened here, it is part of our family. To just do all this work and then hand it over was not what we wanted. I know so many people have bad experiences with tenants. We will be cautious and have good people in here that will take care of things and appreciate the kitchen gardens and all the fruit and nuts grown in the yards. They will have solar and free, organic food.  How many rentals offer that?

Hopefully, they will continue to feed the cats and birds. That is what makes me sad. I may bring one cat with me.

So, now I’m off for a bubbly, hot shower and to walk the little dog, get our tofu roast in the oven and enjoy the gift of the Christmas season beginning after this and a very different new year on the horizon. 

Have a great holiday season and prepare for a new year. Make a list of what would change your life in wonderful ways, make a commitment to be cheerful and see the good in all things. Ask life for more and know that it is yours.

To all of you, I am giving away a lot of books starting tomorrow. My newest book I am giving away all weekend. This is only for ebooks.

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25 thoughts on “Happy Harvest Y’all!

  1. Oh my goodness, such great news!!! I have tears of joy on my face. I am so happy for you. I have missed you. You truly deserve the best.


  2. What a wonderful post. I see …why you are a writer. Thank you, the encouragement for the next year is welcomed. Enjoy the holiday with the family. The new house was a surprise. Congratulations. Lol


  3. I was wondering what you’ve been up to – it sounds divine. Especially the food, I was wondering how to have delicious meat free food for Christmas.

    I hope life keeps bringing you love and happiness Kate. You deserve it.

    I’ve been (unhappily) a nurse for a long time and today I realised I can quit – it felt like someone had given me the key to a prison. I’m going to ask life for blessings now, I want to enjoy life : )


    1. SO happy for you!! I’m a nurse myself and no one realizes what a stressful and hard job it is. It gives my family a good income and good health benefits so I think I have another 15 years until I can retire. Life is too short not to be happy…embrace the next journey that is ahead of you

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Yes! Do quit! You can manifest all sorts of good abundance, it’s normal. Stress and poverty are not normal. I have freinds that were ER nurses for decades and they retired early because they just couldn’t take it any longer. They are tight on money but loving life now!


      1. yes. the only thing is to have some funding for things that occur. I just got off the phone with the heating repair company and we have issues. I have a feeling we may be going to repair it.
        ourselves. word of advice tell your tenants how much you love your home and how u want them to feel like it’s their home. my last rental i was so mindful of that. so much so we became secondary familis


  4. Abundance is definitely in your life.
    Congratulations on the home!
    Can’t wait to see you settle in there, decorate, cooking and gardening.

    Congratulations on the foster care approval too.


    1. Thank you, Dawne. I am so glad to be over the hard parts and yes, we have an appraisal to get through and if that is good than we have a new house! It will need a lot of work and that will be a fun journey for us.


  5. Congratulations on the new house–it IS a done deal, right? The way you say it sounds like it may be a reality, and yet it seems like you are still waiting on something? Clarity, woman! I’m also glad you should be fosters soon.

    I’m so sorry that Bali was injured. I have been told that broken ribs are awful. Will be praying for him, and I’ll get him on my prayer group’s radar for fast healing.

    I’m excited that you are giving away your latest ebook! I will be online as soon as possible Saturday morning to get it. Also really looking forward to reading your NaNoWriMo offering about your homemaking. Hopefully in the new year, I will be redoing my book of poetry and essays that I did many years ago. I wrote, edited, printed, bound and sold that sucker myself for years. I had drawings from a gentleman in it, but now I feel the Lord is telling me to use my own photos in the book. Not sure if I will put it on Amazon, or just continue to publish it myself and start doing shows at churches and events again, I really enjoyed doing the shows. I even found some footage of my very first show back in, I think 2014. I think I will post a few of the clips on my YouTube channel for fun. Thankfully I have improved A LOT since those days!

    I hope you all have a very happy Thanksgiving, and look forward to your future posts on YouTube. I’m still a big fan, just like when I wrote you that email so long ago. You GO, girl!


    1. Bali didn’t get hurt! It was my friends husband. He slide down a few flights of stairs. Definitely do that book again and do it how it’s the most fun! The house is real but we have one more obstacle…an appraisal. If that goes well we are fine. But we are in contract and have the check in escrow. I will share more later on YouTube but waiting to see how things go. I hope you all had a great holiday. We are just cooking and eating and resting.


  6. Wow…well if I read everything correctly, you and Bali have been busy beavers.
    I am very excited for all of you and look forward to seeing and hearing about it, on your youtube vlog, once you have rested.
    I want to wish all of you a wonderfully, fun filled holiday.
    Blessings to you all. 🙂


  7. I am so excited for your new adventures! We just did the same about a month ago…bought our dream property with acreage and will be renting out our old house that we fixed up ourselves. The house is sadly not our dream house though, many repairs needed. We have put so much work into our old house that we couldn’t just sell and let it go, therefore it is becoming a rental.

    And we have 3 other rentals. My advice is to read everything you can about landlording and try to get involved in a local landlording or investing group. I can’t stress this enough! 🙂 When issues arise, these people can help you in many ways since they know your local area.


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