Making do with what I have and nesting.

I love the photo above of Sam in the little hole in the earth and then he looks like he might be ready to leave his nest. I feel like that these days. I’m ready to leave this nest but until we are ready to move I will stay safely tucked into my cozy home with the boys and dogs. We will do our art, play with our littlest dog (the old dogs get easily annoyed with all of us), and fiddle in the kitchen concocting tasty dishes.

I’m not spending a coin while we are in escrow so I’ve had to go back to the clever homemaker mode of making do with what we have.

I also feel cursed with my Christmas baking this year.  Being limited on funds is not helping. I ruined a ton of fudge, Googled how to fix it, did what was prescribed, still didn’t set. I threw it out and then all the ladies on my channel gave great advice on how to salvage it but I was looking at it from the garage already. I burnt many cookies and my frosting was runny. I had to chisel many a pan of sugar cookies until I got it down to a science. This year, instead of big plates of fun, everyone will get a tin of plain cookies and be happy that it even happened. Amen.

I found a great recipe for laundry soap on Mary Hills’ blog. It’s 1 cup of Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castille soap, 3/4 cup baking soda, 1/4 sea salt in a gallon of warm water. It worked great, the clothes were very clean. I am out of detergent and I have substituted with dish soap but I’ve been watering down the dish soap so much I didn’t want to use it and I’ve had a big bottle of Dr. Bronner’s for ages. Turns out Dr. Bronner’s has many purposes. You can bath with it, make shampoo, wash dishes, brush your teeth (hum), laundry soap. So go out and stock up on it for the cleaning pantry supplies!

I can’t get fancy with Christmas plates but I do have plenty of sugar and flour so I can make mountains of sugar cookies.

It’s soggy and grey out and I have no desire to be in the world. We have this warm cocoon with cozy lamps, movies, homemade food, art supplies. We will hang out here until it’s time to move. We will save our energies until we have to rise in a flurry of packing and cleaning.

Imagination and planning are free so I do a lot of that. I am picking out colors for the walls in the new house, going over an inspection report I received from the seller’s realtor which might as well have been in French because the first couple times I couldn’t translate what the hell it was all about. I printed it out and used my trusty highlighters and now I’m proud to say I have mastered the report.

Movies are free right now. I’ve canceled all my accounts with Netflix and Prime but I have some time while my term ends so I’m watching all the movies I wanted to see but never had time for.

I can’t write except this. My writing skills have vanished. My baking skills seem to have packed up and left with the writing skills. My cooking is pretty good though, but that’s because I love cooking and eating right now. My friend said if she could sum up Thanksgiving holiday in one word it would be “flavors”. So true, I cooked a feast that week.

So, I rest and listen to music, clean the house slowly, sometimes it takes me a full day of putzing to finish cleaning all 7 rooms (I’m counting the laundry and pantry room). I move like a tortoise lately. I listen to all the lyrics to Michael Franti’s songs and they resonate deeply.

I look forward to this move, it will change so many things. Clean air, mountains, and forest. The neighbors are creative artists like myself and my children. My friends are there, my tribe, my favorite towns, stores, and hiking trails. They have fantastic Christmas and even Halloween.

In the meantime, we don’t spend a nickel, but the Universe is bountiful. I need something and it appears. For example; the other day my Arjan woke up sick. I needed mandarins. In the winter we eat huge pots of my Asian noodles and greens soup (just won ton broth, rice noodles and piles of greens from the garden) and mandarines to stay healthy. A few hours later my husband called and said he had helped a customer and gave them coffee, in return, they brought him 10 lbs of mandarins from an orchard they were harvesting that day. Last night I needed more dish soap, vegan butter, and creamer. Bali’s boss needed him to go shop at Winco for EBT items that he had no clue what to buy. In exchange for Bali’s help and support, he insisted on paying for the few groceries we were picking up.

It’s Universal abundance. I give and share all the time. In return, when I’m in need I am given to.

I will have to figure out our Christmas day spread, but with WinCo I can do this wisely and inexpensively. Since it will only be our family, we only need a little of this and that to give the table delicious flavors and bright colors.

And I do have one thing that can NOT wait. The final Starwars movie!! I’ve been following Starwars since it all began in the ’70s. I was my sons’ age when I saw the first Starwars. Now, here we are, I’m not 7 years old but 49 years old and this will be the last epic film (supposedly) and I am watching it on the big screen with all the sides of popcorn and soda, this is a party for sure . This is my Christmas gift to myself…besides the rainboots.

Happy Holidays to all of you!!



19 thoughts on “Making do with what I have and nesting.

  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family Kate! I love watching your YouTube vlogs so much. You inspire me to create! I eat mainly plant based as well and have learned a lot from you.
    Sending love and light your way for a blessed Christmas and smooth transition into your new home.
    Andrea from Ontario, Canada


    1. I am not sharing that at all since I have a YouTube Channel and I have learned that I need to keep certain things private for my families safety…not that I don’t trust you but anyone can read this or watch my channel, you know?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Do you have a link to the Mary Hill blog? Did you mean Mary Hunt perhaps? I have the link to her blog, but I wanted to make sure I waasn’t missing out on this Mary Hill blog. 🙂


  3. I just love your ability to take lemons and make them into lemonade. Your beautiful family will not suffer from having a frugal, humble Christmas. Your boys are learning great lessons of life from you. Love and best wishes from Southern California.

    Liked by 1 person

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