Overdue vacation and media fast.


The time has come to take a long vacation and withdraw from the last bits of media that I am still engaged in and to create a rest from five years of self-driven work building careers I had no idea would even become as such.

I will start tomorrow morning and return on February 2nd. Yay! I am excited for this small reprieve from a busy life. I’m watching Haegreendal as I type this and cleaning out my computer’s folders of extra videos and old blog photos. I’m clearing out my cell phone of videos clips and preparing for a time of reading plump fiction books, lighting incense, drinking creamy, sweet coffee, listening to spiritual works, coloring in my grown up coloring books, playing on the floor with toys and the boys, and not opening this laptop except to check my email or pay a bill quickly. I will not check this blog, my book sales, or YouTube channel after today.

Every morning I start the dawn by turning on the laptop and checking my stats and comments. This is like everyone else who is driven to perform and succeed. The cell phone and laptop are the first companions to greet most of us in the early hours. Why is it not a mug of delicious coffee and watching the sunrise in silence, cuddling with wee ones, or some spiritual food? At least not for me lately. I have become mainstream…I am acting like the world I’m not wanting to be a part of.

These three weeks are to refresh and start anew. To find simple pleasures in making loaves of bread in my kitchen, in reading a 1000 page novel, in reading to my littlest boy, in being silent in my mind.

I love Channels on YouTube such and Haegreendal and Ivy Kitchen because they focus on the beauty in daily life. Even as a housewife there are sweet pleasures and rituals to be had and created. A Zen-like life can be had simply by shutting down the electronics, the media, and becoming present in the moment…all the moments of your day. Make rituals in your preparation of good food, in eating and savoring the meal, in listening to your children and being truly with them emotionally.

I will take this time to bond deeply with my boys and husband and to prepare for new things. I will clean my home, freshen it up and love it. I will learn new dishes and try new foods and we will go out more and see what life has to offer.

I will return in February. Take care everyone.

15 thoughts on “Overdue vacation and media fast.

  1. Enjoy your life, your children, your husband and your home – free from the distractions of media. I commend you. I’ve been embarking on a mini break of my own…starting with quiet time with my coffee first thing in the morning. My pup usually treads into the living room when she hears my recliner kick back. I have to laugh. She jumps up and we cuddle in peace and quiet. See you in February.

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  2. Enjoy your babies and husband. My family laughs at how slowly start my day with my 6 min eggs in my egg cups, my toast in my toast rack and a pot of herbal tea in quiet reflection. Now I am piecing together a 9 patch quilt for my grand daughter. relax and my little boy Buggy says just dance

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  3. Kate-I recently saw a video of you and you son having difficulty opening one of your large buckets. I have a commercial opener 9sorry made out of plastic) that was made especially for this job. If you could use it-its a spare -let me know where to send it. I have enjoyed your videos tremendously.


    1. Oh boy, could I ever!! I only have a few of those lids and I dread them. P.O. Box 1025, Yuba City, CA 95991. I would greatly appreciate it and think of you fondly every time I open a lid without putting my back out.


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