A Sweet Life in Homemaking.

A Sweet Life in Homemaking: A Decade of Thrift, Frugality, and Homemaking by [Singh, Kate]

I’m still on vacation but my editor is not and has finished preparing this book so we can all ring in the New Year with a little reading inspiration.

It is now on Amazon and I’ll link the page down below.

The book is almost a decade of memories of how Bali and I started our journey of building a family and a life. There were times when we lived on very small funds but we always felt middle class, truly. We have never struggled or felt poor. Not that jobs weren’t lost and times didn’t have their challenges, but money was managed well for the most part and I learned to work within the budget by readjusting our lifestyle when needed.

For years we only had one income that was tight yet we purchased a home, give the boys a good life, eat clean and healthy meals, enjoy simple pleasures and luxuries, donate to good causes, built large savings, and thrive.

I share this life and tidbits of stories from other women that have also had to make do with very little and have inspired me on this road of thrift and homemaking.

Brew up a pot of coffee and take the journey with me down memory lane.

Kate SinghπŸ˜Šβ˜•πŸ“š

(I’ll be returning from my vacation in February, see you all then)

25 thoughts on “A Sweet Life in Homemaking.

  1. Yay Kate! Glad you are enjoying your time off from YouTube. I just ordered your new book. You are missed! Will be happy to see you back on YT in Feb. Sis aka kittyluver


  2. Just bought the Kindle version, Kate. I’m looking forward to reading it and looking forward to your return to youtube. I hope you’re enjoying your time off to the fullest. Lois


    1. I am but tonight I’m in my cycle and have no treats as I’m off sugar and I want to feel sorry for myself over things. But before this menstrual tragedy struck I was having a marvelous time and in deep life contemplation.


  3. Hi Kate, I got your new book last night on Kindle and I just finished it! Great read.. May be the best book yet and I loved them all. I am so glad you added all the recipes at the end..


  4. I bought your book.
    I keep buying them as they remind me with fondness my own childhood. We had 4 chicken, 2 lambs, a garden, bees… and bought a 50 kg bag of potatoes every year. The garden kept us busy, my mother taught me to sew. Old recipes that work wonder.
    We are the same age and your books have delighted me.
    Thanks a lot from Switzerland.


  5. I bought your book last night Kate, and I’m enjoying it. I found you on YouTube and just recently started reading your blog. I’m in my late 60’s but have always had a lot of interests, and still do, nearly all of them home centered. It’s the best life there is. And for younger women to embrace this life is wonderful, to me. I think of you as Renaissance Women πŸ™‚

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  6. I’m enjoying this book Kate. I’ve felt a bit lost, I’ve been renting for so long and not sure where to put my roots. Your books always feel like home though, I just want to sit by a fire with my mismatched rugs xx


    1. It’s a tough place to be, not knowing where you want to settle down…I was there for decades and truly understand. But it will find you or you will stumble upon that place that just feels like home. Go out, explore…


      1. Your book is helping me understand this and your life is a testament to what you can reap if you plant and look after your harvest. Thanks for your words!

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