Wisdom when handling the household funds.


I’m about to share one of the best tips for being a shrewd, wise keeper of the household funds. It took me years to smarten up to this and it changes the future in large, abundant ways.

Take advantage of prosperous times and situations. Never say no to hand me downs and never squander extra money.

I’ll give living examples.

In the past, if I received a money gift I went out and blew it right away on going out to eat, movies, maybe a thrift shop spree that was not thought out.

When someone offered me a piece of furniture or dishes I turned it down as we had what we needed.

Now, with children under my wing, a husband that counts on me being smart with money and not squandering away what he works hard to earn, and our big dream of another house in a more suitable town…I don’t mess around. Every penny has a job and I assess what is being offered before I turn it down.

Recently, a neighbor gifted me with these beautiful dishes from Japan. I almost said I didn’t need dishes but then ask if there were some flowery plates. She is a housecleaner and working for an elder that is getting rid of everything. I now have a whole set of lovely plates, soup bowls, cups, salad plates, cream pitcher and sugar bowl. I can now donate the dishes I’m less fond of and bless someone with them.

When I receive a money gift I take a few days to think about what the family needs, what the house needs, my pantry, and toiletries.

When I make larger than normal royalties from my books or channel I use the extra money to pay off every little debt.

When there is extra of anything, I use it to its fullest potential.

Recently we started paying ourselves first. I set up a lofty amount of $1000 a month and this left us with around $1,800 or less to pay the mortgage, all utilities, and groceries, gas for the car, and any little debts. It was hard at first and our accounts were overdrawn on many occasions until the next royalty payment or paycheck.

Then I received a couple money gifts and my royalties doubled a few months. I paid off a debt to HomeDepot and the next month with a large royalty payment I paid off Amazon and closed my credit card. It was now much easier to breathe and managing the accounts was less of a struggle.

I canceled our health club and Netflix. That freed up more funds.

Then with the monetary gifts, I stocked the pantries, I put in large orders of bulk supplies of flour, rice, beans, oats and so on. I stocked toiletries and dog food. This was fantastic for I was able to completely catch up on everything and get a bit ahead without the cost of groceries. Because I stocked up, groceries have been fairly cheap for months now.

We also eat what we can from our garden still.

I love the game of stretching things. I have been watering down shampoo, dish soap, and using much less toothpaste. All these items are so condensed that they actually work better with a little watering down to cut the thickness. We use far too much toothpaste and face wash. I’ve been digging up all the samples I had stored away and using them as well.

We walk more and stay home more and play rather than use gas. I find ways to use up the lush greens in the garden.

I am an Amazon affiliate and just switched my earnings over to a gift card. Every month I earn a little money and it piles up on my gift card. I can use this for future raincoats, things for the foster babies that will be arriving one day. I need cloth diapers, a mattress for the crib, bottles and such so I just keep saving on the card.

It feels so good to not have any debt, to have full accounts, to have money set aside for future needs.

Back a year ago we had no savings and the accounts were always overdrawn. By paying ourselves first, adjusting our lifestyle to fit into a tiny budget (lots of cutting things out), and doing extra work and jobs to supplement the small budget, using each money blessing to the fullest, we are in a very different position. Today we have huge savings, all the accounts are full, debts are gone, and the last month or so we have not been overdrawn and I doubt we will be again.



8 thoughts on “Wisdom when handling the household funds.

  1. Sounds wonderful Kate. Keep sharing your life it helps me so much. I’m in a much better position since discovering you a year ago but I still need to get better at not wasting money. I’ll try bigger savings like this and cut back more.

    The thing I find hardest is being a single parent. I go out to cafes just to see people really. This is where a lot of my money goes though and I want it to change. Yesterday we went to Montacute House (think Jane Austen movies) and had a picnic under an oak tree instead of using their cafe. I wish I could show you a pic it was a dream!


    1. I love anything Jane Austen. I think you should go out and have that coffee. We just took this year to be hardcore so we could meet a couple monetary goals but I can’t live like this always. It’s good to go out, get that latte, be social, spread the wealth. Just buckle down now and then for a goal in mind.

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  2. I’m not sure what you mean by your accounts being overdrawn, but that will cost you a fortune each month at the bank. Every NSF check is usually charged a ton of money by the bank and then again by the vendor.


  3. I recently found you and I am so glad. I also have been in a transition of my life and you have so inspired me and also helped me know it is all good. I’ve listened to several of your YouTube videos. The one in particular I am referring to covered several great topics but one in particular about the idea of Facebook triggering not great emotions. So me and I do feel slightly addicted and I am going to try and wean off off this. Thank you for what you do😊


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