Let’s see the new house, why don’t we?


I had a walk through with the old house right before the signing. It is protocol. It wasn’t the best time for me. I hadn’t slept a wink…well, maybe a couple winks but I was up by 1:00 AM and I was about to start that moon flux. I’m not so perky or positive during this time and if something may bother me a tad…during my hormonal time, it is the end of the world.

So, we did the walk through and all the staging furniture was gone, the lights out, the blinds closed, and the heat off. Cold, dark and a bit stale smelling. I left not so enthused about my old man, Arthur. I didn’t have buyers remorse but I new some work must be done before we move in.

Bali must have seen the crazy in my eyes so he drove quickly to the nearest HomeDepot. There we picked up a big 5 gallon tub of paint and found a huge clearance on Bamboo flooring. There, now we have a solution.

Since then we have signed the papers and received the deed, and with the stress gone I have enjoyed a few nights of deep, long, delicious sleep. I have also enjoyed my ladies cycle and I’m a much friendlier sort of creature these days. When I picked up the keys at the house I had a private tour. I opened all the blinds and walked through. I’m once again happy to have found Arthur and I just can’t wait to paint and tear out the ugly carpet and dress him up with bamboo and fill the rooms with my paintings, plants, colorful area rugs, and furnishings.

Even the outside is planned. We have 5 gallons of blue paint from this house and with white trim it will be so cheerful! Then all the gardening, the fruit trees, the flowers, the vines! Oh my.

But right not this is how Arthur looks. Here he is before his make over. When we are done in the next two weeks I will post before and afters.


26 thoughts on “Let’s see the new house, why don’t we?

  1. Love the built ins. The bathroom is huge. It looks big enough to make into two bathrooms or at least a bath and a 1/2. Two toilets are better than one, lol. I can not wait to see if finished. I agree carpet needs to go. I live in a old home from the late 1800’s so I know all too well about sloping floors and all the other things that come with old homes. My dad totally gutted it and rebuilt the floor plans inside with majority of things he found. There is a cabinet maker across the street from my home and all my beautiful cabinets were courtesy of their dumpster. Beautiful expensive wood. With a fresh coat of paint and bamboo floors it will be absolutely beautiful.

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  2. Hi Kate,

    This is Carmen from Yuba City, CA. Congratulations on your new home. Well we never got to connect but I connect with your videos as each new one arrives. Always fun times. Maybe I will meet you now that you will be further away. It would be fun to take a ride up there and finally meet. Have fun making your home cozy. Keep those videos coming they always give me inspiration and motivation.

    Your You Tube friend,

    Carmen Gonzales

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  3. That is a great house with very good bones! It has a lot of cottage charm. I know you like color, but I would use a lot of white paint (Benjamin Moore Simply White), but you do you!

    It’s going to be great! Would love to hear the financial end of this too!


  4. I can’t WAIT to see what you and Bali do with the place. I’m curious about that blank wall in the bathroom with the light fixture. I love the kitchen and the bathroom and the flooring in the hallway (and what I think is the dining area). It looks like you’ll have to purchase a refrigerator, washer and dryer.

    Good thing you two are young and healthy because that’s a massive undertaking in two weeks’ time. I’m so excited for you!


    1. What a fun adventure, Kate! Harry said he loves the front porch 😍 and I am utterly envious of the built-in cabinets. No storage in my Charleston SC home 🙄
      The kids and I can’t wait to see what you and Bali do to Arthur!

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  5. I love Arthur. I have lived in a 100 something year old home too and had fun restoring it. Arthur will be handsome after a new coat of paint and new bamboo flooring! Best wishes and congratulations!! 🙂 PS. I love Freakin frugal too! 😉

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  6. I can already see you grinning at us over your coffee cup in that kitchen! Congratulations! What a fun project! Just remember, how do you eat an elephant?


  7. Wow, I am impressed! The awesome potential is going to make for an awesome adventure. Send more pictures and enjoy your journey. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Oh Kate, it’s going to be fabulous. It will go from Prince Arthur to King Arthur under yours and Bali’s care! You are so honest and real and I love that about you. I am always rooting for you and your family in all your endeavors! ((hugs)) Marilyn (Sis a.k.a. kittyluver ny)


  9. Wow !!! What a wonderful home to work with !!! Simply outstanding….. How big is the home how many square feet? Just looking at those pictures, you have so much to work with and make yours! If I were younger I would get an older home and do the same as you guys are doing. But I live here in Kentucky on 9 acres in an older home 1977, it’s great but I still haven’t found what I’m looking for what I’m looking for yet!!!! I’m 62 my husband is 65 and I’m looking more towards Vermont or Maine in the future!
    Arthur is perfect, I know you and Bali will get it looking just incredible. Keep us updated on all the work and frugality on this house. Look so forward to your new adventure and you sharing it with your fellow frugal friends.

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  10. PS This blogger bought a 100+ year old cottage in Redlands, CA that they renovated with lots of white paint. If you can find some of her early photos (Google her kitchen reno) you can see it was in a pretty sorry state.



  11. Many thanks for the photos! I can’t wait to see the unfolding of your efforts. Congratulations again on landing in the town you want with a beautiful home with lot of character!

    I know you and your family are crazy busy right now so I wanted to also say thank you for posting your updates.

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