Waiting…it’s the hardest part.


Last we heard of the adventures of Arthur (the old house) and our move was, well, nothing. You saw the interior and then you were left hanging. I apologize, however, we have been left hanging as well. There was an illness that wiped me out. The boys were ill as well but it did not hinder their play or Godzilla imaginings, building Tokyo, or watching every Godzilla movie. I feel like we are in a large Godzilla field study. We’ve found and taken to playing the Shin Godzilla soundtrack (which I actually enjoy). We live in the Godzilla studios!

So, this chest infection took us out of the game for a bit. Then we found a handyman and his crew to work on the house, thank goodness, because now that I see the work being done I realize it would have been a long and painful road for us to do on our own. We could have done it but we are not skilled in putting in floors and painting the whole interior with our little brushes and rollers would have taken weeks and gallons of coffee.

For a fair price, we have a crew of two to three men painting with spray guns, ripping up floors and installing an extra bathroom and vents under the house to prevent another bout of beetles or molding of the floors. But first, there was a hiccup as there always is with projects and the work started two days later than scheduled.

To keep my sanity, I have taken to playing Solitair…and getting very good at it. I am on my second crocheted scarf, although it feels like late Spring here now, and I watch Sammy’s homemade Godzilla movies with the soundtrack in the background. I’ve also had my fill of documentaries lately; Breaking the Habit, about the Sisters of the Valley and their CBD making company, How to Cook Your Life, with Zen Master and chef Edward Espe Brown and his philosophy on life, baking, and his practice, and another documentary on yoga and women which I don’t remember the title and only half paid attention.

I’ve packed us into a corner and most of our clothes are in the shed at the new house. Oh, how I miss my clothes. I feel like I have one uniform made from black tights and a plaid shirt and I alternate with an old Tshirt of my husband’s.

The kitchen is running in the simplest way with an easy menu of frozen veggies, mac and cheese, cheap cheese pizza, lots of bagels, burritos, pasta with sauces in jars, and easy snacks such as fruit, yogurt, pretzels, and lots of coffee.

All activity came to a full stop.

Ah, but now we are in motion again. The work on the house started a couple days ago with a full interior paint job and then the floor work. It turns out the original floors from when the house was built back in 1901 are still there! I was thrilled, but they are not suitable alone. They have nothing underneath and are filled with nail holes. We will keep them but the bamboo flooring will go on top with insulations and such.

We will start moving truck loads over this weekend. The big move will be Monday. I am eager to see the home once it is done. I’m eager to get my things over there and begin living full time in my dream town. I’m looking forward to firing up my stovetop espresso pot in the early mornings and to look about my new cottage and begin to rearrange, organize, and decorate. To fill the new home with music and lean in my laundry room doorway to look out on my back yard and begin dreaming of the many fruit trees we will plant and the large kitchen garden.

We have a lovely magnolia tree in the front yard and a hot pink Camelia. This is touching because what I was going to miss the most about looking out my windows in my present home were all the Camelia trees with the white and red, and pink blossoms. So having the pink tree in front of my porch and in view from my new bedroom is a gift. I was then admiring the deep red Camelias here the other day and wishing I had a red one as well at the new home. Last night we took a load of yard stuff and low and behold, right outside my living room window there is a deep red Camelia!!

I was admiring yet another sort of flower tree in another yard and it turns out I have that one as well (have no idea what it’s called). This house just keeps blessing me with gifts.

And the neighbors, they are friendly and neighborly. One neighbor was driving by and stopped to let us know the right brake light was out on our truck. She said she observed it the other day and was looking for me to let me know.  She says the PD are picky over there. How nice was that for her to care enough to watch for me and let me know this. We met other neighbors and all of them are friendly and cheerful. They say the whole neighborhood is quiet and pleasant.

I know not all of you watch my YouTube but I recently posted a vlog and I finally recorded a night with the police task force across the street. I have never filmed or spoken about the police activity in my current neighborhood, but I decided to show some of the drama and adventure that blesses us almost weekly. This night it happened in the late evening but usually, I’m awakened by the flashing red, white and blue at 2 and 3 AM. It may be a raid to find runaway perps or a police chase that ends at the apartments. But just like a tidy schedule, we have a SWAT team or gaggle of cops every other week. The in-between weekly cop schedule is usually just one or two cops and a quiet drama.

Yes, I’ve let my future tenant know that this is the show that will occur across the street on a regular basis and he is a local so he is not phased. Or so he says. Time will tell. The back street can have some drama as well but it’s been quiet lately. It’s sad because the rest of my street is very clean, cute, quiet and family-oriented. Those units are cursed, and I don’t say that lightly. They have been a problem for 20 years. They will have to cave in on themselves or catch fire to end the saga.

But we will move on to a lovely area that is peaceful and friendly. I can’t wait!

Stay tuned. Photos of the after will be next week.




9 thoughts on “Waiting…it’s the hardest part.

  1. Soon you and your family will be bringing Arthur back to life and filling him with joy, laughter and the wonderful smell of food cooking on his stove! He’s waited a long time….as you have too. Can’t wait to see it all!


  2. Ah thanks so much for the update. I have been checking every day or so to see how the move is going ;).

    Happy to hear you are well again, your neighbors are friendly and other good things are happening.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I always loved the excitement of moving. A new house to make a home. A new neighborhood. Yet, I think this house that we bought in 2013 was it. Our home of homes. 🙂 Enjoy each moment!


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