Cheap books for all this downtime.

Now is a great time for reading and learning new skills. I’m just finishing the setting up and organizing of our new home. Now comes the constant rearranging of things and furnishing until it has the “Ah! This is it” feel.

I will also begin April’s Camp NaNoWriMo, even have my NaNoWriMo mug out to sip those homemade espressos while writing…something. I haven’t a clue as to what I will write, hopefully, it will come to me tomorrow.

Gardening is also on the list. I must find a spot for the greenhouse and begin my seeds in all the cans I saved from Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner and all those casseroles that called for cream of this and that. The chicken wire and rototiller arrived and when the weekend returns we will be building a cheap fence and plowing the earth.

In the meantime, for some of you needing some reading material to inspire and assist you in this new life of reduced paychecks, I have just the books. I’ve reduced the ebooks down to $1.49 and .99 cents. I can’t reduce the paperbacks down anymore since they are set prices for publishing cost but I can make the ebooks nice and cheap.

In the books are stories of our frugal journey, tons of tips to live on a fixed income, minimum wage, unemployment, easy and cheap meals, homemade cleaners, gardening the simple way, links to sites and lists of books to also motivate and teach, and more.

Sending love and light and blessings.

Kate Singh

13 thoughts on “Cheap books for all this downtime.

  1. I have two of your books and they were a pleasure to read! I enjoy your writing style, the books are a quick read in an enjoyable style. I will go look to buy another one or two. I have time these days and am getting tired of cooking and cleaning ;). Reading with my feet up sounds like a great afternoon.

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    1. I don’t comment here on your blog much since I use the blogger platform and for some reason some blogs allow me to post with my blogger profile and others don’t…like today (I probably did something wrong but it all too fiddly for me). I only have a place marker at Word Press.

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    1. You’re keeping busy…smart. Are you feeling better or still stressed out? I send you love and light and calm.πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’– I have friends who are calm and friends who are terrified. Depends what news channels they watch.


      1. We are back to online school. It depends on who I talk to and the stats I watch. We have family on the front lines of this. Once that anxiety happens I get in the gym, it helps balance the fight/flight response. Thank you for your healing thoughts

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