The bounty of our quarter acre.

I am in a dream with this new home. It is a quarter acre and already producing for us. We did some dead tree removal and serious pruning to a huge English Walnut from the neighbors yard that is growing over in our yard and we we now have enough wood for many winters. The Black Walnut that was removed in the front yard has been a wonderful bartering tool.


For the smaller chunks, I traded a nice, new Fisher woodstove, hearth, and iron kettle to keep on top with water to keep the air moist. The larger logs are being planked out to provide a man with income who is out of work right now. No trade but good community and he’s getting the two tons of log out of our yard so I can clean it up and start planting flowers.

1586637381849 (1)

And free greens! Dandelion flowers for the bees and greens for us.

We have already planted blueberries, a Marion blackberry, three cherry trees, three apples, nectarine, apricot, pomegranate, triple pear, and two pluot plums. Turns out the yard already has a couple pear trees and two plums. The old yard is also filled with bulbs and Peonies (which I thought were a strange asparagus at first).

Now that the sun is shining and the days are warm, I explore the yard, water my seeds coming up in my little greenhouse and sit with my coffee to just look about my Kingdom with delight and gratitude.

To think I wanted an acre…a quarter is more than enough to produce food, maybe animals such as chickens, wood, wild greens, space for dogs and children to roam and play, and land to create, plant, play and produce.


10 thoughts on “The bounty of our quarter acre.

  1. I love your new home, the yard is Wonderful! I just got my potato growing sack in the mail and I am now planting my potatoes to grow inside..I have lettuce, tomatoes, onions and some beans growing now in my window and I just planted the top of a pineapple that is now growing in my window..


  2. I love your bartering story! Such an inspiration! I’m trying to plant as much as I can but the rain has kept me inside. Staying home has afforded us to be more aware of our surroundings. In between storms, we noticed that one of our bird houses fell to the ground. My husband found baby birds inside, so we hung it right back up!


      1. Mama came back today! I think it would have taken us days to notice if we weren’t quarantined. Less pollution, a nest of birds saved…all good things during such dark times.
        BTW, I watched your video on budgeting today. You’re an absolute genius and a beacon of self-restraint. What you do with your salary is nothing more than miraculous!

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  3. Thanks so much for the continued posts! A bright spot in these hunker down days. Sounds like a lot of progress in your epic journey to make the house (and yard) your home 😉

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  4. Peonies are so beautiful! You are going to love them. We too “inherited” a bunch of perennials when we moved to our current home last fall. I’m very much looking forward to the lilacs, peonies, cherry blossoms, etc.

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