Renewing our homemaker’s spirit.

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Our life has that daily hum and from the task of bed making, sweeping the kitchen floor, dish washing, and pots of beans or soups simmering on the back stove. But it has a rhythm and ritual that is pretty much the same from day to day. Although it is a charmed life, it can get old fast. Now and then I need inspiration from other homemakers, just as I inspire others. We all need to find that housewife that cleans and cooks in a way that brings the fun and deliciousness back to the craft.

I stayed up late last night watching a few homemakers and listening to their thoughts on what weighs us down and zaps our energy in our work. Media, email, TV. Those suck the energy right up. Distractions. Then there is trying to be perfect and comparing ourselves and our homes to nicer homes, women with nicer things, nicer clothes, nicer figures, better dishes. We then become disheartened with what we have, our homes, our cooking, ourselves. That is a killer of the homemaking spirit.

But if you can just take the ideas and advice, if you can look at a home and get ideas then work with what you have without envy. If you can just take the motivational part out of the blog or vlog or book and leave the rest.

Most people with nice homes are in a bit of debt. You can make your home as charming as ever if you take the time to comb the garage sales and thrift store. Sometimes cleaning or painting does wonders for furniture. Bleaching and mending things. Collecting more plants.

I had a friend that was as poor as you can get. She lived on all sorts of government aid due to a chronic autoimmune desease and an ex husband that didn’t know how to get the check in the mail. But she didn’t let that get her down. She took her role as a homemaker seriously and her house was always very clean and tidy. Old, worn couches and recliners were covered with colorful afghans, scented candles purchased for .10 cents during sales days at the Hospice thrift were always lit.

She didn’t have money for nice clothes, her wardrobe consisted of t shirts and comfortable pants, but her clothes had no stains or holes, were clean and crisp and she would doll up with mascara and gloss, a big pair of hoop earings, her curls up in a pile on her head and some scented lotion that she would get from others as presents.

For the holidays she ask that her family gave her things she couldn’t normally afford. She stocked up on every super sale at stores or found the fantastic deals at thrift stores, church yard sales and garage sales. She could go in a grocery store with $50 in food stamps and come out with a month worth of groceries.

She inspires me still today although she has long passed.

I tend to gravitate toward the homemakers that work with very little and make life look cozy and charmed. They are the ones with the real skills and art form.

For me frugality is a way to have more abundance.

Come on over to my channel: Coffee with Kate Mountain Homesteading for lots of motivation. I refer other channels and books, show you are life now and how I just keep triming that budget so we can work less and enjoy our family and gardening more.


29 thoughts on “Renewing our homemaker’s spirit.

  1. Hi Kate
    Of course we need to stay inspired so we can enjoy what we do, you’re a creative woman and you need to keep it fresh when you’re at home a lot. Make a little space in the new house that’s just for you, where you can go to spin your dreams.
    Its easy to be tempted by pretty things but I’m just in awe that you’ve managed to buy two homes and have a solid family and no/little debt. You are in the absolute minority with that. No sleepless nights or bickering with your husband over debt. Everything you have is yours.


      1. Debt is all my parents talked about growing up. We went to Italy when I was 9 and 3 years after it my mum was crying because we still hasn’t paid it off. I’ll never forget that.


  2. I so agree with you Kate. It takes real skill to live well on a budget and it is inspiring to watch and learn from pros like you and other women out there.


  3. Wonderful post as usual Kate! I love READING your blogs and I truly look forward to it…..However, I live in rural Kentucky and even though I pay a large price for internet it really sucks. I cannot stream movies or videos. They just load and load so a ‘you tube video’ that is an hour long takes two hours, very annoying !!!! I have tried watching your videos and it isn’t happening…so I wait patiently for your blogs … Please keep writing for us folks, who can’t stream so well !!!
    By the way I love your hair, you look amazing & happy !!!


  4. Great post.
    Kate you inspire me so much.
    I have enjoyed reading your blog and watching your videos.
    You are the real deal.
    I thank you for sharing all the things.


  5. I love watching and listening to other women homemakers in order to be inspired and learn new ideas. That is why I have so enjoyed your blog and channel! 🙂

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  6. First of all–girl, you are lookin’ GOOD! Second, I love how you always remind me to look at things with new perspective–“work with what you have without envy”, is a grand piece of homemaking wisdom that wish more women would take to heart.
    This morning I have fed animals, cleaned kennels, hauled some hay. put laundry on the line, fixed a quick breakfast of homemade banana bread for Obie and I, and tried to find the feral cat’s new batch of kittens to make sure they’re not in a dangerous place (Snowflake is a nice cat, but a terrible momma). I have to make coffee and wake up the Redneck soon, then figure out how to organize two bedrooms, and paint a cabinet for the living room–oh, almost forgot, have to take a cat to the vet around 2 pm, and somewhere amidst all this, I have to make the main family meal for lunch, since the Redneck works nights, try to get a video uploaded at the library parking lot, and finish all the preparation for the Redneck taking the week off starting tomorrow. If nothing else, I can definitely say that my life never gets boring!


      1. BTW–you’re comparing yourself to me–don’t do that. You accomplish a heck of a lot more than I do in many areas, and I got no problem with that. We each have different strengths, so rejoice in yours.

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  7. Thank you for this gentle reminder not to judge ourselves against others who seem like they have more. I adore you and your channel! It’s hard not to want what others have and struggle with it daily. But, your channel has really inspired me to enjoy and cherish what I already have.
    I no longer watch the YouTube channels that portray wealthy, perfectly decorated homes. I also stopped watching the “how to dress chic” videos. Such a waste of time and money! Now I’m back to my brightly colored comfy clothes that are 100% me. Thank you for your great advice and I look forward to more videos and blogs!


  8. I really enjoy your writing, thanks for keeping the posts coming. While I can look at videos. I much prefer to read, so am thankful you do both. Your photo is grand, you look happy and relaxed and kind!

    Is your book done? I was enjoying reading each section, as you mention, it is nice to see new perspectives on life as a way to keep things interesting.

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  9. I always read your blog and watched your videos wishing I could be a homemaker, and welp, thanks to COVID-19, here I am! I’m a librarian in a school and school is canceled for this year. I always find your tips and advice very inspiring, especially now. Your friend sounds like she was very resourceful. That’s what it is going to take to get through this mess.


  10. Kate, thank you for this post and for sharing your life with us. I love the story about your friend. It’s a good lesson on remembering to elevate and appreciate what we have. I have a goal of limiting what I buy outside of necessities this year. Hopefully, with good habits in place, I may one day attain my goal of having the flexibility of being able to choose jobs based on interest instead of salary.

    Keep inspiring and all the best to you, Bali and the kids!


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