Urbanstead Life.


This last week has been hardcore, for lack of a better descriptive word. You would think that living in town and choosing not to do animal husbandry, that we had it easy! Au contraire mon frere.

This week has been a blur of shoveling, tilling, cutting and stacking wood, watering, and planting a huge garden. In this large schedule I found some time to build a fire pit.


Yesterday I put in our huge veggie garden. I was so greedy thinking we needed an acre and, originally, I wanted a 50′ by 50′ garden. This one is 35′ by 35′ and it was some work. It took me all day to plant.


I love the work and I sleep like a log these days. I’m stiff and hobble about but I’m also growing stronger. I’ve never bent, pushed, hauled, pulled, or squatted so much in my life. No gym can compare.

At the old house we had a small yard and Bali did all the work with a shovel. He dug up the lawn and planted the trees. Over here we needed to finally rent a huge tiller to break up land that hasn’t been farmed in, probably,  a hundred years. We have had two trees, one huge black walnut, taken down and it was up to us to find ways to remove parts and cut up the rest to store for winter fires.

We are ahead of schedule in all ways. When we first purchased the place we decided to do nothing. We would haul in horse manure and prep the garden area for next year. We brought over our compost and some of the fruit trees, along with my three artichoke plants. We were going to just save up for each endeavor. But that relaxed approach never suited our style.

We had the whole house tented to rid it of beatles that were slowly trying to devore it one tiny bit at a time. Then a small band of handymen came in and tore out layers of old, smelly carpet, linoleum, and plywood and replaced the floors with clean insulation and bamboo flooring we found on a huge clearance at Homedepot.

The whole interior was a weird olive green so I had them paint it all white to give it a fresh look and brighten a dark house. Bali had a second bathroom installed in a side closet that served as the water heaters room. We had vents installed around the foundation to let air under the house to prevent mold and further bugs.

Then the handymen left and the rest was for us.

We moved in around the time of the quarantine. Suddenly there was news of no toilet paper and barren shelves, panic and mayhem. While people were panic buying beans and kleenex, I ran out to the nearest nursery and loaded up two trollies with fruit trees.

It didn’t stop there. I then found an even closer nursery and loaded up with more fruit trees, blueberries and a Marion Berry bush. I bought seeds everywhere I went and ordered a stack online as well. Sure enough I began to hear of seeds and trees being out of stock.

As for the tissue scare, I ordered a bidet that has been quite dreamy.

Soon we will have a wood stove installed and we have enough wood for many winters. We found a horse farm and hauled home two truck loads of manure that was aged for a year and mixed with some sort of wood chips so it was like a mulch and manure in one. For a gardener that was dreamy. My garden is officially in as of yesterday and I laugh at how big I wanted it originally. I am very stiff just from planting up what looked like a small space. I took well into the evening and I didn’t awake until 9:00 am today.

I have no idea how things will grow. The fruit trees look great except the apricot. The garden may thrive or not. I hadn’t planned on all this so soon. Nothing like a pandemic to get one moving fast.




13 thoughts on “Urbanstead Life.

  1. Love the fire pit and can’t wait till you have your new smaller wood stove installed. Also, could we please see the new bath you had installed? If you showed that at some point I must have missed it. Thanks Kate!

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  2. I love, love, love the fire pit and the logs made out of seats. What an awesome addition to the great work you’ve already done in the garden And, you and Bali have been working exceptionally hard. Everything is looking wonderful.

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  3. Amazing , you guys have achieved in a couple of weeks what some people take to do in a life time . It’s all coming together just as you wanted . Winter is coming to Australia in a few weeks and I’ve planted some onions and Daffodils that hopefully will bloom in spring , can’t wait for your next YT video , oh and watch the back with all that gardening .

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  4. Your garden looks amazing so far! I can’t wait to see how it progresses 😁 Like you, I wasn’t going to put in a garden, but now it’s really taking off! Thanks to your inspiration and the coronavirus LOL


  5. Oh, Kate! When I think of all the work you’ve done and HAD done in the past month or so, my head spins! I’m so happy things are coming along ahead of your original schedule. Are you planning on laying an irrigation system for the garden? What is planted in the wooden tub to the right of your garden gate? I can’t wait to see your garden spring to life.


  6. Wow, what a huge amount of progress! Congratulations;). Thanks for the update, I check your blog everyday just to see what is new. When I looked at your huge garden I had visions of all the work it took to get it to that spot and then all the work to keep everything growing. Alas I must be missing the farming gene but I really appreciate watching others ;). As my husband often comments, if people had to grow and hunt their own food, they would mostly starve! I was also curious about how you would water but I see someone already asked that question.

    Excellent idea for the second bathroom, that is worth its weight in gold.

    Happy growing!

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  7. I watch your you tube channel and love it . The new house and garden is looking great cant wait to see how your garden grows . I also put in a garden this year and have gotten 4 chickens . The waiting for the garden to grow and the chickens to lay eggs seems so far off for me . Thank you for all your hard work I love watching your channel and i will also stop by and check your blog out more .


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