Making the old house gorgeous with no money.

I’ve had the worst luck with orders through Amazon lately. Six orders have been lost in the last so many weeks. I’m sure it is the Universe telling me to stop ordering. Of course, these orders were before we began the big No Spend year. However, I’m still waiting on a USB port and a much needed vacuum that was last seen in Kentucky a week ago.

Now, here is the funny thing…I ordered Possum Living, about bare bones living, through the library zip program (they order books from Amazon and have them sent directly to you) and it arrived within two days. I think the message is clear; living light is supported in the cosmic world but consumerism is not.

I’m enjoying the book but can’t give a full review yet.

We have been busy all weekend painting like crazy people. We used up almost all the paint we had left over from the other house. Some paint required mixing, like yellow, we had all sorts of yellow. Light yellow, canary yellow, white paint, mixed yellow…I mixed it to a butter yellow for kitchen and then I mixed it all in the big bucket to do the living room. I had a little blue for one wall in the bathroom, a little butternut squash for the front door. There is more paint for another weekend but here is what we completed this weekend.

As you can see, Molly is exhausted from all the changes.

I’m so happy with the colors. I’m always amazed at what color can do for a room, transforming it completely at times. I’m grateful we kept all the paint from our old house. We can make the house warm and lovely and not spend a thing.

On Memorial Day we had friends over. The first play date for all of us. I cooked up a pot of white rice, made extra salad, cut up some cantaloupe on sale and, after hours in the forest playing and walking, we sat on the porch and had a simple, but delicious feast.

All free and beautiful. Tons of exercise and fresh air, vitamin D, and organic, vegetarian food.

Best day ever, until we ended it with a broken arm and the evening in the Emergency room. We were so blessed to have our friends there to take Sam and lead us to the ER as we didn’t know were it was yet. Everyone acted quickly and we were in the ER with in minutes. The other blessing was a slow day at the ER and so much kindness and support there as well. Little man is now healing and enjoying lots of free Roku TV movies.😄

31 thoughts on “Making the old house gorgeous with no money.

  1. Oh no, Arjan! Stella and Harry send their love and groovy vibes his way. Stella broke her arm the day before 1st grade. It was an adventure! Thank God you had friends there to help. We hope for a quick recovery for your sweet boy.
    I love the colors! The blue is gorgeous and I love how the yellow almost looks darker in the living room. Sooooo much better ❤️


  2. I forgot to mention that you inspired me the other day 😁 The kids needed an organizer for their small Calico Critters accessories. I was about to order something when I noticed an empty egg carton. It was perfect! Repurposed something and spent nothing, yippee!!!


  3. Oh no! Poor thing just when everything is getting in shape outside. I absolutely love the one blue wall in the bathroom. It’s just enough and the living room arrangement is perfect this way. Loving the yellow too.

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  4. Love all the colors you are using. The blue in the bathroom looks great!!!! Really enjoying your before and after pics. Praying for a speedy recovery for Arjan!!

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  5. What a pretty change. Love the happy yellow and your latest video. A little bit of this, a little of that, so fun to watch. You’re glowing Kate.

    Wishing the little guy a speedy recovery!

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  6. Oooo, love all the new colors! I usually like a neutral color scheme but all those colors just warmed that old farmhouse right up! And so sorry about little man-what a bummer😩! I hope he recuperates very quickly. It’s no fun to have a broken arm in the summer!

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  7. Hi Kate,
    Wow ! Looks amazing !! The colors look wonderful and the house is sure coming together for y’all !!! You & Bali sure have relentless energy….
    Love you both & prayers for Arjan for a speedy recovery. Bless him and looking forward to your next update ….

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  8. Oh your poor Arjan! I’m so sorry! Boys and broken bones go together like peanut butter and jelly unfortunately. 😦 ❤

    I love your colors! The blue in the bathroom is so refreshing. I have turquoise walls and white tiles in my bathroom. 🙂

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  9. Oh my, i was so happy about your before and after photos…until reading about your son with a broken arm ;(. I am 64 and broke (well fractured) my forearm a few years ago…super painful for a few days then only painful if I moved it wrong. And pretty much good after about a month. I hope his was a small fracture and he heals well!

    Best wishes for a fast recovery. And your painting worked out perfectly, a huge difference. I was astonished at how it brightened up the breakfast table!

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  10. Oh no…broken arm! So sorry. The bathroom accent paint looks great. Also the yellow in the kitchen. Did you do yellow in the Livingroom too? Looks yellow. Whatever it is it is all very warm and inviting! Glad you were able to have friends over for the holiday.

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  11. Love the colors you painted. I absolutely LOVE the new living room arrangement – that is a keeper.
    Poor babies arm. I bet he heals quickly and will love getting a little extra attention too!
    Have a good week.


  12. Poor sweet Arjan,sending kisses to make it better soon xxxx. The colors look fab, I am inspired to lose the white on my walls now. That yellow in the living room pulls it all together and makes the throws and art works pop. I’m reading Possum Living (the free download) on your recommendation.She was one astute young lady. It shows what can be done if you’ve the inclination. Veggie and fruit growing, foraging and living frugally are my limit however. I’d leave the bunnies, turtles etc out of the equation:)

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  13. Wow! Now your house is really starting to look like Kate’s house! The color makes everything pop! Sending healing blessings to sweet Arjan and hugs!

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  14. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah and paint is dropped off at the local dump and disposed of as toxic waste. It is allowed for anyone to pick out what they can use and tote it away. Another inexpensive option is to browse the “oopsie
    paint” at the hardware store. It’s the paint that a customer left behind or didn’t buy because they didn’t like the color. I bought a gallon of high quality paint in a pretty shade of green that I used in my kitchen. They offered to try and change the color but I took it just the way I found it.

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