A Super Saving year instead of a No Spend year?

A woman wrote me saying she was starting her “super saver” year. I loved this as opposed to a no spend year. A no spend year feels drab and like there may be some suffering involved. A super saving year feels high vibration and positively lifting from the start. It celebrates a year of building abundance and thriving in creative ways.

I am barely in my super saving year, but having a lot of fun with it already. I’ve collected old pots, filled them with gravel from my driveway, compost, and some potting soil to grow a big herb garden. We found all sorts of paint in the shed and set about painting the interior of the house making it so, so much more charming and cozy.

I’m trying to find more free paint and such on Craigslist and I joined Nextdoor to do some local bartering. I found that you can get paint at waste management and recycling centers…unfortunately, they aren’t open yet and don’t know when. Then, just the other day, Bali found a couple gallons of white paint in the back room of his work. It had been there for years and still good.

Our old library was kind enough to let us continue ordering books even though we are living in another county and I’m back to reading my fat novels.

If I can’t bring in much money tending home and doing side work, I can at least find clever ways to save money and that is worth everything!

I do have some work that brings a little income but not enough for the old man to retire. I can work a bit harder and save a bit more so he doesn’t have to work so much though.

I know that if I don’t order online or shop for anything outside groceries I will save us hundreds. I can be fastidious about water and electrical usage. We can walk everywhere thus saving on gasoline. We can eat at home, pack food when going out, and have a cafe created in the kitchen.

I’m taking a bit of a vacation at this time (as you can see, I’m not doing too well at it) and putting the big focus on my home and family. I’ve purchased a stack of Composition books to record spending, write up budgets, or make To Do list.

On my time off I’m preparing for a family/friend to come stay with us and we are thrilled as this is the first person to visit our new home since the move and quarantine. I’m planning meals that will be nutritious and filling, of course delicious and very little cost. We will not be going out unless the ice cream shop beckons us. I have stocked up on coffee, tea, plant based creamers and milks for our cafe experience. We have trails to walk, movies to watch in the evening when we are pooped, a garden to weed (I have friends that like to do those things), and a porch to sit and have our lunch.

Today I’ve been watering all my little herb pots and pumpkin patch. I’m thrilled to see everything coming up, even the wild flower seeds I threw here and there without any true skill. My kitchen garden is coming along nicely, some things won’t make it because we started too late so anything that does come up is a bonus. I purchased this wonderful oscillating sprinkler and if I set it up just so it waters the whole garden. I can turn it on and in 45 minutes my garden is watered while I do other things. But once I’m outside I love being in the yards, I putz about and feel delighted by all the things growing and how well my fruit and berry trees are doing. Even the Apricot that looked on deaths door has recovered. I know that within a few years we will have fresh, organic fruit and berries for jam.

Every year the garden will thrive more and more, we will learn how to work with the seasons up here and in time we will eat completely off our land for many seasons of the year. Everyday Bali and I look up a new root or vegetable to see if it will grow in our zone. What we can’t grow here we can grow or are growing at the old house. Hopefully the tenants will enjoy the food being grown there and take advantage of it. When the harvest get larger they may even share a bag of avocados when they hand over the rent check.😊🥑🥑

I’m a big Rob Greenfield fan and I love that we put in so many fruit and nut trees at the rental to feed the tenants and now we have food growing here. That is what I would love to see people doing, planting food everywhere so there never is fear or worry over a food supply and we can eat plenty of organics and not eat GMO’s because we can’t afford clean produce.

Another thing I’m really focused on and encourage others to do as well is getting the pantries nice and stocked. We just painted our laundry room/pantry a sweet pumpkin orange and I organized it. I now store most foods in the kitchen pantry and will work on filling up the other pantry with homemade, canned produce from my garden and local farms that have U Pick programs to save on cost.

I don’t know what the future will hold with the corona virus, future quarantines, the economy, and employment. I don’t know if another Great Depression will hit. I did have a feeling about things a year or so back and all this happened. I have to admit, we weren’t totally prepared but we suffered not. As for the future, with out getting in a panic, I’d say some big changes are coming and it will be a birth of a new way of life. It can be very good for us all, but change can be hard on some and scary for all.

What I do feel is a sense of great importance on planning and preparing. I want to be prepared the next time we have to shelter in or if there is more of this rioting and protest. It is all necessary for change and I support some of it, but I don’t always want to be a part of it. I have little people to protect and I don’t want to go everywhere with a mask and be in uncertain situations.

So, I’ve begun making a pantry list. Lot’s of dried and canned goods. Stock up your laundry, cleaning supplies, and toiletries as well. Then when sh– hits the fan you can stay home and not deal with stores.

This saves money as well. When you have a big, stocked pantry you can go months without spending. You buy on huge sales, coupon, hit the discount stores.

Even stock up on sales at Craft stores. Art supplies are a must here and for some of you it’s yarn and cloth. I have a supply of all of that thanks to some sales and some members of my channel sending me boxes of yarn.

Everytime I shop, I stock up. I went to Walmart the other day. I had a dental appointment and was free as a bird with out husband or children. I dumped off a bag of library books and I keep a huge book supply coming all the time in case we are cut off from the library again (I think that was more worrisome than not finding tissue or flour). I decided to try out Walmart hearing that they had great prices on school supplies. I’m not a Walmart fan and past experiences at local Walmarts have left me feeling like I need a spiritual cleansing, but I prayed to the sweet Jesus to surround me in light and love and I braved one in a bad area.

Surprisingly, it was clean and bright with lots of skylights, the workers looked normal and happy (must have good management at that one), and the customers weren’t that odd either. I found great deals on art and school supplies, my oscillating sprinkler, more tomato seeds, a stand up fan to combat the coming hot days, and a few items for the pantry on sale.

Now I’m really into decorating the house. But I refuse to pay a dime. I’ve been watching a decorator on Masterclass.com. She does multi million dollar decor, definitely not in the budget, but I’m learning from the gal. I also watched a few home transformations on YouTube to get more ideas. With different covers on the couch or quilts on the beds, dragging furniture out to the porch or off the porch…I’m creating something. I also scan Craigslist daily in the Free section.

Alright, well off I go to work. I’ll post photos soon.

31 thoughts on “A Super Saving year instead of a No Spend year?

  1. I love what you are doing! I am trying to re focus on my little garden growing in my kitchen..Its so hard right now..I still hurt and I still cry .. I lost my Mom , my best friend except for my Hubby..He has been my rock..
    Now I am searching for a bread machine, I cant find any and I just cant afford the prices for a new one.. so the search continues..My 2 Parakeets are a blessing they play and sing about in the cage and they take baths all the time in the water dish! Too funny! The little rooster in the yard behind me is still learning to crow.. Funnest sound I ever heard.LOL ..

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    1. So, you are finding the little joys. Ah, it’s so hard to be missing a good friend. Make the bread by hand. I think you will find it very Zen like and will be your therapy along with those adorable birds and little rooster.😊🐤🐤🐓


  2. I’m with you on Walmart since the one in our area is nasty and never well stocked and the customers are scary. But, we visit an area 2 hours from here 4 times a year where the Walmart is wonderful and clean and the employees have been there for years so that is when we do our shopping there.

    Your yellow is wonderful and sunny! Being in your kitchen would make me happy! Our Lowe’s has a pile of paint that was not mixed correctly that goes for $3 a gallon. I don’t know if you have Lowes there but other home improvement stores may have the same.

    I love that your pots look like my motley collection that have come from thrift stores and yard sales. My silly squirrels have dug up my pots with herb seeds over and over this year. I may have to give up on that but then they win!

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      1. Yikes! Little yappy dogs are our worst nightmare! We once lived in a rental next door to a crazy woman with 20 yapping poodles!


  3. “…Walmarts have left me feeling like I need a spiritual cleansing…” made me lol but is totally accurate. Thanks for being a force for good in the world. xo

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  4. Kate

    I LOVE reading about your life! You are truly inspirational! I have so much to learn..

    You really have no idea the part you have played in the changing tide of my story. I am forever grateful for your curiosity, questions, realness, thoughtful way, your bravery, humor, beauty and wit. Thank You for never settling and for being such a good example of how to walk the talk.

    Sending you

    ~All the LOVE

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  5. I’m totally with the super saving year! We have so much to do on our house, not fun stuff like decor but fixing the exterior wood and fascia. Watching our house get a facelift is wonderful but watching the savings dwindle is depressing.
    The world seems scary now and I also want to stay home to protect my little ones. My heart is with the world and the changes that need to happen. Like you say, Kate, hopefully all this darkness will lead us to the light.

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  6. Girl I feel you on the Walmart leaving you feeling like you need a spiritual cleansing. Hahah I only go in there for prescriptions.

    I got my kitchen painted a nice light gray with a winter amethyst purple accent ledge. It’s kinda hard to explain, but I love it.

    I also got 7 pepper plants in the ground my neighbor gifted me with and I gifted her back 2 sage plants from my garden. 🙂

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  7. Love seeing your new posts. I’ve been living your lifestyle since the 1970″s, saving, thrifting, rummaging, staying home with the kids, sewing clothes, cooking from scratch. Still cutting my husbands hair for the past 49 years. I had a health care career working the hours that I wanted. What a sense of pride looking back at what I was able to accomplish. Same as you are doing now. Life will always be work but it can be joyful. I am selling my house and will move to the country to 11 acres with a huge newer house with lots of storage. It has raised garden beds that are fenced in and a few fruit trees. I will continue gardening, canning, cooking and decorating. I have had the same color of yellow that you have in my house for 30 years and still love it. I look forward to a super save year after the move and all the expense.
    Keep up the good work!
    Walmart is a strange place. Never thought about a spiritual cleansing, 🙂

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  8. Dear Kate: Thanks so much for all of the inspiration. You are a lady after my own heart. I, too, am a homesteader, making do with what is on hand and saving at every opportunity. I do have a question: What fruit and/or nut trees would you recommend for a nearly-retired couple who would like to see the fruits of their labors as quickly as possible? (Fast growers/producers) Thanks for any insight you can give. ~TJ

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    1. I would say this…get the trees as big as you can! They may cost more but you’ll have fruit a lot sooner. Most fruit/nut trees take 3 to 5 years. Berry vines such as black berry grow very fast (take over fast as well). We had almond at the other house and with in a couple years it had grown so much and was producing. Can you grow peanuts? Find your zone, google climate zone and put in your zip code. Once you have your zone you can find every calendar, what to plant and when.


  9. I do like the super saver year title better than no spend year. That gives me comfort and encouragement that I can do it rather than the stress of whether it is doable for me. I like that you and Bali are so passionate about growing food. I want to say though that if I were renting from someone and land came with the rental place, I would not want my landlord to be growing things in the yard. I know you feel you are doing a great thing but personally I think they should have their privacy and freedom to do what they want there (within reason of course).

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    1. We aren’t growing anything in their yard. We planted fruit and nut trees when we lived there. Now the tenants are fortunate enought to have free, organic fruit and nuts. I was just hoping that as the trees produce more and more food that is more than enough for them, they will share a basket now and then.:)

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      1. OIC, what you mean now. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I’m sure they will love the produce and like many producing tree caretakers they will want to find others to share the abundance of their produce 🙂

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      2. Yes! I’m hoping but so many people just let food rot in their yard…and it is their yard now so I can’t do anything about them being smart and using the food or sharing. 😊 I’d love to get some super gardener tenets in there one day. They would be in heaven.


  10. Super saver year ! Love that !
    Well we have not started out real good yet we went to Home Depot and we did have to buy a bunch of stuff for our yard, no one to really barter with and we just don’t have time to look around for bartering online. We just want to get our yards done. I am reusing anything we do have but there’s just some things we needed to buy. My seeds are all coming up, tons and tons of zinnias and a few herbs and vegetables that I hope will be able to have enough time to produce. We have a pretty long growing season here so I think we can pull it off. We didn’t even really have much of a winter last year and it wasn’t even till January / February so I think whatever I plant will have time to produce. It’s going to be mostly in flower pots or old storage tubs. We have a neighbor that grows the most amazing tomatoes and uses those old 20 gallon storage tubs drills holes along the side near the bottom and he said the tomatoes like the heat on the roots. So that’s probably what my tomatoes were going to have a bunch of old, old ones that are still good!! Got the grandkids out there with me and we planted hundreds of seads and I used your tin can idea and it was wonderful! Didn’t realize how much My hands would hurt by the time I was done punching the holes in with a hammer and nail,lol !
    I’m spending this next week just getting my house completely straightened up and in order so I can start to balance my life a little better. I’m not real good at balance, I either want to create and my house gets to be a mess or clean and I do not create !! I’ve got tofind a way to do both!
    I cannot believe how much you guys have gotten done on your new house in such a short time ! Very inspirational! I look forward to seeing your garden when you get back from your vacation because I bet it looks amazing already and by the time you come back it’ll look even better! Great advice about the sprinkler too , when we do get ours in I’ll remember to put one of those in there! I hope you have fun with your friend, and you are taking time to actually relax! You deserve it , you work so hard, it’s time for you to have a little vacation and have some fun!

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  11. Hi Kate! I have been binge-watching your videos and your blog since I found you a few days ago. I am considerably older than you, and retired, but it feels as though we are actually sitting on the patio, drinking coffee together when I read/watch you. We share similar values and our lives have both been filled with “interesting stories.”
    I spent a number of years living a nightmare [looooong story] during which time I wrote over half of a fantasy-adventure trilogy.[ it was my escape from a terribly harsh reality]
    I had never written before. I have NO idea of whether what I wrote [and years later am finally working on again] is good or utter garbage.But, after hearing your story about publishing online, I am thinking about trying the same thing.
    I still have tons of editing on the first book. The second and third are mostly “bones” that need to be fleshed out, rewritten, and edited. I was thinking maybe to offer the first book for free, and if people were interested, offering the second and third for 99 cents each. Thoughts?

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  12. I am quietly reading through your books on Kindle and your back blog entries.

    I am in a good place now: my husband and I are 74 and 83, I am the older, our daughter and grandchildren and son-in-law are all well. We have no debt, good annuities and social security and reasonably good health except for arthritis and some heart problems.

    Reading you is like the story of our life–so much is familiar from “back when”. You are a delight, both in poor times and good. Thank you so much for providing such good reads and good advice–for any age.

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  13. Hi Kate,
    Well, I do like the idea of the Super Saver year. I also like The No Spend Year too! Feeling guilty I kind of messed up this month! Have been spending on some not so necessary items, doesn’t help when you are with the grandkids, for some reason I always buy them a little something that actually is really just garbage LOL! I think we will start next week, and get moving on this as we really need too !!
    I am also so anxious to get back to normal life & we are finally getting there! we have a camper trailer & I can’t wait to hit the road for some little trips ! Awesome blog 👍 cheers from Kentucky!


  14. Thank you Kate …you have defiantly inspired me to “grow my own “ this year 🙂
    Will upload photos of our hub
    Nile of food in garden …not sure if I can

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