Going deep into the housework.

I am on vacation (I laugh to myself here). I announced this to my channel and Patreon and I think I mentioned it here, however, I seem to not have gotten the message myself. I keep working. I seem to be comforted by the idea of being on vacation and not having to do anything. Thus it has made me more productive than ever! The very idea of rest has made me feel more invigorated!

I actually love coming here. This is my quiet, peaceful little get away to write and share mundane things. My blog and I have been together for over five years and it’s not very big, it stays simple. I just need a break from the big social media. From making all that content until I am empty and bored at the sound of my own voice. I need to return to my former world of no media. Just boys, housework, fat books filled with fiction, coloring with the kids, learning something new, watching movies, and being quiet as I go about my days.

The other part of my vacation seems to be about getting my home in order on all levels. I’m really inspired to paint, decorate, plant, garden, scrub and clean, and stock my pantries. I want to get organized, declutter, and downsize a bit. All on a tiny budget or for free.

I’ve been making lists. Lists for me and lists for Bali. Lists for the pantry and lists for all the lists.

Bali has three day weekends right now and we work together. He peels my cupboards of the white paint that didn’t stick, I reorganize my pantries and play Rob Greenfield videos on sustainable gardening. Bali and I love gardening. We are obsessed.

I moved all the goods onto the shelves in the kitchen. It makes more sense and after clearing out and tidying up the pantry off the kitchen we panted it.

My plan is to go to the local, organic farms that have U Picks and do some big canning this year. I will also can from our garden but we started late and I’m feeling like next year will be far more abundant and the need to shop other farms will be less needed. But for this season we will need help stocking up for winter.

I also plan on doing other sorts of stocking up of dried goods and supplies such as laundry soap, vinegar and baking soda, dish soap…all things I make my cleaners from.

I’m also working on decorating on a zero budget. Found a great couch and dresser that looked very clean but the husband wasn’t into it. I could tell by the scolding I received via the phone this morning that he is in no mood to switch out furniture right now, free or not. So, I remembered some tips from ladies on the channel and I tried the outside bench for the dining table. It works great and really utilizes the space. I moved other pieces and washed covers and comforters.

And then there was more laundry and more…

The main living room carpet and hall carpet got a good shampooing since I walked into the house yesterday and did not find our house odor pleasant at all. We don’t wear shoes in the house but the boys run around barefoot outside and track in mud and dirt and we have three furry, shedding dogs, two being very big and hard to bath. My back goes out and I have to make a chiropractic visit each time I bath them. My favorite tactic is tying them to a tree in the summer and lathering them up and hosing them down in the yard. This may sound barbaric but when it’s 110 degrees they thank me…afterward, of course, not at the time of the hillbilly dog bath. The last time I tried bathing them in the tub Clyde and Babu both played dead possum and I had to drag and push them into the bathroom and up and over the tub wall. So, when you feel sorry for them tied to a tree, just know they did it to themselves. Ha!

Now, today I did the rugs and laundry and started painting the boys room. I only have enough paint from the pantry to do a wall. I will wait until Bali gets home, ply him with food and a coffee drink, then ask that he “help” me.

I’m so excited about our dear friend coming from Oregon to be with us for a few days. I know she will love this home and area. The boys are trying on clothes as I type, they want to be dressed up for her. Arjan had a whole ensemble complete with cowboy boots and Irish fishing hat. His father cringes at his outfits, I love them even when they get a bit too eccentric. He’s my little artist. Even dresses the part. Sam dresses like a gentleman and likes to match in colors. I love to see what they will wear. Bali wants to control the wardrobes. I try not to giggle when we go out and I know Bali is totally uncomfortable with his eldest sons fashion statement.

Tomorrow morning Arjan and I will go to the Orthopedic again and see if it’s finally time for a cast.

24 thoughts on “Going deep into the housework.

  1. How lovely to spend some time with your friend. The world has been isolating. I feel like we’re ready to peek out from under the covers, but So Cal is opening slowly.Good luck with the cast! xo


  2. I have been having my own ‘going deep’ time lately. After over a year of struggling to get my living room LIVABLE again, suddenly it’s all going smoothly and quickly now–almost like dam has burst. I get ‘scoldings’ on the phone too!


      1. Amen to that, sistah! I have been painting and rearanging so much this last week, that yesterday, even though I got up and put on my painting clothes and had plans to do more, I found myself saying, “I’m DONE for today, I ain’t doin’ NUTHIN’ I ain’t gotta do.” So I took the day off! Today we have a schedule that will be rough–the Redneck has a competition this morning, and then his niece is getting married this evening. So I was up early putting lunch in the crockpot and cooking breakfast so we don’t get hungry and have to eat out.(To be honest…I would rather stay home and finish painting…)


  3. I’m so happy that you get to spend some quality time with a long distance friend! Such a blessing.

    I always let my boys pick their outfits out too..if it was just for town runs. If it was a special event, I liked to help. 😉

    I got a tomato plant I the ground. Its only 1 but, it’s a start, along with the 7 pepper plants I was given.

    Prayers all goes well with Arjan! ❤

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  4. Kate, everything is beautiful! I LOVE the bench in the kitchen; that was a wonderful idea. I would paint it a really funky color. I asked this before (and may have missed your answer) – what is the name of that color/brand in the laundry room. I remember it at your old house and loved it. It would look so good on my front door. Was it someone’s “mistake” or one you picked out? It looks good in the boy’s room on one wall, too. Love all the color. Happy “working” vacation!


  5. House is looking great! I like the bench in the kitchen it’s so country. Arjan should heal up so fast because he’s healthy and young thank goodness.

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  6. Lovely to read about how you are motivated even when you are supposed to be on vacation. I think sometimes we just need a mental break from having to do what takes up a lot of energy like your video chats and editing and uploading of videos. So when you don’t need to do that right now it frees up other time to get things done. I too am busy deep into decluttering, reorganizing and redecorating as inexpensively as possible. These activities have kept me off my usual schedule of numerous You Tube video channels. Have an awesome weekend and enjoy getting ready for your friend.


  7. So happy your enjoying your break well I guess it’s a working holiday lol .I couldn’t help but notice your Taronga zoo bag hanging in your kitchen I’m from Sydney Aust so it really caught my eye you should over one day the boys would love it !!! Looking forward to seeing you on YT again when you rested of course 👍


  8. Hi Kate,
    What a wonderful surprise to read another awesome blog from you! Hey, I thought you were on vacation? That’s a good idea about stocking up on laundry items, Think I’ll get moving on that too. I also need to redo my budget, and make some lists! I can’t believe we’re already halfway through the year, going to have to start moving on Christmas, looking for Goodies on sale, plus I will be making fleece blankets for all the grandkids this year. They are so easy to make and I just buy the fleece on clearance and I can make a blanket in a week!
    Please Enjoy your down time & have a wonderful time with your family & friend …
    Cheerio for now from Kentucky


  9. I am really enjoying your vacation where you post a lot with many photos. Your color scheme is working well!

    I have been restocking lately, and read your comment about maybe a rocky winter and it hit a chord in me. That put my thoughts into words, thank you. Apparently many people just need to be in a tizzy right now, I am focusing on my own little piece of the world and working to make it peaceful and secure.

    Your house looks grand! Congratulations. And thanks for all your Vacation updates ;). If this is your vacation, you will have a very restful time when it ends!


  10. I love that you let you little one pick his outfits. I was the same with my daughter as long as it was weather appropriate. And now she has the coolest, funkiest, confident style! She is not a slave to any one specific fashion direction and she always looks put together. And she is not insecure while she rocks these styles. It was a battle that I choses not to fight when she was little and fortunately it has turned out just fine. Also I love all the color in your home!

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  11. OMG, you sparked a memory with that bench! When my kids were little ( 4 of them) our eating area was very tiny and I used an old bench similar too that one. Thanks for the pleasant memory Kate 💖

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  12. Just wanted to say a quick hello and to thank you Kate for your wonderful books, blog and you tube videos. I am working at home at the moment and you are keeping me company as I work and listen to you, maybe I will even learn something new.I’m also reading some of your books I haven’t already read. Love all the tips, keep them coming please. Take care. Tracey


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