Stretching one income to the fullest.

Many people are waking up to a new reality that was brought on by the Covid 19 and sheltering in place. We have some big happenings in history right now with the protest and record high unemployment, renewed concerns over the environment, corruption in the governments globally, injustice, prejudice, fear of a virus…it goes on. This may be a scary time for most but I assure you it’s just a birth and with a birth come birthing pains.

And then a new life to behold and adore.

It is an awakening of humanity. What that means to each individual is your own personal story. Only you know how this is effecting you, the thoughts your having, the old desires resurfacing.

I used to have a bumper sticker on my car, “Remember what you wanted to be when you grew up?”

This shelter in has been a blessing in many ways. Even in the darkness of it, the loneliness, the depression…it can and has offered a new awareness in most of us. An awareness that we were working too hard, not having time for family or friend, that we may have forgotten our dreams and truest wishes for our lives, that we are just pushing ourselves to the brink of insanity or death due to stress and unhappiness.

Now, some are drinking themselves silly and some have decided to completely remove themselves from this life. That is a little deeper than I’m willing to go right now. I want to focus on those of you that are looking at your life deeply and deciding that your joys, your family, your forgotten crafts and talents are more important than that office job or large paycheck. Or two paychecks.

But what if you are just barely making it on two paychecks and you have made the big decision to have one of you stay home? Or you are single and barely making it on that one paycheck on full time work?

Downsize and trim, trim, trim.

I had a woman write the other day telling a story of her families experience getting out of debt. They had a big life with a big house and huge debt. Her husband suggested they sell it all and downsize to a one bedroom apartment in a not so desirable neighborhood. She was not on board at first but agreed to it. The two boys had the one bedroom and she and her husband slept on a pull out couch. They lived like this for a few years. Now, you may think this sounds just miserable but I think it sounds very cozy and primed for some hidden gifts. The mother said it was some of the best years.

We know what it’s like to live a very humble life. We also know the blessings that come with it. You wouldn’t know this unless you have been there. Only when you make big “sacrifices” and go deep into a simple lifestyle do you find the hidden kingdom.

Make a decision right now as to what is most important to you and your family. You don’t need more time to mull it over, you’ve known for years. What will you give up for your dream or your family?

I would throw out that large house with the large mortgage first thing (if it doesn’t have a large mortgage or it’s paid off disregard that completely). Then I would get rid of leased cars or cars with car payments. I would cut up credit cards and stock up on flour, grains, beans, and learn some scratch cooking. I would plant a huge garden and fruit trees.

If you have a home with land, even a decent sized back yard, plant a garden, food trees (nuts, fruit, whatever grows in your area), get rabbits, chickens, ducks, honey bees. Fill your empty backyard with abundance. Make sure you study and learn first and get support or you may have a lot of dead trees, plants and animals on your hands. Educate and then get a move on it.

If you are in serious debt, it may be time to take a huge jump out of your life and all you own. Downsize to that tiny apartment and commit to a year or two to get out of debt. A debt free life is amazing beyond words. It is free of all stress…most all stresses.

Learn to fix cars and homes by hand. Decorate on a tiny budget by using old paint in the garage or finding it at recycling centers. Get furnishings and kitchen tools at the thrift, hospice, or Goodwill.

Find books such as The Complete Tightwad Gazette or The Heart Has Its Own Reasons.

Learn to shop differently. To cook from simple ingredients. Join co-ops for organic foods. You can eat much better quality and delicious foods at home than at a restaurant.

Learn to play cards and board games.

Home school and raise your children outdoors in nature instead of in front of computer screens and on iPhones.

Now is a time for big, huge change. Remember, fear is false and only being stagnate will be our demise.

27 thoughts on “Stretching one income to the fullest.

  1. It’s funny, I got my hair cut in January and my hairdresser and I had a feeling that this year would be big and would affect everyone in a big way. I know lots of people have been ill or suffered loss but it does feel monumental. A re-birth is the perfect description.

    I’m waiting to see all the fruit that it produces. Change is in the air in a big way, I think we need it.

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  2. I have been through to many changes at one time.. The death of my Mom, My daughter just had life saving surgery (Cancer) .. I am trying to find a new normal.
    I am growing potatoes and other vegtables in my kitchen and they are doing very well! I have been searching for a small breed doggie to love and a Bread maker.. so far no luck..But I will not give up the search.. Money is very tight for me now as I am paying some final expences for mom.. But I am doing better..

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      1. Hi, I started making bread at home about five years ago and bought used bread machines at goodwill/thrift stores. New cost $50, at a thrift store maybe $6. I found they lasted about a year with weekly use and if they broke, parts cost more than another used one. Most of the ones for sale in the thrift store were rarely used…one I found was brand new ;). Now,five years later, I recently used airline miles and got a lovely high end machine and have to say I am very pleased with it (able to make more whole grain bread easier), but I would never ever ever have paid $300 cash for it…

        For those who aren’t chefs….making bread in a bread machine is super easy! It might take a few attempts to get the right recipe but after that it is great! Pour 8-10 things in a pan and push the start button and come back in four hours 😉

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    1. Don’t give up on your search. I found one for 40.00. The seller wanted 60.00 and replied that she was firm on price and a week later she wrote she would take 40.00. I found it on Facebook marketplace. I always see them in my area. One will show up soon in your area.


  3. Kate, I love this! Dream big, pray earnestly and watch God do the rest! We are building up an amazing homestead for ourselves and the hard work is so rewarding! We’re growing a big garden, raising chickens, cooking, cleaning and canning it all. You inspire me to do better and do more. 🙂

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  4. Hey Kate, That was very well written. I think that is my favorite blog post of yours that I have read. I have 6 more weeks out of 12 with my broken leg. Then I will be able to try to walk on it again. I have followed your blogs and vlogs for a while, but I was happy to be able to go through the COVID-19 adventure with you and your family. I have a different situation than you. It is just me and my husband and we are retired. He works a parttime job. We are empty nesters. I try to be very frugal and conserve resoures. My problem is my granddaughter, who is on her own. She and her friend always want money. My husband and I are working toward weaning her away from us a as a means of support. They don’t manage their money very well at all.I do try to buy her food when she needs it, but handing out money isn’t going to happen. They have their own incomes, but are not managing it. She hasn’t learned to pay her rent, electric and buy food first.

    I love watching you cook from scratch.


  5. Birthing pains is the perfect imagery. I jokingly blame myself for our current situation. A few years ago, I got so tired of the news being about the Kardashians and other fluff, so I said that I wish we had something juicier to sink our teeth into. Well, watch what you wish for! But, I believe all the pains we are going through are necessary to produce a kinder, gentler, more equal world.
    As much as a part of me wants to volunteer and take part, I am choosing to stay home with my husband and kids. Nurturing and protecting them is my first priority. Thank you for your inspiration and advice!

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  6. I got my answer about moving into an RV just reading your blog tonight! Reading your blog I knew my answer!
    I really want to move out of Minnesota!
    The birthing pains of change are a coming for sure!
    Take care of you!


  7. I agree with all you said. We lived 31 years on an acreage, had the chickens and big garden, canned and stocked the pantry, homeschooled the kids all the way through high school. Now we retired, but still garden and can, live in a small village, our house overlooks fields so we still feel like we are somewhat in the ocuntry. Hubby works part time at a Hardware store to supplement our SS income. Love our life, just wish we could have saved more money 🙂


    1. I can totally relate to the ‘ wish we had saved more money,we retired on our ss too. We have a little savings but we also have all we need. We are happy, we wanted to quit our jobs so we did. It is hard but we are doing okay. If you put your mind to it and truly want something you can do it ! We downsized our home, we paid of our debt ( we do have a small
      Mortgage) we went from 3 cars to 2, and I budget like crazy. We are extremely frugal and it’s all wonderful. Life is good….

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  8. “Only when you make big “sacrifices” and go deep into a simple lifestyle do you find the hidden kingdom.” and to me that kingdom is one of peace and contentment. I agree with all you have said and do currently garden, dehydrate, live in a small (paid off) house and practice contentment/thankfulness. I have both books and enjoy them both immensely! Be blessed

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