Fostering begins and more decorating with no money needed.

We have been very busy as usual. We were blessed with a long visit from a good friend. We ate pie, built a campfire outside to roast hot dogs and big marshmallows. We watched the last three Star Wars and compared it to the events of our times with all the great forces battling it out in real life. There were walks and talks and lots of eating.

I was truly revived after the visit.

And it was a good thing we had the time with our friend because shortly after our home was gifted with a 3 1/2 year old girl. Now the focus is quite different.

But right between our friend leaving and this little one arriving, we switched out the rooms. I have decided that I need an office since I do all the household administrations and with my writing and various works on media.

We used some old paint from the valley house and white paint found at my husbands shop from a renovation three years ago. I mixed the old blue outside paint with the white paint and we created an amazing boys room. I can’t believe the transformation and it is literally just the paint and switching a bed and area rug out.

The former boys room is now the guest room/extra childs room/ and sometimes my work space. I love it because it looks out on the porch and front yard and has huge built in shelves.

Paint alone will almost completely change a space. Rearranging furniture and adding or removing items will change a space. I always want to go out and buy things but when I look about the house, even the yard and porch, I can redo a room with no money.

Now, I had a feeling we needed to get this project done fast because a wee one was on the way and sure enough the Universe gave us the weekend and a day of rest then we got the call. Ten minutes later a little girl arrived. Bali was at work and I called him with a long list of needs. He didn’t get home until well after eight o’clock loaded with a car seat, stepping stool for her to reach the sink, a little persons toilet seat to put on the toilet so she doesn’t fall in, some adorable clothes and night gowns, sandals, and a doll.

I also remember what having really small children about is like. They are hungry all the time so we stocked up on fruit, cheese sticks, crackers, yogurt, veggies and such. The next day I walked down the street to the thrift store and for $45 came home loaded with a whole new wardrobe for her. I had saved a doll house and all its toys and many dolls and cribs so she is set with toys and cute clothes.

It’s been a learning experience and two nights of no sleep comforting a child that doesn’t understand why her mother won’t come to get her and she can’t sleep in her bed. But I have to say, this little girl is made of some grit and steel. She is cheerful and busy all day and every night gets easier. Last night was the third night and she slept wonderfully…we all did. I was beginning to fear the night and Bali was such a good man about it. He would just make a joke in the mornings when I called him at work. I knew he had no sleep. The boys started to mood swing yesterday. This is a good experience for them. Their world has been so comfortable and easy, so accommodating to them. To have any part of their life adjusted seems to have them sideways. It’s time though. Time for them to learn that the most rewarding and soul feeding experiences are when we forget about ourselves to serve another in need or crises.

We walked in the forest yesterday evening and it healed us all. We came back home to some good, hot food, baths, and adjusted moods. We all slept well and deeply with out any drama…she’s still asleep at nine o’clock, giving me time to do some work.

The food is helping as well. Some children come from homes were there is no real cooking just microwavable junk food and lots of sugar, fast food, and juice. She arrived with not much but an over sized jumper and a lunchable. I’ve been cooking and making healthy, organic snacks and food since. Everyday that she fills her little body with nutritious food and detoxes from the chemicals and sugar she becomes more even in mood and spirit. I think that is one of many reasons why she finally had a deep, long night of sleep.

I’m amazed by her ability to play and find fun in each day despite her world being so changed. She is so willing to learn how to be more peaceful and have more play. I’m surprised that the nights have improved in just 3 days. I’m grateful. I’ve heard the stories, seen the movies. It ain’t easy to adjust and rearrange our lives for a stranger. Even taking in a stray animal is hard, a human is very hard and emotional. However, our ability as spiritual beings to open our hearts and make the shift so fast is ever amazing.

I don’t have anymore time for the phone conversations with friends and family, the laptop, the channel or any media work. My focus is 100% on the family and home at this time.

I’m amazed at all the time that is freed up now that I don’t work on the computer or answer the phone! My house has never been so clean and spotless despite toys, toys, toys. We are back to routines and schedules. We had gotten a bit lax and free range but with this child we need to step it up a bit. I’ve got my housewife focus back. I have to stop often to see where the children are, comfort someone, fix something, show something, guide, discipline, explain…it goes on so when everyone is settled for a short time I get things done. If my house is in order and things cooking and baking then I feel grounded and prepared for all the chaos.

The morning starts with a huge mug of coffee and I fix a hot breakfast for the children and dogs. I then spend the day cleaning, getting stains out of laundry, washing and hanging it out, I put it away immediately. I vacuum the whole house with a new dual floor vacuum I’m loving, I mop daily now, dishes are washed immediately, kitchen is always spotless because I must be ready to produce the next plate of snacks or super, meals are planned, garden is watered and trees watered, toys picked up with the help of children at intervals so it doesn’t get too out of control.

I’m in my daycare mode. I once had a daycare for a short period and then we moved out of the county for work.

When I had this daycare my house was immaculate, meals planned out and home cooked, everything was super organized and there were strong and set schedules and routines. I did the big grocery shopping once a month early in the morning with list and coffee mug in hand. I was always busy vacumming, laundry, organizing, washing toys. I used soft screens such as you put in the screen door, on the bottom and top rack of the dish washer and every couple weeks I would load it up with blocks and rubber toys and run with detergent and hot water. I washed stuffed toys and pillows, blankets, cloth dolls. I wiped down books. My children rarely got sick.

You do this so when the children get restless you are ready to sit with them and read or play. There is just something about keeping your house clean and in order that helps with keeping one centered. Children like a busy caretaker. There is comfort in having a parent or gaurdian in the kitchen stirring and kneading food, smelling good things simmering, finding the adult busy tending to the house and garden. They love to help and I rarely turn them away despite the messes that come from it. I know they are learning to do chores and take pride in a good days work even if it is only a five minute disaster.

I also cooked for 4 to 6 children, Arjan, my husband, roommate and self. I made big brown rice and veggie stir fries, pots of spaghetti sauce, soup, beans for burritos. I had lots of bread, peanut butter, jelly, eggs, yogurt, and fruit on hand. My daycare children came from a microwave food house as well and they devoured the salads and homemade spaghetti.

I am back to that and it feels great. Everyday I clean and straighten up cupboards and drawers that I’ve put off for weeks and weeks. I run the house efficiently and it is paying off. I’m sitting here typing but also making a huge pantry stock list and meal planning. It creates more time for being with the family and less time foraging and figuring out meals or excessive shopping. I’m going back to my grocery envelopes and once a month shopping.

My next goals are to really organize and stock my pantry and bathroom and to master the economics of stretching a small budget. Times are changing even more, I smell it in the air.

14 thoughts on “Fostering begins and more decorating with no money needed.

  1. Kate, you are amazing. God bless you for the work you are doing not only for your family but for the new little one that probably needs a guiding hand and a true caretaker.

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    1. Wow, I am so happy for you! You’ve waited so long for a little one to nurture. It sounds like you are starting off on the right foot! Being super organized will definitely help. Between the pandemic and having a new little lady, once a month shopping is also a sound idea. This little girl is so lucky to have you and your boys (including Bali😉)

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  2. What a lovely new season you’re entering. Your family and the little one are blessing each other. Thank you for what you’re doing. xo

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  3. Blessings to you all for taking this child into your home and caring for her like your own. Dear friends of ours are foster parents and about 10 months ago two dear little girls, ages 6 and 16 months, came to them. Incredible as it may seem they had only ever been fed sugar water. They spent months getting them on nutritious food and teaching their little bodies to even accept food without is making them ill. Today they are healthy and thriving and it looks as though our friends, who married later in life and could not have their own children, will be able to adopt them.

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  4. Foster care is not easy! I did it but mine was way complicated, I had to be certified in 2 states, I live in Connecticut my child was from Rhode Island. soo I had to be certified foster care in both states! I also had visits from workers in both states regularly . But I tell you it was sooo worth it all!! I adopted Emmy. She just turned 15 in May, We have had her since she was 5 months old..I would do it all over again in a heartbeat!! And yep when they bring the child.. They bring NOTHING!! I remember going to walmart to get EVERYTHING.. from Crib, clothes to toys and food.. LOL I remember looking at the diapers ( Now my kids were all grown ) and OMG they have enough diaper sizes to get you through OLD AGE!!! LOL I got like 5 different sizes cuz I had NO IDEA what ones… and like $1500 later we were driving home with a car full of EVERYTHING..Poor baby did not even come with a BOTTLE!!
    This will be one of the BEST journeys you will ever take Kate! God Bless..

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  5. Bless you and your family Kate for taking in this little angel! You are so right about many children in this country nowadays being fed junk food, empty calories with very little nourishment to it. I am sure your good wholesome made from scratch food is helping her little body detox and feel much better physically and mentally. Sending hugs from afar!

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  6. I’m so happy the day has come at long last! Your home looks SO warm and inviting, Kate. Each child placed in your care in the coming years will be blessed by your tender mothering. It goes without saying, every child deserves to feel safe, secure and well fed, but you and Bali (and the boys) will also instill a sense of self-worth and well-being to an innocent life. I look forward to future blogs (if not vlogs).

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  7. Nutritious food is so important and most children take to it so easily. I ran a child and family program in a church and almost all the participants were food bank clients. They were “afraid” of brown rice the first time I served it but transitioned immediately because they loved it so much. We served tons of salad and veggies and dip. When someone replaced me for a week they tried to feed the kids hot dogs and chips and there was rebellion!.

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