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Welcome!  I started this blog for a few reasons, to promote my books was the initial reason and then I began to really enjoy sharing my ideas, experience, and advice.  This is a place for inspiration if you would like a dose.  It’s also a place to get some new and old ideas on running your home, raising happy children, backyard farming, and finding your hearts happy place.

Who am I?  I am one of those housewives that don an apron often, my backyard is filled with gardens, fruit trees, and hens.  I have chosen a broom over a vacuum and handwashing dishes for a dishwasher.  I do my own baking and cook almost everything from scratch to ensure clean food for my family (and it’s therapy).

We are very unplugged as far as TV and media and I try to avoid the modern world as much as possible.  I search out the most positive news and I love a good cup of coffee, an inspiring idea, and rearranging my furniture for a new look in an old room.  I’m frugal but I spend money on quality, local, and handcrafted items.  We live simply and therefore happily.

My biggest joys are my boys, my home, and the best career I’ve ever had is being a housewife and author.  I am living my dream.  My idea of fun is building my little farm and food forest in my 5,000 square foot backyard and hauling home stacks of library books.  Not to mention building blocks and legos with my sons and hiking forest and fields or exploring new little Gold Mining towns and farms, of which there are many around here.

This blog is mostly about homemaking in sustainable and frugal ways, creating a peaceful life in a hectic world, building an inner spiritual life and choosing a wholesome lifestyle.  I have advice on building a writing career with no money and while raising children.  I share ways to get out of debt and make a household budget and being thrifty but not cheap.  But mostly I encourage a very green and sustainable life.  We are newly vegan/vegetarian and I share all the fun recipes and products I experiment with to make it easy and healthy.

I also found a little 1941 house that was run down and home to squatters and dealers and with plenty of scrubbing, painting, and love we have transformed it into a charming little blue cottage.  It has been my hobby to transform this home for my family.

I hope that you find all the ideas, motivation and inspiration you are looking for on this site.




    • Where do you live? I go to Vacaville near Davis and to Savers. Clean and big and all the rich villagers drop their stuff there. I would also suggest the bay area and nice areas there. Right now Savers is it for me.


  1. I live off Fruitridge Road. Thanks for the information. I’m going to give it a try I need the near future. I too love quality.
    Good luck with your new home. So happy for you and your family.

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    • You are close by! We are in South Natomas right now. We have some great and plentiful thrift stores and Goodwills over here. You just have to be willing to take a day now and then to really sift through the junk to get to the good stuff. I love Savers because it’s so clean, bright and organized. Have fun.


  2. Kate,
    I am so blown away right now by the little I have read in your wonderful book. You my new friend, I truly believe are a gift to me from our ever loving heavenly Father!! I have shared with you already how lonely I have been since moving to this area, and how difficult it has been to meet friends.
    Well, what do you know! After praying for a Christian friend, along comes this perky, fun, inspiring lady named Mrs. Kate Singh and her beautiful little family. Kate,you write about the things I love and that bring me the greatest joy. I have much more to share with you about this, but will do it when we visit this week. I will wrap this up by saying, Praise God for you and may God bless our friendship abundantly. Love Joette

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  3. Hi kate, I have just started reading one of your books called Return of the Old Fashioned Housewife, and I have to say that reading your book, you sound just like me. You do the same things as me, you feel as I do about things. Its uncanny. Its like reading my own book, but I didnt write it. You and I are so similar its scary. I began living the old fashioned life many years ago. I’d had enough of the world and my home became my sanctuary. I love being a keeper at home. My husband and I have 6 kids, all who were home schooled. Home is our whole life. I just wanted to say thank you for your book. I wish we could meet and have tea and cake together, but you live in the USA and I live in Oz. Bye for now. Julie turner xx

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    • First, where is Oz and would I have to click my heels to get home? I wish I had 6 kids but I started too late. Drat! Do you have a blog? I love it when I find a book like that, it’s all there but from another. I really thank you for the support and good words. I wish I could spend time with many of the ladies on here, we have begun wonderful and supportive friendships. I love my work as housewife and mother and I love, love to talk about it. 🙂 Thank you again Julie.


      • Hi Kate, Thank you for your reply. Sorry Oz is a slang word for Australia. I live in West Australia near the coast. I am just beginning a blog, but its not ready yet. I love the way your write about your home and family. Our family was very full on with 5 boys and 1 girl. Because of homeschooling, our children are all really close and care very much for each other. Respect is a big thing in our home too.

        Now they are all mostly grown, the youngest child is 18 and still at home.
        I still love being a housewife too and I have found that grown up children still require so much love and guidance, so I am never far away from my cherubs. They phone me daily, or pop in to see me.
        Now I am a grandmother with 3 lovely grandsons, which is a joy to my heart. God has been so faithful to us.
        May God bring many blessings to you and your family too. Love Jules from the great south land. xx


      • Australia! Well, now I know. I love hearing this because it reaffirms that the way I’m raising my sons will ensure that they are always close to each other and mom and dad. We are a very loving family and the boys are best friends. I want them to always love and adore me as they do now in their little years, I would be heartbroken if they grew up and moved on and forgot their sweet mama.


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