If I were poor…

I don’t mean to get into poverty consciousness, but for some odd reason, I’m almost too fascinated with how to live on very little and still have an amazing existence. I grew up with my mother struggling with money. However, we always had a nice home, I wore a lot of hand me downs but I really loved getting bags of clothes that were new to me. We ate healthy and good food as my mother was a decent cook and knew how to feed us through lean times. I only knew that we had times when money was a … Continue reading If I were poor…

Making the choice to come home.

Many women have written their success stories in coming home and leaving high paying jobs, careers, and even being the main breadwinners. They all said it was worth it in the end and it all worked out. Most of them will say that there is no reason a person cannot return home and make it on one income. I believe this to be true. However, it will take sacrifice, making out budgets and updating them frequently until you have the one that works. This lifestyle will require cutting and trimming over and over until your family is living under one … Continue reading Making the choice to come home.

Is it time to come home?

I’m living the good life right now as I am still in my pj’s and in bed working on my writing with my Pandora playing my favorites, a half caf/decaf, and a husband washing the dishes and cleaning the kitchen. I did make the bed as I’m sort of a stickler about beds made and clean kitchens. The rest of the house is already a mess even after a full day of cleaning and tidying. It’s a small cottage and doesn’t take much to make it look as though a great wind blew through here. I will bath and dress … Continue reading Is it time to come home?

How to keep your position as a homemaker in financially tough times.

I received my book, When The Banks Closed, We Opened Our Hearts yesterday and have had my nose buried in it since. I have ordered another book, We Had Everything But Money as well. I decided to buy these for my personal library after reading one of them from the library. The book had such a life changing impact on my perspective on homemaking and managing our money. These books are filled with history I never learned in school, but should have, and has brought about a feeling of abundance and gratitude for just how wonderful our life is today. … Continue reading How to keep your position as a homemaker in financially tough times.

A day of homemaking.

A few blogs I would love to share with all of you, although most of you may already enjoy them: http://strangersandpilgrimsonearth.blogspot.com/ http://gdonna.com/ https://down—to—earth.blogspot.com/ https://thelegacyofhome.blogspot.com/ http://conniehultquist.blogspot.com/ These blogs and the writings of Connie Hultquist and Mrs. Sharon White always bring me back to the basics and joys of homemaking. They are devoted homemakers with a real love of tending to the family and hearth. They also have very strong spiritual practices that keep them in balance and in gratitude. I have been working too hard on my channel and writing books and it has caused a severe imbalance that has caused … Continue reading A day of homemaking.

What is frugal? What we can learn from the Depression Era.

A while back my husband asked that I be more careful with the money. I laughed heartily. You see, we are on one small income and we live in Northern California. I want to make this real clear. The land of million dollar homes and high taxes. We live in a small old cottage that I found and bid on with a tiny loan during 2017’s skyrocketing housing market and I feed, cloth, and make do with around $2,000 a month. I don’t mean to get so personal and transparent but what do I have to hide? Our wealth? Hahahaha…eh … Continue reading What is frugal? What we can learn from the Depression Era.

Make it, Bake it, Sew it, or Grow it.

I was so inspired by We Had Everything But Money, a collection of stories from the depression, that I have begun to look at our lifestyle in a new and appreciative way. Creating a life that is simple and sustainable, mixing a little old fashioned with modern, and finding ways to make most of our needs right at home. My baking and gardening has taken off and I brought the sewing machine in from the garage. It is only the beginning of finding ways to save money and stop spending. This book is now on Amazon and will be free … Continue reading Make it, Bake it, Sew it, or Grow it.