From sad to glad in 60 minutes.

I have been unusually tired lately and my spouse and I have bickered about the household budget (which we never do so this sucks).  I had to redo the budget and, the good news, it’s fabulous now and I’m back on the road to frugal living.  The bad news is that I had to give up 3 of my places that I donate to.  It’s not like I’m keeping these places running with my paltry amount but it still made me sad.  I can’t do any volunteer work right now because of Bali’s work schedule and the littlest one’s attachment, … Continue reading From sad to glad in 60 minutes.

The hard way or the easy way.

Ah, fall is in the beginning stages that promise some good rains to wash away a long, hot, dusty summer and bring with it all the fun holidays and family gatherings.  I’m sitting at my famous and beloved kitchen table sipping coffee, of course, and watching the winds whip up the trees.  We had a teaser rain this morning and the skies are grey.  This is the hard part, the waiting for a real rain and getting just enough sprinkles to decorate the top of dusty cars. But that isn’t why I’m writing today, that’s just me being distracted easily. … Continue reading The hard way or the easy way.