Shut down mainstream media and feel your sanity and joy return.


You don’t have to run off to the Himalaya’s and live in a cave to find God…or peace of mind.  Why, you can do it right there in your home, right here in your life!

Let me tell you a little story:  Once upon a time I had my first child and something happened to me.  I had this huge shift and suddenly my heart opened wide and I cried for the world and all the humans out there hurting, starving, the planet and all it’s woes, global warming, war, disease, shootings, stabbings, more war, hate, pollution, corrupt governments (and not just ours), and abused animals.  I cried and cried and worried and fretted and worked my worry beads into frayed bits.

Then I stopped watching the news, switched to an antenna and started watching those old westerns with John Wayne.  I got off Facebook (I post my blogs there but I never read through the newsreels, I’m sure I’ve pissed a lot of people off with my lack of “likes”), I even stopped listening to the radio.  I only listen to Pandora online because I can create my music and there are no commercials or news breaks.  I definitely stopped reading magazines and articles on issues.  Whew, that was better.

I started exploring things like Good News, Positive News, and other sources that were filled with great news.  And guess what?  There is a lot out there but you have to search for it because that damn #$%&!@$ mainstream news with its toxic poison is what sells and owns all the channels and stations right now.  That is until we wake up as a mass consciousness and say, “Enough is enough!”

If you want the links to all this great news, find my blog “To those who think the world has gone to hell in a handbasket”.  I put a stack of great links in there.

I created this little world and it was so happy and I felt alive and cheerful most days.  I also found that living in a city was a bit much for me so I shopped at quiet times and took the kids to the playground in the early hours before all the madness.  I keep my calender pretty clear and I am picky about who we spend time with and where we go.  Why not tailor a world that fits you and your family?

So, recently I started getting back into the news when we had our big and wet, wonderful winter.  It was all weather and snow and floods and so I enjoyed it.  Then it turned ugly again and I could feel myself getting a bit depressed and fearful.  When you cut yourself off from the mainstream for even a few months and then reenter it is a shock to the system.  We become so desensitized that, although the damage is still taking place, we don’t feel it much.  Well, we do but it comes in the form of overeating, not sleeping, needed 3 drinks in the evening to “wind down”.

I’m no goody two shoes but I am older now and have babies and I like good wholesome fun and entertainment.  I also find that what I watch, listen to, and take into my mind affects me profoundly on a deep level.  It affects my moods and will decide if I live in a gray cloud or a beam of joyous sunlight.  The people around me affect me deeply also.  I wish I was made of iron and was detached as all get out.  But I’m not.  I have children now and I have become a regular crier among other things.

All that media is disconnecting us as a brother/sisterhood.  Parts of media connects us in global ways and is helping to make great changes now that we can all reach out and communicate across the globe.  Part of the plugging in constantly is creating isolation and an inability to socialize.

I see it with my boys.  They are so into playing and being with me and together, then I plug them into the computer and suddenly I don’t exist.  It made me think about this day and age and how everyone is looking down at their iPhones scanning and scanning FaceBook or Twitter or what not and they are completely checked out of where they are at present.

I watched Tootsie last night.  Great comedy with Duston Hoffman from 1982.  I was watching a party scene and was remembering that time when no one had laptops or even computers.  Cell phones were not even on the radar.  Of course it was a movie, however, everyone was chatting and engaged.  Now, you don’t even see a family go to dinner without someone on a phone or iPad.  It’s almost as if parents can’t take the mere noise or liveliness of a child anymore.

Now, on a positive note, I do think this is something that many people, even millennials are becoming aware of and trying to ease up on the cell phones and such.  I’m seeing a bit less of this and people are beginning to engage more at restaurants and parties.  Perhaps the thrill of it is fading or people are starting to realize how really silly and boring it all is after awhile.  Only the hardcore addicted or shy ones still remain glued to the tiny screen and scanning to here and Timbucktoo.  It’s ridiculous to be out with friends and to be so busy checking your facebook to see what people are doing who aren’t even with you at the moment.    It’s ridiculous to take pictures of your ever meal and to post what you said to your husband or wife every five minutes.  Tell your wife you love her and spare the rest of us the sentiment.  Do people really not get how silly it is when they post declarations of their feelings on Facebook that really should have been a sweet and private moment between to people?  Maybe I’m not getting it because I come from a time when you had to find a payphone if you were late to dinner.  I had my first computer experience in high school and it was some weird box with some mathematical riddle I had to enter along with letters and control buttons.  It didn’t go well.

As for what is happening politically and environmentally? I’m not ignorant to what is going on out there, I’ve just decided to pick and choose the items I want to fill my world with.  I don’t know how long I have on this Earth and I can only help in so many ways.  I do my part both in my home, with my money, and charity work globally and locally.  I’m aware of the comedy of errors in our government and system and I’m too aware of the suffering of others.

But there is a way to do our part, be extremely helpful and also be happy.  We can be sustainable in our household, in the ways we live, play and work.  We can volunteer, do mission work, donate, and support good causes.  We can be an example of love and goodness.  And then we can stay away from news, Facebook, Twitter, and all that nonsense.  We can sign up for all the Good News and Positive News sites and feeds if we must have something.  That way we began to see the world in a whole new way and we begin to have great hope and faith.

I have even gone as far as to move back to a smaller town.  Partly because it’s all we could afford and mostly because I can’t take being crowded in by so many people and all this unnatural cement and housing.  I need a balance of in town living and nature right down the street…or a farm.

My husband’s cell phone goes off all the time with this buzzing.  I asked him what the heck is that all about?  He said it was notifying him of email or notifications.  Rediculous!  I will be honest in that I find it absolutely ridiculous beyond ridiculous that a person has the cell phone tell them everytime someone farts on Facebook or they get an email.  Where the heck is the peace for crying out loud?

Do what you want but then don’t be confused as to why you can’t sleep, why you’re constantly stressed and anxious.  Don’t be surprised when your drinking starts to increase.  You are over stimulated by sounds, colors, media feeds, world drama, misery, rays coming from computers and phones.  It’s beyond toxic and there will be no peace and rest until a person puts that phone away…far away…farther…in the cupboard.  There you go.  Now, shut down the computer, Facebook, twitter, and the news.  Ahhhh, isn’t that nice?  What’s that noise?  That would be a bird in your yard, yes, been a long time I know.



Time for more challenges. Let’s lose weight and save money!


I did a self-created 40 day challenge a while back.  Made all kinds of goals and came out a winner times 10!  I find that short-term and intense challenges are the magic bullet for getting and staying motivated.  We get so amped up for a goal and then we plod along like a horse and buggy on a Sunday drive and get bored from the beginning.  But if you charge into the goal and immerse yourself mind, body, and soul and you make huge changes from the start…you just might reach the finish line.

We like seeing big results and fast don’t we?  I do.  I’ve been setting some challenges here and there and it improved my health and family life but it was the last one that I set for 40 days for the fun of it that resulted in huge changes.  I made changes to the way we eat, save money, we purchased a fixer upper, I got into the habit of exercising daily, and many other things.  I wrote about it.  I won’t bore those of you that read it already.

The last couple months have been consumed with buying a new home, scrubbing, painting, renovating, packing, moving, more cleaning, unpacking, more renovating…

We are still at it.  Just washed the windows the other evening and as the morning sun hit the glass this morning I see that I did a less than decent job.  In my defense, these windows probably haven’t been washed in years and years and so I just smeared the dirt around in pretty swirls.  I have a back door to paint and the old wood floors that need a little work.  I have a big garden bed planted but need to get the other one filled and planted.  Oh, and I need a clothes line.  Other than that I have actually had time to start writing and thinking again.

I’m inspired to start a few challenges for the next 3 months.  I’m choosing a bit longer for a challenge this time because the few things I want to accomplish, along with a few little things, will take about that much time to really get some results.

I would like to lose 30 pounds of this jiggly jelly (because jam don’t shake like that).  I have no delusions of a bikini body, nor do I care.  I have a husband that is pleased with my plump form and I’ve grown two babies in this sturdy body and nursed them both at my bosom.  I just want to feel a bit lighter and have less weight on my frame.  I have gained some weight with all the drive thru we ate while moving and working on this place and I have crossed that line of comfortably plump and having to wear my spouse’s jeans.

The other project I’d like to work on is the budget.  I have encouraged Bali to take two days off a week.  He has been working 6 days a week and 60 to 70 hours for years and years.  We miss him and I feel like I’m raising a family alone.  To my surprise, he changed his schedule the minute we moved into this house.  I’m thrilled and it also means that we have $700 less coming in so a new and tight budget is in order.

I have one last project.  My fictional books.  I’m really lagging but as of yesterday and a day of much needed rest, I feel reinspired and am back at it.  I have called my friend and editor and promise a rough draft next week just to keep me on task.

So, to sum it up: start losing weight and getting stronger.  Create a working budget and get back into a frugal mode and grocery envelopes.  To produce at least one fictional book this summer.

How will I achieve these goals?

For the diet, I find that a low carb way with tons of veggies, protein and fat works best.  I can’t stand recording, weighing, counting, or thinking about the diet.  I need to eat when I’m hungry and feel satisfied.  I’m very active, still nursing, exercising, walking everywhere…I get HUNGRY!  I can’t lose weight with sugar or starch or flour.  Just can’t.  So, I have to get into a mode of commitment to not having it at all.  It’s an addiction and just like with all addictions, you have to set your mind, commit and never look back, never cheat, just keep looking forward at the goal.  Eye on the prize.

I love to exercise and if that was where the 80% success came I’d be thin as a rail.  I already do half an hour on the tread climber daily and every other day I do a weight strengthening routine from head to toe.  I haven’t in weeks due to moving but I got on the tread climber yesterday and today so we are back!

I already wrote up a complete budget and cut out all the extras such as Netflix, Pureflix, and I reduced some of my donations.  I won’t give up my donations but I cut some in half.  I also cut out an insurance that was really just a rip-off and I got talked into.  We have all sorts of the important insurances already.  My internet, phone, cell…they are all reduced to the minimum and my cable is in a contract.  Besides, I couldn’t get the antennae to work and we have to have some TV.  I’m a little scared of the next water bill, that will need some improving I know.

I’ve started back on my book and I will work each morning with my coffee.  I try to put in a couple hours of just devoted work.  I have also set a date for completion to put the pressure on.  Writing with some pressure is good, less time to think and criticise my work.



Stress. It lurks in the daylight. How to create a life of peace.


Recently we purchased a home and moved.  It required a lot of work and, though I had moved hundreds of times before, this move seemed the longest, most grueling and hard.  We had far less stuff to move this time since we had downsized considerably over the years and I’m into decluttering and being organized.  It was our first home and the thrill of that should have filled me with energy but instead, I was so wiped out through it all that I dragged myself through all my work as slow as a slug.  I usually have so much energy and pep, I’m the queen of multi-tasking, a roosterette up before the neighbor’s rooster, stronger and more driven than some women half my age.  What happened?

Then after our move, I did get more energy and started working from sun up to sun down with all our gardening and planting trees, scrubbing and decorating.  But then one evening I was sitting on the front porch steps repotting geraniums and I started to feel like I was having a stroke (not really but the only description I have).  I stood and stretched, I walked about, I lay on the bed and did some breathing.  I got worried enough to think about a drive to the hospital.  But first I needed to bath.  Well, I smelled like manure and fish emulsion.  I do have my pride even during a stroke.  I got on the web for info on what did a stroke or heart attack feel like and all I got out of my research was to drink a glass of water.  I did and lived to write this blog.  Turns out I had esophageal spasms.

The next day I decided to celebrate my survival and our house and have a bar b q with friends to christen the place.  I also decided to finish my garden beds.  My husband was on FaceTime with family in India showing off the house and when I started to chase the boys around pretending to be a TRex, he started filming that.  But then I bent down to get a ball and my back went out.  I wound up rolling about on the driveway for all of India to see until I shouted at my husband to get off the phone.  I had to roll myself into the shade so I wouldn’t fry on the pavement.  After 5 visits to my new and fabulous Chiropractor, I am back to being busy.

Then the other day my littlest came down with a stomach bug and threw up for a few days.  I thought I came down with the same thing the fourth day when I found I couldn’t rise from the bed all day.  I felt like I had eaten a terrible meal and I was so exhausted that I slept or drifted in and out of being awake all day and night with a grannie blanket on me despite the 93-degree weather.  I never threw up and the next day I woke up with all my old energy and pizzaz returned!

What was going on?  I found this great book in my cupboard.  A friend had some old books that she gave me and I took it thinking I’d never read it and now I can’t wait to get on the treadmill to educate myself on this topic of stress.

It turns out that even wonderful things can cause stress and after a while of good life changes or hard ones and that constant stress, our hormones become a mess and we grow listless and exhausted or start having ailments abound.

I’ve had a ton of change, huge change in the last 8 years.  All great but stressful and completely unlike the first 38 years of my life.  The first 38 years were hard due to a rough childhood with a mentally ill and alcoholic mother and then my own self-created hell with self-esteem issues and my addictions and poor choices.

Then my life did a 180 and I got sober, cleaned up my life completely, married a kind and patient man who refused drama to be a part of our household, rescued two dogs, got rid of three cats, had two sons, moved 4 times, bought our first home, took in a new cat, became a housewife after years of working 2 jobs at the same time, started a writing career, recently started a new diet and exercise regime….not all in that order but you see what’s happening here.  I was exhausted with a capital E.  When we moved in here my brain and body said, “we are done, lady!  This has been a crazy 8 years for the love of the Lord!!  Give us a break will you?!”

So, what causes stress?

  • moving, new town, first time home purchase.
  • marriage/divorce
  • new child.  A child leaving the nest.
  • career or job change.
  • going back to college.
  • being fired, laid off.
  • not enough money/debt.
  • addictions/sobriety
  • poor diet.  Not enough exercise.
  • family relations.
  • bad marriage.
  • bad job.

The list goes on.  The good, the bad.  Basically, change and fear, poor habits, not enough sleep or working in a job that is too demanding or you just despise.

What can be done about all this stress?

  • changing our attitude and mindset around life, work, family.
  • changing what we can.
  • taking up a daily exercise.
  • eating healthy and nutritious food.
  • stay away from sugar and processed food.
  • be sober, get sober, stay sober.  Drugs, booze leads to misery, poverty, depression, and poor health.
  • find a spiritual practice.
  • unplug from all the media, Iphones, FaceBook, and Twitter.
  • be out in nature.
  • take up meditation.
  • journal.
  • get involved in a community activity that is fun and you make healthy friends.
  • volunteering.  Helping others takes us out of our misery.
  • listen to upbeat and positive music.
  • read positive and inspiring books.
  • watch positive and inspiring movies.
  • re-brainwash yourself to think joyful, positive, and upbeat thoughts.
  • build a relationship with God.  He will give you all the support and provision you will ever need.
  • take up hobbies such as knitting, painting, things that you focus and create.
  • garden.
  • change your job.
  • go back to school.
  • quit the job and become a housewife or stay at home mother.
  • follow your heart and dreams.
  • simplify your life.
  • don’t worry about the world.  God has it all figured out.  Do what you can and go on and enjoy your world.

I have taken it down a few notches with the military style work mode.  I sleep in a bit with my children.  I am back to work on my fictional books that have been waiting patiently for me to finish their stories.  I color with my 3 year old and I am adding hours of play, reading, and fun to the day.  Life is too short and I have to be reminded of this.

I grew up without a childhood and work was rewarded and play was reprimanded.  It wasn’t approved of to laugh too much or have fun.  I’m relearning my life, that I don’t have to have these work and cleaning schedules, that I live in a world where play is a must.  I am playing with more legos and I have grown up coloring books that I purchased at the crafts store with some vibrant pens.  I just ordered a pile of Amish fiction that I haven’t read in years.  I’m on that tread climber daily again and doing body strengthening for my back.  I have the treadmill in our detached garage out back and with the door open I can read and watch the boys play outside.  I love that time.  Ah, I can breathe again.  The floors can wait, it’s ok to have some dishes in the sink during the day…


Poor man’s diet.


Recently I turned our family diet toward a more Paleo lifestyle.  I did all kinds of research and reading as I always do before taking on a new venture.  Paleo seemed like a great way to eat for better health and years ago I had been put on this diet to clear up some health issues.  My acupuncturist put me on the diet before it became so popular.  It cleared up my issues in a short amount of time.

Today, my only issue is being 30 to 40 lbs beyond a balanced weight.  I had some unclear skin and I have a sweet tooth out of control.  I began on this way of eating and the skin did clear up and the sugar cravings diminished.  But I also have been in a foul mood for weeks and I haven’t lost an ounce of weight even with all the exercise and nursing.  Perhaps I am not eating enough or I’m just getting to that age where it will take an act of God to lose the weight.  I have a wonderful metabolism where I don’t gain any weight and I don’t lose either.

I am feeling restricted and I swore with the pregnancy of my first son that I would never, ever be so cruel to put myself on a restricted diet again after experiencing how great life was without a diet to follow.  Diets are just ways to abuse and torture yourself and then really f–k up your self-esteem because you will fail…eventually.  There are even articles on how the body fights dieting and will do what it can to put the weight back on.  Only a tiny percentage of individuals succeed.  You have to change eating habits long term…as in forever.  You have to find a way to eat that you love and can do to the day you die!  Get it?

I’m not loving the Paleo.  I thought I was just getting us healthier but I feel angry and I want to yell at my kids and kick the cat when she meows at me at 5 AM with that demanding way she has.  I feel like my kitchen has died and gone cold.  Meat and vegetables are on the menu morning, noon, and night.  I am thinking vegetarian is looking good again.  At least as a vegetarian, you can cook again.

My kitchen used to be filled with the smells of baking and simmering.  There were soups stewing on the back burner and a couple loaves of homemade bread in the oven.  Once a week I made veggie pizzas from scratch and on these rainy days, I made delicious and hot casseroles.  I made fat burritos and baked vegan cakes as a treat.  The kitchen was warm and cozy, filled with children playing at my feet as I chopped and diced and sauteed.  There were big mason jars filled with flour and nuts.  Now I just steam some vegetables and reheat chicken from the day before and we call it a day.

I want to have great skin and I would love to be slim and fit.  I just am not willing to go to extremes and sacrifice the warmth and nurturing my family gets from my cooking.  We are healthy in our eating and we do exercise every day.  I don’t loose weight and I don’t know if I’ll ever figure it out but I can’t diet.  It is a depressing world for me.

There is nothing like cooking from scratch.  To play music and work in the kitchen kneading dough, blending almonds for milk, sauteing tomatoes for a sauce.  It is heaven.

When I was a kid, before the body obsession and millions of attempted diets that just got me fatter, I was slim.  I didn’t have an issue.  I had 10 lbs to cushion me and thought that was not ok.  I found a photo of me as a kid the other day and I was shocked to see that I was very slim.  I had a perfect body.  Why did I ever think I had to lose weight?  Partly my vain mother and eventually I did get chubby when I discovered smoking pot and candy.  The sugar and pot did not have good effects on the body or my skin.

I thought about how we ate in my childhood home.  We lived in the mountains far from a decent sized town and we were very poor.  We ate simply.  We ate well and my mother loved to cook and eat also.  She always had a pot of something brewing and stewing on the stove.  We ate a lot of brown rice and beans, pot roasts with lots of cabbage, potatoes, and carrots.  We at bananas, oranges, and apples because the fancy fruit was too expensive and there were no mangoes or grapes at our tiny corner market.  We had to eat what was cheap and available.  We ate bread, but whole grain and not a lot.  There was a big garden, an apple tree, and chickens for our eggs, meat, veggies and fruit.  Milk was a luxury and I was allowed one sweet treat on Saturdays along with Sunday pancakes at the local diner once in a while.

We didn’t do convenience foods and packaged foods because that was an unwise way to spend what little money we had.   We didn’t have money for junk food or soda. We drank water.  We cooked from scratch and cooked in ways that stretched meals, such as using lots of potatoes and rice and beans.

We were very slim and healthy.  It was when I started buying greasy fries and bags of candy on my lunches off campus in high school that I started getting the acne and getting chubby.  It was the extreme diets that led to more and more weight gain.

I think about all this as I think about yesterday when I gorged myself on the dollar menu at Taco Bell and ate stale candy after doing some house hunting in undesirable towns and getting frustrated and feeling tired of chicken and being hungry.

Going on special diets is also expensive.  I can’t keep us on a frugal budget with this way of eating.  When I cooked freely we ate well and for half the cost.  I had also slimmed down naturally with the first baby.  I didn’t exercise like crazy and I didn’t diet.  I did stay away from dairy and sugar because I was nursing and I walked daily because we lived in a town that I could walk to the store, to my husband’s shop, and to visit friends.  I cooked all sorts of foods from scratch.  We never ate fast food or went out to eat.  I did not eat junk food.  I treated myself to chocolate in the evenings when I was running a daycare.  It was my equivalent to a glass of wine to unwind.  I was at peace and the weight came off within the year.  With the second baby I started my old dieting behavior and have lost and gained the same 10 lbs.  Lesson learned.

So, we will go back to our old way.  Being poor and on a budget can be the healthiest thing for your family if you know how to be healthy and smart with the grocery money.  I will go back to my own advice.

Budgeting and being Green.


Some of you are on very tight budgets.  You may be one income families or on fixed incomes.  You may even be a student.  So, how do you afford organics and go green on a budget?  Good news!  It’s more affordable than ever to buy organics because it’s so popular that even the big box stores such as Walmart and Target, FoodMax and Winco are getting up to speed and have created organic sections in their stores and made the organics very reasonable.  In some ways going green and getting healthy can be less expensive and even free!

Here are some great ideas for all those shoe string budgets.

  • Make your own cleaning products and laundry detergent.  It cost many dollars less than the premade.  Homemade laundry detergent is super easy to make and cost a couple bucks as opposed to the $15 for the chemical laden.  The eco-friendly laundry detergents can be just as or more expensive.
  • For homemade cleaning products that are non-toxic and work great,  you just need dish soap, white vinegar, and lemons.  There are some other ingredients and you can find all the recipes for laundry detergent, household cleaners and even homemade makeup in my book, Queen Housewife, on amazon for .99 cents.
  • Shop organic at stores like Winco and Foodmax.  They also have free range eggs and some hormone free meats.  A lot of these stores now have a big vegetarian and vegan selection.  Isn’t that great!
  • Find all the discounts out at your local health food store.  You can become a member and get discounts, buy in bulk for huge savings and even volunteer work hours in exchange for savings.  For example: for every six hours I bag groceries I get 10% off.  I can apply that to bulk orders and save another 15% making it 25% altogether.  We also have one day a week when there is 10% off and every day there is a box of reduced fruits and veggies on the way to spoil.  I freeze that stuff for smoothies and cooking.
  • If you live in town, think about parking the car and taking the bike or seeing how many stores are within walking distance.  If you live in a bustling, full town, you could actually go without a car (unless you have children, well, and then you could too if you had to).  There are buses and cabs and bike trails and walking a few miles is great exercise.
  • Bringing your own reusable bag to the store is free.
  • Put a filter on your faucet and enjoy clean and FREE water.  You will also reduce the use of plastic bottles.  Use your own reusable bottle.
  • A vegetarian and vegan diet is much less expensive if you don’t load up the cart with vegan junk food and processed vegetarian meat alternatives (we like our alternatives, unfortunately).
  • Make the bulk of your diet brown rice, sweet potatoes (loaded with vitamins), beans, and fruits and vegetables only in season.
  • Buying clothes and household items at thrift stores or yard sales is very inexpensive and you are practicing the art of recycling and reusing.
  • Go to your local farmer’s markets to get reduced produce and support local farmers.  It’s also fun shopping outdoors.  Very European!

Going green and organic and making a healthy lifestyle is fun and easy.  You will save lot’s of money and be doing your part environmentally without any effort.  The more green we go in my family, the more vibrant our health and energy level is increasing.  We love walking everywhere (except in the heat) and we save hundreds on not using gas or buying a bunch of junk.  Just by drinking ice water instead of juice, milk, beer, and soda, we are saving a bundle and improving our health.  Have fun with it and get more ideas on the internet.  Go to my website: to find books that may help you in saving money and running a home.

Check out my books on amazon:




.99 cents to a new life.


Here comes New Years and a boat load of lists on what we hope to accomplish, changes we would like to make to improve our well-being and life.  We all know the old saying, “you reap what you sow.”  The choices we make this very day will have a ripple effect on into the future.  Some of us will actually make some positive changes and stick with them.  Some of us will only dream.  Some decisions we make or actions may only take a few minutes but may cause huge and detrimental effects for years to come.  Scary to think about isn’t it?

On the other side of that, some choices we make today will have amazing results in the years to come.  For example; getting sober, choosing to take up walking daily, going vegan or paleo for health reasons, consulting a credit counselor to tackle the debt…all these will improve your future.

I have done it all.  I got myself in debt over night (it seemed) and paid every penny back by working hard to get out of debt for years.  I wasted years partying and having bad habits and then cleaned up my act.  I’m much healthier than I have ever been after years of being a junk food junky.  I have turned myself inside out and healed on deep levels to go from depressed with a sad life to happy, cheerful, and having a full life.  I have learned how to make my desires come to fruition and I have gone from atheist to a spiritual quest.

I have done years of research, studying, reading, searching.  I have reinvented myself time and time again.  My life today is nothing like it was even 10 years ago.  I have overcome addictions, depression, a rotten childhood, and my own self-sabotage.

Today my life is wholesome and family oriented.  It is filled with goodness.

Last summer I was driven and inspired to write several books filled with how to’s and motivation on everything from getting sober, getting out of debt, to homemaking, and going on your own spiritual journey to remake your life anew.

I love these books because they are written in the way I wished I had found some advice books when I was searching for help and guidance.  I had to search high and low and piece together my own routines and methods toward a better life.

Homemaking and budgeting are two of my favorite topics being that it is my life today.  Years ago I wrote a book on sobriety and how to get through the first year.  I also have covered topics along the path of finding joy in everyday life.

I loved writing these books.  I was motivated to help others live good lives and to learn how to start right where they are with what they have.  I wanted to write books that skipped the blah, blah, blah that fills up so many pages and gets right to the good stuff.  I wanted my books to get a person so excited about reinventing themselves or recreating their homes that they would brew that coffee and get started the minute they finished reading the last chapter.

I had all my books at less than a latte (except one), however, one of my friends said to me the other day, “these books sound like what so many people need but can’t afford to buy.”  I realize that this may be true and that many people are in fear right now with a new president, foreshadowings of markets crashing and bubbles bursting.  People are nervous about money and so many need the help and guidance.  So many people need to re-learn simplicity, frugality, and a thrifty lifestyle.

I went into my books last night and reduced all of them, except one, down to .99 cents.  I also give away ebooks all the time and there is plenty of tried and true advice on my blog.

Here is my amazon link for my author’s site listing all of my books.  I hope that there is something there for all who look and a hope to inspire and motivate everyone!

Queen of Penny Pinching: Living a Royal, Spiritual and Joyful LIfe on Pennies by [Singh, Kate]The Funky and Frugal Housewife: Making a Good Family Life on Very Little by [Singh, Mrs. Kate]The Joy and Work of Manifesting a Good Life: Remaking Your Life Through Manifesting by [Singh, Kate]

A Brand New Life: Healing Yourself by [Singh, Kate]Queen Housewife: A Guide For The New Housewife by [Singh, Kate]


Starting over right here and now…or starting tomorrow.


What do we do when we wake up one day and realize that this is not the life we had dreamed of?  That we are miserable, tired…no, exhausted, and we feel lost beyond lost?  I went through this 10 years ago.  I had a quiet breakdown.  It wasn’t the dramatic nervous breakdown where you sit crouched in a corner rocking back and forth chanting some odd word over and over.  I just slowly unraveled and kept sliding more into drinking in my rented room at night while watching TV, crying after work, running on the hamster wheel without any life to me.  I was becoming more tired each day and one day I just gave it all up.  I gave my notice at work and then wound up walking away days before the time was up.  I gave notice to my roommate and I moved off to another town.  For months I cleaned houses to make a little gas and grocery money while I looked for an office job.  I had lost my mind a bit and I was starting over.  It was the best thing that ever happened to me.

I loved the house cleaning.  I could work alone and think.  I wanted to be alone and think and scrub.  When I was done I had put someone’s filthy sty into a sparkly clean and orderly way and I had worked through cleaning some of my emotional filth.  I thought of how the Tibetan Monks spend hours washing floors and meditating.  There is something about cleaning and working through your minds muck.  It was the beginning of some huge healing work.

I went on to get rid of all my bad habits such as drinking, pot smoking, and cigarettes.  I cleaned up my diet and began to take classes through the Center for Spiritual Living.  I took months of classes on meditation, prayer, and self-reflection.  I then traveled up North to be with my mother when she passed away.  That was the biggest healing of them all and truly when I knew that God is there through all things if you just ask.

Today my life is very different.  I sit here at my kitchen table with my coffee at 4:ish in the morning working on my blogs and our household budget.  I have two beautiful and wise boys sleeping in our bed, a dog laying at my feet and the other dog in his bed in our bedroom sleeping.  The cat is just sitting on the chair next to me purring her approval of my early hours and productivity.  She just stares at me with love.  All my animals are rescues so they reside always in gratitude.  I’m a rescue myself and know that feeling.  My husband is my hero.  He saw someone that had been hurt so many times that she had a tough exterior up around her.  When we were dating he said he wanted to be the one to heal my heart and help me to trust again.  He had no idea what he was in for.  It’s been a journey and I often wonder what he did in a past life to have such karma.

When life gets good we forget about God and doing a daily work on our spiritual selves.  Every day there should be some time set aside for being with Spirit and time for exercise.  I have had a good life the last 8 years and it keeps getting better, however, I started to neglect my inner and spiritual work.  I forgot to have God first because God is all things and with us at all times.  We need that guidance in all ways of our lives so we can lead good lives that are balanced, wholesome, happy.  I truly believe that without a spiritual life it is near impossible to thrive.  I also believe that if we are caught up in the bondage of bad habits and addictions we cannot succeed.  we will never know true happiness and health.

Wholesome is wholesome and there is no inbetween or “sort of” “kind of” “most of the time”.  If you want to  have a rich life, and by rich I don’t mean just money but rich in health, good friends, a good life all the way around, you must overcome the things that hold you back.  Only you know what those things truly are.  Only you know what is really keeping you up at night.

Fix it.  Life is short.  Life can be SO good, so full, so abundant.  Drinking and poo pooing God and the spiritual ones does nothing but bring a person down.  Being negative, even over little things, will destroy any joy for you and those around you.

Make a commitment to change your life in great ways.  Decide that when you wake up tomorrow you will begin a journey to become whole, healed, happy, and thrive.  Get all the help you may need.  Don’t be ashamed, afraid, and do not do any journey alone.  You need support, guidance from those that have gone before you.  You need people to show you which way and how to get there from where you are.  You need to be loved by others until you know how to truly love yourself.

Toward the end of my days of my old life, I was not a hardcore drinker or smoker.  I had slowed way down and I had a strong spiritual life and deep healing work accomplished.  I still had to dive into the AA fellowship for over a year.  I immersed myself.  I did all the Steps and work, had the sponsor, attended all the sober events, parties, potlucks, and bar b q’s.  I recreated my whole life so that I could never go back to the old and it was a good thing that I did because after a year of hard work I woke up one day and wanted the old life back something fierce.  I would have gone back to my old ways and habits…but I couldn’t. I had severed all ties to friends and things that were of the old.  It was a huge blessing because the moment passed after a few weeks and I was so very grateful.  Now it’s been 8 years and I have built and been blessed with a good marriage, motherhood, being able to stay home and be a housewife, a writing career, quality relationships.  I have no desire to practice old habits.

Do I do AA now?  No, I did it intensely for over a year and now I do other things.  I have had a few times in those 8 years that I smoked pot but I would never go back to that as a lifestyle.  I have so much that I’m really into that I don’t have time to be stoned.  However, what I did notice was how irritable and a bit depressed I was the next day and it just reaffirmed that even something like pot does alter the mood and sanity of a person.  It’s just easier to give it all up and live completely clear.

I was getting into some moods a few months ago and I realized I had neglected my mind and spirit.  I started studying Tony Robbins which led me to the 10 Mind Fast and then that led me to this intense program that I have created for myself once I realized how negative my thinking really was.  As with all life changes I, personally, feel that the best way to conquer and overcome is to completely immerse oneself in a new life.

For example; I realized that my thinking is pretty negative and filled with worry, judgment, and opinions (of things that are none of my business).  I now focus day and night on my thinking and detoxing the old, filling in the new.  I get the new from books, programs, documentaries, spiritual teachings, Gospel music, great teachers, the Bible, positive movies.  I have changed my diet getting rid of all the sugar because I’m addicted to that and it affects my moods and health.  I exercise daily because if I don’t that affects my moods.  I continue to declutter, organize, clean, and decorate my home and back yard so that it is a place of comfort, beauty, and peace.  I find ways to bring fun and joy into my families life.  I keep working toward improving all parts of my life and this, in turn improves my sons and husbands life (the dogs and cat too).  I practice the art of giving, giving money, time, stuff, love…

Right now I’m really hungry for all that is spiritual.  I miss my connection to God and my spiritual guides.  I watch and read, not just Christian, but all things spiritual or soul inspiring, mind healing, life building.  My joy is blossoming and I see it reflected on the outside.  I wasn’t selling any paperback books and my husband had taken over the building up and management of an abandoned gas station.  At first, he did not recieve a raise.  He worked tirelessly and was given free gas as an increase.  Which was fine.  Since I started working on my peace of mind and happiness, taking better care of him, the home, my whole family…he has recieved a good sized raise and my books are selling daily.

Coincidence?  No, there are no coincidence.  As the mind gets whole and fills with light, the outside life comes together also.

For my books on healing and sobriety…or just running a home and getting out of debt, you’ll find me on amazon.

Queen of Sober: Getting Through the First Year by [Singh, Kate]

Many Blessings!