Finding an extremely healthy lifestyle in a tiny budget.

Recently we have had some budgeting changes. And it wasn’t a budget increase for our little home. The gas station sold and a new King arrived with tighter purse strings. It didn’t help that the city began rebuilding the whole bridge right in front of the station. The king is worried and laments to Bali often. Oh, well, we have been here before and we are prepared. The paychecks are a bit smaller and there is the question of whether this new owner will keep the highest paid servant or not. Fortunately, many of our household entertainment such as the … Continue reading Finding an extremely healthy lifestyle in a tiny budget.

Coffee with Kate.

Please join me on my YouTube Channel.  I love it over there and post almost daily with everything on frugal living, weight loss, being vegan, zero spending months, homemaking, homeschooling, anything to do with home economics, cooking, cleaning, being a housewife and writer, parenting, and spiritual food for the soul. Here is a video from the other day. Continue reading Coffee with Kate.

Loving your life and the path that leads to happiness.

  Ah, the birds are tweeting and doing their mating dances, my kitchen garden is beginning to sprout, the days are warm enough to have all the doors and windows wide open to fill the house with fresh air and warm sunshine. Last year we won this house in a bid and had keys in hand by April 12th.  We began cleaning, whacking at dead vines and branches, mowing years of weeds, and dealing with outdoor roach infestations.  The yard had old locks and keys buried from the Banks failed attempts at keeping out squatters, broken glass, and other odd … Continue reading Loving your life and the path that leads to happiness.

When You Relax into life.

  Life is good and improving vastly as the days go by.  I have had some epiphanies lately and each one has led to a transformation of consciousness and parts of my life. The first moment came when I was falling apart and realized I had to change my health.  Dieting is not a solution but food is medicine.  Thus I am vegan today and loving it.  It’s been months of trying new recipes, cutting out this, trying that, watching vegan chefs on YouTube, figuring out why the weight wasn’t coming off and overcoming myself in order to succeed.  I’m not … Continue reading When You Relax into life.

Staying inspired to accomplish your New Years goals.

……………………….   We are well into the New Year and by the time this post, many will have fallen off the New Years Resolution wagon.  I used to be one of those many. But then I learned the art of setting and achieving goals.  I am learning the art of manifesting realistically. The trick is to be rational and live in real time, real life.  Why do so many fail?  Because they set too many goals, too big of goals, and when they try to manifest they go for the castle and a bag of gold while living in a shack … Continue reading Staying inspired to accomplish your New Years goals.

How to do a no spend year.

How does a family go a whole year without spending extra money on extra stuff?  I have no idea but I’m about to find out. Sure, I’ve got some skills.  I did write Queen of Penny Pinching, didn’t I?  And Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It!  I read and own The Complete Tightwad Gazette after all.  We have been poor, on minimum wage, and out of work through our family life.  I grew up poor.  I’m ready for this…or am I? I know there will be frustrating times but think of all the benefits!  The personal growth, the family time, the … Continue reading How to do a no spend year.

Thoughts on weight loss, tiny houses, and and a positive attitude.

We had our first Thanksgiving early with close friends last night.  We will have Thanksgiving day with Grannie in a couple days.  I can’t even think of stuffing right now.  I ate heartily and couldn’t even move toward my desert for hours and then only a few bites. I tried to be as vegan as possible but fell completely short with the use of some chicken stock in the stuffing, chicken gravy, and some ice cream on the pie.  Oh, and I used cream of chicken with the cream of mushroom in the green bean casserole.  So, I wasn’t even vegetarian.  … Continue reading Thoughts on weight loss, tiny houses, and and a positive attitude.

Becoming vegan. How to love every bite.

Vegan is the new black. I am a little surprised at how many people are making the change. It seems to be this global trend that is picking up speed.  This happens with us humans, we are connected in the great cosmic soup that we swim about in and when one tribe shifts its consciousness, another tribe across the ocean does the same shift at the same time. My family has been on again, off again vegans for years but this time feels very different.  It seems easier, more enjoyable, more delicious, more rewarding.  I also find that I have lost … Continue reading Becoming vegan. How to love every bite.

The Housewife That Is a Writer.

My blogging book is done and out!  Starting early this morning it will be free for the next 5 days.  It is a plump book with a year’s worth of blogs on homemaking, frugal and green living, building a writing career while running a home, and plenty of advice on everything in between.  There are 3 sections so you can skip around and choose what you’re in the mood to be inspired on. I only hope it is as fun to read as it was to write this last year. Continue reading The Housewife That Is a Writer.