When You Relax into life.

  Life is good and improving vastly as the days go by.  I have had some epiphanies lately and each one has led to a transformation of consciousness and parts of my life. The first moment came when I was falling apart and realized I had to change my health.  Dieting is not a solution but food is medicine.  Thus I am vegan today and loving it.  It’s been months of trying new recipes, cutting out this, trying that, watching vegan chefs on YouTube, figuring out why the weight wasn’t coming off and overcoming myself in order to succeed.  I’m not … Continue reading When You Relax into life.

Manifesting anything you want.

The Law of Attraction is a big thing and still misunderstood to this day.  Even with all the books and movies out there, many people aren’t living the way they truly want.  Why? I’m still studying metaphysics deeply and have been for years.  I can tell you this, you don’t always get what you “think” you want and it doesn’t come like you think it will and definitely it does not come when you would like. Little things are easy to manifest because you don’t have a lot of expectation around say manifesting a free lunch.  When it comes to … Continue reading Manifesting anything you want.

New Years Goals.

  What are your goals for the New Year?  Are they meaningful, fun, playful, important?  Is it the same boring goals from last year that didn’t happen or are they new and exciting? Are you setting goals that can actually be accomplished, that will be set up in bite-sized pieces? I enjoy reflecting on the year that has passed, the ups and downs, the accomplishments, the gifts, the pains and hardships, the blessings that came with the hardships.  Now I begin to plan for next year.  I’m a strong believer in Manifestation and with the energy of the Creator and the … Continue reading New Years Goals.

Finding hope for Mother Earth and our futures.

When I became a mother my distress at the worlds issues and climate change soared high.  I used to wake up in the middle of the night frightened for my children’s future.  This was when I watched a lot of CNN, MSNBC, and local news.  I think that if you watch regular news and politics you should just keep the bottle of Prozac or gin right there near your TV recliner. I then began to search for some positive and hopeful news and I found great places like Positive News and Good News along with some magazines such as ODE or … Continue reading Finding hope for Mother Earth and our futures.

The Housewife That Is a Writer.

My blogging book is done and out!  Starting early this morning it will be free for the next 5 days.  It is a plump book with a year’s worth of blogs on homemaking, frugal and green living, building a writing career while running a home, and plenty of advice on everything in between.  There are 3 sections so you can skip around and choose what you’re in the mood to be inspired on. I only hope it is as fun to read as it was to write this last year. Continue reading The Housewife That Is a Writer.