Bringing an old home back to life. And on a small budget.

So, here is the unveiling of our wonderful little hidden gem.  We only had $130,000 for a loan to work with and I found this HUD house, made a bid and God was kind, no one else bid on it that night so in the morning we were proud parents of a poor, neglected and abused home.  It had been abandoned for years and housing squatters.  It had some funky energy and smells, to say the least.  But with some of our savings, lot’s of scrubbing, soap, paint, and planting of trees and gardens…it is back to a wonderful life … Continue reading Bringing an old home back to life. And on a small budget.

The gift of the yellow rose.

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.      Zechariah 9:12 I love hearing that there will be double for my trouble.  That seems to be the message I’ve been given often lately. I have been given beyond double for what has been taken from me in my short life.  A large chunk of my life was pure hell. But it has had a happy ending for sure.  I have been given back years and years lost.  I have been blessed far beyond my imaginings thus … Continue reading The gift of the yellow rose.

John Grays World.

This is my new TV minister.  I am so into this man right now that poor Joyce Meyer sometimes has to get in line if I have to choose between the two. At first, I just thought he was another of those loud and annoying preachers but one day I felt compelled to not change the channel.  I have been watching him ever since.  He is dynamic, fun, deep, sharp, and entertaining as all get out. This man knows his bible like no one else.  He even seems to know some of the old history and cultures that surrounded Biblical … Continue reading John Grays World.

The beginnings of bringing an old home back to life.

This little 1941 home is my new love and hobby.  After years of saving and living frugally, we were able to purchase this little diamond in the rough.  We paid $135,000 by winning a bid for this HUD home.  In today’s market in California, this is unheard of.  Can you say Amen!!  God has given me another gift. Now, I’m really grateful for this gift, however, it’s looking like we are also the gift to the house and the neighborhood as well.  And that is how blessings seem to work, you are blessed and in return you bless others.  According … Continue reading The beginnings of bringing an old home back to life.

The 40 days to change complete!

Yesterday was the final day of my self-created 40 days to change.  It was magnificent because my biggest goal when I started this game was to find a home for my family and yesterday I signed the escrow papers for our new home!  I didn’t even realize this fantastic gift until today when I looked at the calendar and found that, not only am I done with this challenge, I had finished with such a huge goal achieved. How did this challenge come about?  I had gone to church one Sunday (we are irregular, unfortunately).  Arjan, my eldest, had asked … Continue reading The 40 days to change complete!

Healing our mind. Starting a new life.

Our whole world comes from our mind and how we live.  We have a choice every single day to grow our life, destroy it, start over anew, or remain stagnant. To live the best life humanly possible is simply this; live a wholesome life, have a relationship with God, follow your heart and God’s guidance in all matters, put God, family, and then work in that order. Of course, there are all the subcategories: live debt free, do not partake or encourage bad habits and addictions,  treat others with respect, do good deeds often, have a community. Now, I know … Continue reading Healing our mind. Starting a new life.

How to climb up out of poverty and addiction.

Some of you who come across this write-up will not do it by coincidence, just as I did not write this by coincidence.  There is no such thing as coincidence, bad luck, good luck, or happenstance.  Everything has meaning, everything has a reason, and it is all of our creation.  Choices we made years ago may still be affecting us today, the feelings and thoughts we marinate in today will create our tomorrow.  You called this in to your experience today. If you are struggling with hard times…financially and emotionally (because they go hand in hand), if you have more … Continue reading How to climb up out of poverty and addiction.

The magic of cleaning, uncluttering, and tidying.

I have been reading this delightful little book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo.  She is a professional tidy upper.  She has a waiting list of clients that is months long.  I agree with almost  (almost) everything she says about cleaning out that house. She talks about the magic and transformation that comes with cleaning out the clutter.  Now, I’m going  to go on my own little inspirational speech and recommendations for doing such work quickly and easily, but I have gotten a lot of new little ideas from our new friend Marie. WHY DECLUTTER  Clutter makes … Continue reading The magic of cleaning, uncluttering, and tidying.

.99 cents to a new life.

Here comes New Years and a boat load of lists on what we hope to accomplish, changes we would like to make to improve our well-being and life.  We all know the old saying, “you reap what you sow.”  The choices we make this very day will have a ripple effect on into the future.  Some of us will actually make some positive changes and stick with them.  Some of us will only dream.  Some decisions we make or actions may only take a few minutes but may cause huge and detrimental effects for years to come.  Scary to think … Continue reading .99 cents to a new life.

When Homemaking Becomes Drab

    Ah, the joys and downers of being a homemaker.  On the bright and average day you wake with the sun, and your neighbor’s rooster, you sip your coffee in your pajamas while blogging as your children watch Sesame Street, you work in the garden as they play in the sandbox and you try out a new recipe in the afternoon while listening to your favorite music on Pandora and while little ones are at the table coloring and chattering away amongst themselves. Then there are the days I wake up exhausted just at the thought of my day … Continue reading When Homemaking Becomes Drab