Housewife, writer, coffee drinker, and seeker of inner bliss.

Welcome to our life. It is filled with coffee, homeschooling, bread baking in the oven, and attempting to grow as much of our food as possible in a small backyard.  I love being a housewife and work daily to work under one small income that keeps shrinking. Despite the budget cuts as of lately, I meet the challenge with gusto and creativity. The simple and frugal life offers so many joys and opportunities that it is one to embrace and not take for granted or wish for something else. I am also an author of many homemaking books and fiction … Continue reading Housewife, writer, coffee drinker, and seeker of inner bliss.

Watching the Universe build your dreams.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in my garden watching the yellow hen house and thinking about my street hen Lucy and her obsession with brooding. It is summer and hot and I couldn’t keep that girl out of the laying box. Bali had propped open the doors and put a screen on one big door to keep the breeze coming through. We kept chasing her out but she was so determined to hatch that unfertilized egg that she would come right back. She went from a lovely girl to quiet scraggly and bedraggled. One day Bali said in … Continue reading Watching the Universe build your dreams.

Coffee with Kate.

Please join me on my YouTube Channel.  I love it over there and post almost daily with everything on frugal living, weight loss, being vegan, zero spending months, homemaking, homeschooling, anything to do with home economics, cooking, cleaning, being a housewife and writer, parenting, and spiritual food for the soul. Here is a video from the other day. Continue reading Coffee with Kate.

When You Relax into life.

  Life is good and improving vastly as the days go by.  I have had some epiphanies lately and each one has led to a transformation of consciousness and parts of my life. The first moment came when I was falling apart and realized I had to change my health.  Dieting is not a solution but food is medicine.  Thus I am vegan today and loving it.  It’s been months of trying new recipes, cutting out this, trying that, watching vegan chefs on YouTube, figuring out why the weight wasn’t coming off and overcoming myself in order to succeed.  I’m not … Continue reading When You Relax into life.