Reset your mind. Watch your life blossom.

I was watching Joyce Meyers this morning as I folded mounds of laundry and enjoying a cup of creamy and sweet coffee.  I have a great life.  It is simple, we are not wealthy in our reality today, I have not become a huge success with my books…yet, and my family of two boys, husband, two large dogs, one cat, and myself are living in an 860 square foot cottage with a little yard out back. My husband works a lot and I have no help with the children.  We are still new to this town and because I don’t … Continue reading Reset your mind. Watch your life blossom.

When Law of Attraction shows up.

The other side of the rainbow, it’s an age-old tale of the journey to the other side and the reward of a pot of gold if you make it.  I’ve been studying the Law of Attraction for, what feels like eons.  I’ve had great luck.  Then I get lazy, I have everything I want and I lose interest in the practice.  Recently I’ve had to re-enroll myself in the practice. My thinking was getting poopy and loopy and life was becoming stagnant.  I had a list growing of wants and needs and not a response from the Universe…nada!  I was … Continue reading When Law of Attraction shows up.

Taking care of ourselves.

I’m sitting at the kitchen table facing the neighborhood street lined with trees, having my afternoon coffee and writing out a grocery list along with a To Do because my precious mind is so full of good thoughts and ideas that I forget the little task that need to be done to keep my tiny empire going. I have been listening to Esther Hicks teachings of Abraham and cleaning the kitchen.  I listen daily, but I tend to drift off as she gives her messages.  I was like this in school also…brain on, brain elsewhere.  I can only tune in … Continue reading Taking care of ourselves.

Starting a new life.

Happy Sunday to all!  Today is a new day for me and I’d like to share some unoriginal thoughts with you all.  Is anything we have in our mind new after all? I’ve been really enjoying the Abraham workshops on YouTube lately.  I’ve also been immersing myself in Yogananda’s teachings and Tony Robbins lectures, along with the old greats such as Napoleon Hill and Florence Scovel Shinn.  These are all teachers of healing and right living.  And guess what?  They all say the same thing;  the mind, the mind, the mind. The mind is where it is all happening and where … Continue reading Starting a new life.

Why taking the path of least resistance is the only way to go.

My good friend from Oregon came for a visit this weekend.  We had so much fun! We ate, cooked, shopped (for food of course), laughed heartily, played with the boys, they made us laugh even more, more cooking, more eating…you get the idea.  Pure fun and lazy. This trip was different from her last.  I have put so much time and care into creating my little home and yard to be pleasing, comfortable, even feng shui.  I have also been doing all this inner work and I can best see my progress when another actor enters the stage.  Then you … Continue reading Why taking the path of least resistance is the only way to go.

That tricky part of manifesting.

Ah, to manifesting.  We are always co-creating and manifesting our lives daily even if we aren’t aware of it.  Just look around.  All those words and thoughts we have are molding into reality before our eyes.  Our feelings are shaping our days.   We wake up in a bad mood and everything goes wrong the rest of the day, we wake up in a good mood and everything goes right all day.  That’s why when people first fall in love their lives seem to become vivid motion pictures of bright colors and fabulous background music.  Thier mood is affecting their whole … Continue reading That tricky part of manifesting.