Bringing an old home back to life. And on a small budget.


So, here is the unveiling of our wonderful little hidden gem.  We only had $130,000 for a loan to work with and I found this HUD house, made a bid and God was kind, no one else bid on it that night so in the morning we were proud parents of a poor, neglected and abused home.  It had been abandoned for years and housing squatters.  It had some funky energy and smells, to say the least.  But with some of our savings, lot’s of scrubbing, soap, paint, and planting of trees and gardens…it is back to a wonderful life housing a loud and fun family.

We purchased the house for $135,000, closing costs were $9,000 and all the work and supplies along with hiring Leo, our carpenter, was around $15,000 give or take.  Total $159,000.  We used savings that came from 6 years of frugal living and we still have some savings left.  Our mortgage with insurance, taxes and MIP (mortgage insurance you must pay if you didn’t put 20% down) all included is a fabulous $918.02!  It took us 6 weeks to do the work with Leo working daily and my husband working after his job each day and his one day off.

Here are the rest of the before and afters.


The color is wild but it’s hard to see from those little swatches what you will really get.
























It still needs a little work here and there.  But this is the main chunk of the progress.  I look forward to seeing how this little house evolves over the years.

For those of you interested in getting out of debt and living a more frugal lifestyle for peace of mind and real freedom in life, check out my new book The Homemade Housewife.  I have every tip and advice that I have learned over the years from hundreds of other frugal hens and applied.  This frugal living was the only way we were able to purchase our first home because we live on one small income and have 4 humans and 3 furry family members to take care of.

So, if you want to get motivated get this book and have fun with the journey.  It cost less than a cup of gas station coffee.  I want everyone to have the joy and freedom I have found in living sustainably, frugally, and simply.




Sacramento, the new “in” city.

Image result for great photos of sacramento downtown

This is a photo of Old Town Sacramento right next to the downtown Sacramento where I live…for the next few days until I move 40 minutes away to a much, much smaller town.

Sacramento is becoming the next hot spot for bay area millennials and companies that can no longer handle the rising rents and cost of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley life.  All of the Bay Area has become outrageously expensive and now they will be bringing their small fortunes here where a beautiful home in a nice and family oriented neighborhood will cost 1/4th of what it would in the city.  The homes here that are around 275K and 325K would go for an easy million in San Francisco.

So, Sacramento is becoming the fastest growing city with the highest rent and housing price increases.  The good part of all this is that the city, that was once neglected and had whole streets that were abandoned, is now getting fixed up and groomed for a new life.  They are turning it into a green walking city and either renovating old and beautiful buildings are rebuilding altogether.  “Grey areas” that were just abandoned lots are set to become the beautiful shopping and touring areas and old homes are being bought up and fixed up.

This truly is the best place for a family.  We have incredible parks, forest preserves, a list of family activities too long to list and more being created all the time for the outdoorsy folk and children.  We have Old Town Sac and the river.  Many rivers actually, and small and charming towns along the Delta for all the boating activities.  We are in the middle of farms and beautiful agricultural life.  Not to mention our neighbors are places like Truckee, Tahoe, and the bay area.

We have Placerville with Apple Hill farms for the fall and winter fun of apple picking and Christmas tree hauling.  We have tons of small western towns that have become tourist attractions such as Sutter Creek with all its wine tasting and shopping.  We have the big farms right outside the city for pumpkin picking and corn mazes.  We have a huge Farm to Fork movement.  We have colleges and Universities, including Davis.

This place is happening!!

How the city folk will deal with their 4 hour daily commutes?  This place is a dream with its weather and affordable housing (for today) and family feel.   Not to mention that the people here are so, so very nice.  But what happens after a few years of commuting 4 hours a day and 5 days a week?  Perhaps a super fast light rail train for the commuters? Maybe they already have that dialed in and I am the last to be clued in?

I’m thrilled to see the downtown coming alive.  4 short years ago I took a friend to check out the city.  We walked along K street, or maybe J street, and all the old buildings were abandoned, the streets were empty except a few homeless.  It looked like an apocalypse had occurred.  I thought back then that it had so much wasted potential so I’m glad that it is getting fixed up and some life breathed into it.

I have loved living here and on the Delta.  However, I’m not much for the crazy freeways everywhere and the crowdedness.  We are a city of 1.2 million and I am out of here!  I’ll be close enough to visit and have fun and then skedaddle back to my new little dusty town of Yuba City.

Yuba City is also getting spruced up and prices are increasing over there.  We got in just in time and this is a God given gift of a miracle.  I have felt for years that we are always late to the party but this time we made it in through the doors of opportunity just in time.

For some of you Sacramento families feeling pushed out, never fear, Yuba City and other towns nearby are becoming fixed up, cleaned up, and charmed out.  They are still affordable and far quieter.

Come on over!


For the “Non Feminist” women.


Millenium Development Goals Infographic 3 - Promote gender equality and empower women

I have been a housewife for 6 years and love every minute of it.  I am old fashioned in that I keep a nice and clean home, my husband comes home to a hot meal at night, and I tend to the children.  I’m married to a Punjab Indian and we have a rather traditional domestic and marital scene.  I believe that a homemaker is the best thing that could happen to a family.

With that said I will also say that I’m a feminist’s daughter and my home is Matriarchal in every way.  I run this ship and I make the major decisions, I move this family forward in every way.  I never graduated from a college, although I have enough credits that could be pinned together to make something…I and the college’s I attended just couldn’t figure out what.  However, I’m educated.  Believe me.  I study, read, and research everything from vaccines and toothpaste to homemade laundry detergent and global issues.  I read piles of books on all things fiction and educational and I am an avid writer.  My mother would still roll over in her grave.

My mother came from an era where the only “appropriate work” for a lady was to be a nurse, teacher, or secretary.  That is until she married a man who would take care of her and then she would naturally become that housewife.  My mother’s parents would only put her through nursing school where as her brother could choose any University he desired.  My mother took it and then put herself through a state college and later law school to become a small handful of women first to pass the Bar the first time.

Our generation has never experienced all the hardships of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers and beyond that.  We never lived during a time when the law allowed a man to beat his wife if she was “misbehaving”.  We weren’t around when the father could choose our husband despite our pleas.  We have a choice as to going to whatever college or University, to stay home or become doctors, lawyers, and space engineers without even one eyebrow raise from society.

We have no idea what all those women of the yonder years had to go through to get us the basic right to vote.  Women were beaten, separated from their children and ostracized by others for wanting this right that we take for granted.

Here in the USA, we take most things for granted.  Clean water, food, housing, government assistance and programs, education, and our freedom.  Yes, things aren’t so perfect with the government, especially right now, however, we have no clue what it’s like elsewhere unless we have done missionary work.

In other countries, girls are being married off at age 12 and not allowed to finish school.  In other countries they have no rights, can still be beaten and raped by their husbands legally.  In other countries, they have no choice as to how many children they have or if they would rather go to college and become doctors.  In other countries, female infants are still being killed because they weren’t born boys.

So, feminism isn’t about crazy broads hating men or marching in the streets with their brazerres blazing on poles.  It’s about humans treating each other with respect no matter what gender you are.

Women all over the world are still working, praying, fighting, just to have basic rights that all humans should have.  The right to vote, be educated, be doctors, leaders, to be treated with common respect and not traded and married off like cattle, to be treated like an equal.

So, nothing chaps my hide more than women over here being so proud to announce how they are “non-feminist”.  Sure you are.  You never had it so good and you are probably married to a great guy.  But don’t forget…or maybe educate yourself on why you have such rights and freedom and thank a strong and loving woman for raising your husband to be respectful.  And don’t be blind to the reality that so many women still don’t have what you have.

I live in a house with nothing but men.  Even my dogs are male.  But I am the queen for sure.  I’m the only person my husband really trust through and through, more than his male friends, and I trust him more than most men.  I am my son’s world and they are my life.  As for the male dogs, well, they are our protectors and beggars of snacks.

I believe that in this new age we, as women, need to make sure all women have rights and protection, education, and choices.  We need to raise our sons with deep love, adoration, affection, attentiveness, and care and have their fathers back us up.  We need to raise our daughters to be empowered and feel that they can conquer the world if they choose and to respect themselves, their minds, and their bodies and not give any of it away to anyone that doesn’t earn it or deserve it.

That to me is feminism.

For what all the other countries and cultures and men need to get is this basic truth.  Without women, there would be no man.  Once men begin to cherich the women and protect the girls, they will learn what thier true purpose is.

For those of you that feel the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

© 2013 Jake Lyell/CARE

If one were to live on news and mainstream media alone, one would surely become suicidal or severely depressed with no hope in site.  I truly believe that is why so many people these days are addicted or use drugs, pills, pot, booze, food, and sex to try and escape into a self-made Utopia.  I believe this is why so many people these days are so stressed, miserable, in fear, and wanting to give up.

I believe this is why so many people these days are so stressed, miserable, in fear, and wanting to give up.

The world, according to the news, is filled with famine, war, disease, hate, crimes, and dishonesty.  And that is just the governments!  And then there is global warming and nuclear war looming.  No wonder a person wants the hell out of here.

I used to watch the news, local, global, BBC, Asia, CNN, MSNBC, Rachel Maddow, Chris what is his name…

I also used to wake up in the middle of the night sweating and wringing my hands.  I’d get on the internet to find some hope, anything, just a glimmer of salvation for us hopeless humans.

And I found it.  Tons of it!  It turns out that there are all kinds of huge and amazing things going on out there in the world.  Sadly, you won’t find it on mainstream media.  You have to search and dig to find all the good news about the planet and people.  But it’s out there.  People loving people, feeding people, helping children, saving animals, healing the Earth, empowering women, replanting jungles and forest, cleaning up the water and soil, practicing organic and sustainable farming.

There just may be more good out there than we realized, more love, more great humans doing great things.

I want to keep this short because I’m busy doing my part.  I have boys to love on so they will be part of that amazing human clan.  I have trees to plant and organizations I donate to so I need to write and sell more books to support that new habit.  I have my neighbors to care about, recycling, and my own organic vegetable garden, not to mention planting flowers for the bees and filling the bird feeders.

Stop your crying, put down that gin and do your part.  It alleviates a lot of pain and stress when we get out there and find ourselves to be ever so powerful to create change, even from our own wallets and backyards.

In the meantime, here are some websites.  Some are where I donate.  This is not an encouragement for you but so you can simply look on the sites and see all the beautiful and loving things going on.  Care and Heifer are my favorites for changing lives all over the world here and globally.  They are not just feeding people, they are creating sustainable change from the bottom up.

There are some sites just so you can see all the ways humans are changing the world to be safer, kinder, better.  That jungles, forest, and other lands are being replanted and healed, that people are making great strides in fixing decades of abuse on the land and that whole cultures are changing around old hates, war, and abuse toward women.

The world has more light than ever and it will continue to grow.  After reading these sites, mainstream media won’t look so good, you will actually feel like you have been purposely poisoned.  And you have.  The news and media are poisonous and harmful.  Get off it and try out this stuff.

These are just a few websites to get you started.  It’s a mish mash of stuff, take what you like and may it all lead you to find more good stuff and have some peace in your heart.

The simple and free way to begin a writing career.


I am first and foremost a mother and homemaker.  That gets old after some years.  Not the motherhood, that always stays interesting and you have your deep, motherly love to keep you going.  Homemaking is a good job…and monotonous.  You really have to shake it up every few months if you are like me.  I never stayed in jobs for long periods out of boredom and, so far, I’ve had this job a little over 5 years.

At first, I was in heaven.  I didn’t have to wake unnaturally to an alarm clock and commute to a job, please a boss, work tirelessly making money for someone else…I was my own boss and I ruled over this little kingdom.  I sipped my coffee slowly without the constraints of a timed coffee break and I decided my daily schedule.  I love home life, I consider cleaning to be therapeutic, and cooking with a little music is spiritual.  I enjoy my children immensely and, along with the dogs and cat, I haven’t had a lonely day since this adventure began.

However, there comes a time when Sesame Street and baking bread isn’t as fulfilling as it was in the first 3 years.

Enter stage left, a writing career.  But how does a housewife have this career without a publisher and a zero budget?  I’ve written about this before but I’m heading toward completing my second year of this journey and feel that I can really give some very simple and solid advice.

I have written things all my life.  Journals and diaries by the case load, ideas, and opinions on topics given in English courses or book reviews.  That was really it.  I had written and illustrated my own books about princess’s when I was a wee little thing but I wasn’t a teller of tall tales.  I’m more about real life.  Boring, I know.

The first two real books I ever wrote were right after my mother died and around the time I got sober.  I wrote a book about my whole life from birth to present.  Turned out that it was merely cathartic and I later deleted the novel that was my sad turned happy life.  The second was a book on how to get through the first year of sobriety successfully and I have since published it.

It’s been a long two years filled with mistakes and learning curves, along with battling the goblins of insecurity and false self-judgments.  I have spent many a night up at all hours correcting a publishing mistake, creating a cover, editing for the 10th time to only have to finally succumb to getting a real live proofreader, and wondering if I’m just making an ass of myself on this train ride.  I have had one of my aunts comment on my work as in, “oh, your still doing that.”  And the first year I only had a few ratings on my books from friends that were trying to be supportive.

Until recently, I have had no money for editing, marketing, publishing, or even covers.  I purchased a laptop for $300 and paid $3000 for Balboa self-publishing to do a junky job and sell not one book, no marketing, a hideous website the color of Kaopectate, and no support or help.  I had to do all the work and then they took 3 months to just make a hot pink cover and publish.  Worst mistake I made out of all the hundreds of mistakes I’ve made over this 2 year period.  Do it yourself is what I advise.

So, after that expensive jaunt, my husband put his paw down on no more money in this quest.  He supported it wholeheartedly but not with our wallet.  I had only published my first book Queen of Penny Pinching and I was itching to publish my Queen of Sober.  I had a taste and was addicted.  I searched online for self-publishing ideas.  I found some authors talking about Amazon KDP and how it was FREE!  And one author said, “Crazy easy!”  I liked those two things.  Free and easy…crazy easy.

And the journey began.  I have published a stack of books with amazon kdp and I now have some fiction that I publish under a pen name.  I’m finally getting ratings and reviews, some are even 5 stars and positive reviews by strangers.  I get bad reviews too, mostly for my typos.  I now spend the money and have a friend, who is a professional proofreader, go over all my work.  I just sent her the last of my books.  I can’t afford to not have her now since my books are selling pretty well.  I have also invested in premade covers by James from  So, I do pay for editing and covers for the ebooks but I am even frugal in these departments.  My editor gives me a huge break since I’m still starting out (and so is she) and I can get four great ebook covers for $75 under the two for one special on Jame’s site.  You pinch pennies where you can.

However, in the very beginning, after my fatal spending with Balboa Press, I had a zero budget.  Not one penny and no justification for spending any of our savings on a career that I didn’t know if I could make happen.  And thank goodness I didn’t spend our money.  I was so clumsy in the beginning.  So raw and awkward.  I have rewritten several of my books a few times over, edited over and over and over…

Here is how I did it.  I purchased the cheap and basic laptop because the other one I worked on was on its last leg.  I wrote and edited and proofread my books.  I would suggest a friend or partner do this if they are willing to do it in exchange for goods and services, a cake, a massage…

I publish all my ebooks on Amazon KDP and paperbacks on  (you can now publish paperback on Amazon KDP but I always have drama with it).  It is crazy easy for both places and Createspace is linked so all the paperbacks are advertised with the ebooks on Amazon.  I’ve tried Smashwords, Fastpencil, Lulu, Nook Press, and others I can’t recall. They are all fairly easy and free and you get a chunk of your royalties.  Amazon is the easiest and I’m not computer smart.  You also can have 35% to 70% of your royalties.  They also offer a cover creator with photos and colors, fonts and formats.  You can do it all in one place for free.  Even advertising and marketing!  You get 5 days every 3 months to do a give away that boost sales.

Createspace is easy for publishing the paperbacks and they also offer covers.  I thought they were a part of Amazon, however, this year Amazon KDP offers to make your book into paperback also.  I prefer Createspace because there are never issues with the publishing process and you can speak to a live person immediately for assistance if you get stuck.

As for promoting and advertising, you can utilize the 5 days with Amazon KDP or find sites online that will do twitter and facebook blast on your giveaway days.  Kindleprenuer by Dave Chessen has a great blog:  He gives you all sorts of sites and resources to advertise your books.  Paid and free.  This is a great way to start getting yourself out there.

I have a facebook of my own and I created another facebook attached that is just for my author space.  I can advertise all over the world on there for very little money.  I have an author site on Amazon with all my books listed and a biography.  You can start a free twitter account and start adding people, especially authors.

I started blogging about 8 months into this as a way to also get out there and promote myself.  My blogging has turned into more of a therapeutic and fun hobby.  I don’t know that it really boost my sales and I don’t make money on it.  You can, but it’s work.  I blog with WordPress for $99 a year.  I can create my blog easily with all the tools they provide and when I blog it post to Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook.  You can blog for free on several sites, however, your blog won’t be posted on places like Facebook and Twitter.  If you have a big email list then you can work with that.

Now for the educational portion.  I don’t have time for classes.  I had to create my own little writing homeschool.  When I read the advice from successful authors there were two things they always advised: read, read, read other authors works and edit, edit, edit your work.  I check out stacks upon stacks of books from the library and I read all genres and styles, time periods and genders.  I also found Stephen King’s book On Writing a great resource.  I took away some solid advice that worked for me.  There is also a very popular book that has been around for a very long time, The Artist Way by Julia Cameron.  I skimmed it and I am shocked by myself to say that Stephen King worked for my personality best.

The final tips I would like to share with you is this:  create a space in your home that you really enjoy and will be able to sit and write.  Fix up a writing table in the living room or a desk in the bedroom, or create an office out of an extra room.  The other thing I suggest is finding your best time of the day.  Do you feel clearer of mind and imaginations in the early morning hours or late at night with all the kids in bed?  A space and a time to work your craft, that is big indeed.

And write, write, write, and write some more. You may write a whole novel that you delete in its completion.  The more you write and the more you read other works the better you will become as an author.  If you feel you need more guidance you can sign up for a class through a community college or look online for blogs and articles on how to develop a story.  I found an article on how to build a romantic novella.  It was simple but really helped me write my second fiction book.

Good luck and have fun.  Don’t compare yourself to others.  You may be better than those you compare yourself to in your clumsy and awkward beginnings.



How to create a cozy cottage from scratch and limited funds.



This photo is NOT my house at this time.  However, I talk so much about downsizing, simplifying, and living well on one little income I decided to download some photos of what my current home looks like.  Our home is 860 square feet and most of the things you see are hand me downs, thrift store, and garage sale finds.  I have one or two pieces I purchased new and I regret it to this day.

2016-07-30 12.57.34

2016-07-30 12.57.55

2016-07-30 13.09.47

2016-07-30 13.09.55

Yes, my kitchen window looks dirty but it’s not!  It’s that old double pane window and the condensation gets in between the panes and you can clean all day and it still looks filthy.

2016-07-30 12.53.57

Not the best photos but you get the idea.  This is our home in Sacramento and I have worked with what we have.  Our back yard had been completely dug up when we moved in and still looks a little ratty.  I have a mini garden and created a playground on the side. If you can’t tell, that is a big sandbox with an umbrella over it.  The big climber was $170 on Craigslist and the sandbox we built from leftover lumber in the backyard.  The garden was created from raised bed boxes found in the front yard from past tenants and some packets of seed.  The tree was free from SMUD.  I would have planted a hundred trees but this isn’t our property.  I was allowed one tree.  The grass had been laid by landlady but was almost dead when rolled out.

It’s a funky little home but we have loved it for almost 2 years.





Winning the housing challenge.


I sit here vibrating with a busy and intense day of trying to win a very challenging competition.  The housing market.  I’m in California and it’s absolutely ridiculous.  The housing prices are at pre-bubble popping, pre-recession crashing prices.  No one could afford them back when the bubble burst around 2008 and nothing has changed since to make it affordable for people now.  I read an article the other day that said that the housing prices are not only up to that crazy amount they were years ago but people’s salaries are only a tiny percentage higher.  So, how are buyers doing it?

When the lender really sat down with me and went over what a mortgage looks like with principle, hazard insurance, property taxes, and mortgage insurance if you don’t put a full 20% down…I was shocked.  We are a low-income family.  I don’t feel like it because we have no debt, no cards, no car payments, live frugally…I feel middle class and in the ’80’s we would have been…maybe.  So, we only qualify for 150K and when we really got into it and my little brain started to work around the whole math, numbers, blah, blah, blah, well, we only really qualify for 120k and have to come up with the other 30k.  Holly Tomatoes!!!

This is California.  The average house is now around 400k.  Here in Sacramento, it used to be cheap.  A frugal ladies dream.  Now the average house is 300k.  So, what was I to do, besides have a grand ol’ meltdown?  I didn’t.  I brewed coffee, put on some music, told myself this was a challenge and we were going to overcome it if we had to buy a trailer out in some God forsaken field somewhere.

I went to small, dusty towns far and wide, I looked into trailers, I looked into buying land and putting a modular home on it, a tiny home, a double-wide.  I looked at foreclosures (you need cash for those by the way), I looked into pre-foreclosures, I looked into fixer-uppers from hell and beyond.

Finally, one day I found a little cottage.  It was in Yuba City and priced at 149K.  It was adorable with a new roof and paint, new carpet and windows.  There was an orange tree and huge walnut tree in the back.  It spoke to me.  It even woke me up at 2 am and said, “wake up, look at me, look at me!”  I went a little crazy the next morning and texted my realtor as soon as was legal and daylight.  When I didn’t hear from her I tried contacting the realtor selling the place.  I put a shout out to anyone with a realtors license and when no one called I said, “I’ll start cleaning, the phone always rings when you get busy with a project.”  Sure enough the minute I turned up the music and started cleaning everyone called.  I traveled over to Yuba City to see it, gripping the steering wheel tight.  I was sure it would be in a bad neighborhood.  I really wanted it to NOT be in a bad neighborhood.

It wasn’t.  It was in a small, working class neighborhood with houses that were neat and tidy.  Some need paint desperately but the owners were showing some pride in keeping up what they had the money to keep up.  The house was adorable and my sons rolled in the mud in the back yard, filled with boyish glee.  It called to us, “See you love me, the boys love me.  Make it happen lady.”

It’s  Thursday morning and I have to wait for Monday for a final answer as the seller is out of town.  I made the best offer I could and even wrote him a heartfelt letter with our family photo.  The realtor suggested this.  I felt awkward about it and then I realized that I have nothing to lose but a chance at this house.  Investors are out hunting too and they have cash and time.  Every house under 200k is being swooped up within days.  I’ve been watching it happen for over a year now.  So, I have a few competitors; the investors, the property flippers, and rising housing prices.

I will be honest, if this house doesn’t get handed over to me, I will be visiting Taco Bells dollar menu and crying in my cheesy bean and rice burrito.  I’m tired already.

We have worked and prepared to buy a home for years and years.   Paying off debt, cleaning up credit, building credit, fixing the husbands credit, saving and scrimping, living frugal and going without on a huge level.  We don’t go out to dinner, I went to one movie in 4 years, we go to the dollar menu once in a great while after a day of errands.  I make all my food from scratch…most of the time.  I buy all our things at thrift stores, we have the cheapest cable you can legally have.  I had an antenna and loved it but we are in the city and get the worst reception.  I reuse and recycle everything!  I write books about being frugal and then I only charge .99 cents a book so people on budgets and getting out of debt can afford them.  I earn enough for good coffee and book covers so far.

But here we are, we have finally come to the day where we have trained for years, prepared for years and we can now enter the race.  And we are now completely priced out of the market.  Ah, but there is hope, there is always hope and faith and all that good stuff.  The Universe does provide.  It just doesn’t always look like you had envisioned (that’s why I say don’t waste your time doing visions…or maybe that’s why…oh well).  And it certainly doesn’t come when or how or where you thought.  It doesn’t even play out as you thought it would.

On Monday I will receive the verdict.  Foolishly I have already started planning my garden and where I will hang the clothesline.  I’ve looked up nurseries in the area and decided on the fruit trees.  Last night I tried to mentally set up my house.  I can’t wait and although I should relax and keep looking for homes, not putting my eggs in one basket, I feel like a house has energy and life and the right one calls to you when it’s time.   I have known when it was time to move or find a new house every time and I always knew right away when I happened upon it.  I always knew when a house was calling to me and I was supposed to be there.  However, since having children my senses seem way off.

This house is old, is funky, it’s got old world charm.  It has a 1948 kitchen.  It has an orange tree filled with oranges no one is picking.  It’s small and has only one bathroom.  It is where our great grandparents started out.  No one wants this kind of home.  They want the new, big, fancy homes.  I even hesitated.  But I love old world charm.  I detest all the modern world with it’s strip malls and walls around the suburbs that are all various shades of tan.  This house is old and it’s in the old historic part of Yuba City.  The only attractive part.  And right next door is the old historic Marysville.  One day others will see these towns potential and then it will be too expensive there too.  But for now it’s still shaby and people like me have a chance.

We will see. By Monday I hope to have a reason to blog good news and helpful advice.