Coffee with Kate.

Please join me on my YouTube Channel.  I love it over there and post almost daily with everything on frugal living, weight loss, being vegan, zero spending months, homemaking, homeschooling, anything to do with home economics, cooking, cleaning, being a housewife and writer, parenting, and spiritual food for the soul. Here is a video from the other day. Advertisements Continue reading Coffee with Kate.

Another free ebook starting today. The Housewife is a Writer.

Forgot that this is free as an ebook for the next 4 or 5 days.  This is a compilation of write ups on everything from homemaking, building a writing career whilst raising a family, and thoughts on God and the spiritual life. I had to clean up a few political issues and I promise the book is free of anything controversial.  It can be read now and then for some inspiration just as one would read my blogs since it is a years worth of blogging. Continue reading Another free ebook starting today. The Housewife is a Writer.

Bringing more charm into daily life.

I’ve been searching for a percolator.  They last forever and you never have to buy filters.  It would also look sweet in my 1941 kitchen.  What I did find was that they are very expensive now.  I also found a fun little stovetop Italian espresso maker.  No filter needed.  I was wooed by the idea of having fancy coffee each morning. I’m waiting each day for that delivery and I just can’t wait to rid my counter of the old Mr. Coffee that has been faithful but is an eyesore and has been acting funny since I gave it a … Continue reading Bringing more charm into daily life.

When a shift occurs with a life transformation.

Recently I’ve begun another life transformation.  This is my favorite compound word? Life transformation…hum, I think the words have to be connected.  I’m being re-educated from Kindergarten up with my sons’ homeschooling. Ok, just looked it up and there are three types of a compound word; joined, hyphenated, and separate but making a new meaning.  Lord, I’m gettin’ smart! So, let’s get back on track.  I have been through a few life transformations.  One when I began seeking ways to get closer to God.  That one took years and years because I was raised atheist, if one can be raised as … Continue reading When a shift occurs with a life transformation.


I’ve been enjoying YouTube the last week with all the vegan’s on there cooking and blending their healthy hearts out.  YouTube is a fun way to learn new tricks.  Things like how to work a camera that has been gathering dust for 5 years or how to do a vegan diet properly so you actually lose weight. I’ve watched vlogs on housecleaning, budgeting, bread making and so much more in the past and lately I am on their re-educated myself in nutrition and getting recipe ideas, learning to garden, take better care of my hens, and so much more that … Continue reading Vlogging.

Buying a fixer-upper and doing the work smart and cheap.

So, we purchased our first home as some of you know.  For those of you who don’t, I only qualified for some loose change and found a way to beat the odds by bidding on a HUD house (basically a foreclosure that doesn’t have too much damage and therefore the bank will give you money).  I bid and no one joined me in the gamble that night and by the dawn’s early light we were home owners!  Yay! Then came the fixing up this little cottage.  We found a handyman that did most of the work but as he was … Continue reading Buying a fixer-upper and doing the work smart and cheap.

Bringing an old home back to life. And on a small budget.

So, here is the unveiling of our wonderful little hidden gem.  We only had $130,000 for a loan to work with and I found this HUD house, made a bid and God was kind, no one else bid on it that night so in the morning we were proud parents of a poor, neglected and abused home.  It had been abandoned for years and housing squatters.  It had some funky energy and smells, to say the least.  But with some of our savings, lot’s of scrubbing, soap, paint, and planting of trees and gardens…it is back to a wonderful life … Continue reading Bringing an old home back to life. And on a small budget.

Sacramento, the new “in” city.

This is a photo of Old Town Sacramento right next to the downtown Sacramento where I live…for the next few days until I move 40 minutes away to a much, much smaller town. Sacramento is becoming the next hot spot for bay area millennials and companies that can no longer handle the rising rents and cost of the San Francisco and Silicon Valley life.  All of the Bay Area has become outrageously expensive and now they will be bringing their small fortunes here where a beautiful home in a nice and family oriented neighborhood will cost 1/4th of what it would … Continue reading Sacramento, the new “in” city.

For the “Non Feminist” women.

  I have been a housewife for 6 years and love every minute of it.  I am old fashioned in that I keep a nice and clean home, my husband comes home to a hot meal at night, and I tend to the children.  I’m married to a Punjab Indian and we have a rather traditional domestic and marital scene.  I believe that a homemaker is the best thing that could happen to a family. With that said I will also say that I’m a feminist’s daughter and my home is Matriarchal in every way.  I run this ship and I … Continue reading For the “Non Feminist” women.