Going upstream…choosing down stream.

I’m an upstream paddler.  I struggle, sweat, and toil until I am exhausted.  Not all at once and I don’t literally sweat and grunt at the moment.  It’s several little moments and thoughts that can be spread thinly over decades.  I have an inner lieutenant that drives me night and day.  It takes its toll.  I watched Tony Robbins I’m Not Your Guru months ago and there was something he said about a girl who was young and thought it was important to please others at her expense.  He said, “Sure, she hasn’t had 10 years of that to grind her … Continue reading Going upstream…choosing down stream.

Home based writing college. Or how to become a better writer through self education.

Oh God!  I have too many books to read and I’m trying to raise humans to grow up and be great men, I have laundry to fold and a cheesy Hallmark movie to watch, I have food that needs to be cooked…by someone.  Since Arjan and Sam are under 4 years old and don’t have much logic when it comes to hot stoves, I’m it…unless the dogs could be trained… I always do this, I get into books and I order from the library thinking they will be stacked in their arrival.  I have one book that I’m the 148th … Continue reading Home based writing college. Or how to become a better writer through self education.

Wrestling with the mind.

Parts of this world have so much struggle and pain.  Parts of this world have so much joy and abundance.  There is so much beauty and so much crap!  The city is a great expression of the world in a condensed space.  You drive down one street and there is a ghetto with filth, junk loaded in the yards, poverty, hate, gangs, infested with drugs.  You can only imagine the minds of these people.  You know that their minds are filled with addiction, pain, anger.  If their minds could be healed, their lives would start to look different on the … Continue reading Wrestling with the mind.

Living in the Tao.

The above title is me attempting humor at my early pre-rooster hours, obviously.  However, I wrote something the other day about Tao this and Zen that…and then my little brain paused and went back to the Tao idea.  What would it be like to be Taoish or Zenish in my life with the boys?  And what is it?  I explore all the science of mind and the chemical makeup of energy and vibrations and blah, blah, blah…but this sounded peaceful.  And it is.  I looked it up and it is, in a quick nutshell, the art of going with the flow. … Continue reading Living in the Tao.