Celebration time and piles of free ebooks for you!

We have been blessed with so many gifts, big and small, these days.  The farm is still an infant and not producing much but I now have a big patch of greens to eat daily.  Only two pickle cucumbers survived but they made a fabulous lunch.  I’ll have to learn to can next year.  Darn.  The hens are giving me 4 eggs a day…well, now that winter is kicking in it’s down to 2 in the last few days. Arjan is loving his Fox Walkers and I have decided to manifest a move to Grass Valley within the next two … Continue reading Celebration time and piles of free ebooks for you!

Writing with Babies.

This is a compilation of blog write-ups through my second year of working on that writing career.  I had been working hard on writing, self-publishing, marketing, and promoting myself for a year and then a friend suggested I start a blog.  I said, “Never!  Everyone and their grandmother blogs.”  Just like Facebook and tattoos…it’s really overdone.  And then I started blogging anyway. I have created and recreated my blog, my books, myself…somewhat, self-educated, learned new tricks and tips along the way and improved by yards and miles.  This is all my advice to date, my inspiration for anyone wanting to … Continue reading Writing with Babies.

Finding God in this world.

A journey to create a faith and spiritual practice that brings Spirit fully into one’s life. Thoughts on society, why it’s such a mess and solutions to heal the root of the issues out there.  I explore addictions, poverty, and how to overcome both.  And I talk about ways to create a wholesome lifestyle that is joyous and full of peace. These are my personal thoughts on God, how to grow in  Spirit, have an incredible life and thrive with the tools we find in the Bible.  It is an exploration of many religious and spiritual practices and being open … Continue reading Finding God in this world.

Return of the old fashioned housewife.

. I have created a book with a year’s worth of my blog write-ups focusing solely on homemaking, homesteading in suburbia, and living a more sustainable, slower paced life filled with old-fashioned touches. It is a bountiful dose of advice and inspiration. It will be free all week! Continue reading Return of the old fashioned housewife.

The Housewife That Is a Writer.

My blogging book is done and out!  Starting early this morning it will be free for the next 5 days.  It is a plump book with a year’s worth of blogs on homemaking, frugal and green living, building a writing career while running a home, and plenty of advice on everything in between.  There are 3 sections so you can skip around and choose what you’re in the mood to be inspired on. I only hope it is as fun to read as it was to write this last year. Continue reading The Housewife That Is a Writer.

Free romance this weekend.

This romantic story will be free Saturday through Monday. Elizabeth and Dan are city folk that just moved back to their hometown to start an organic farm. It seems Dan’s dreams of becoming a farmer are coming true until he is diagnosed with terminal cancer. Elizabeth must keep his dream alive, but all she really wants is for him to survive the cancer and to return to her city life and career. Brian is their childhood friend that is a big comfort to both of them during their trials, however, he has some old resentments. Each of the friends holds … Continue reading Free romance this weekend.

The Housewife is a writer.

A new book will be here soon.  This book was a suggestion made by a few of my readers and I finally took it up with both typing hands.  It is a collection of writings from my blog throughout the year.  It will have three sections so the reader can choose their interest and leave the rest…or enjoy all of it. Section one will be all my articles on homemaking, frugal living, and family.  The next section covers becoming a writer and building this career with no money and while maintaining a happy home.  The last section is a hodge podge … Continue reading The Housewife is a writer.

The Healing of Rose.

Free this week. Rose is married to an alcoholic and suffers the maladies of loneliness and isolation that come with being married to an alcoholic. But life is about to change. When her husband disappears, she finds a new life and all sorts of characters that show up to help her find new meaning in her world. Just as she is finding joy, at last, her husband shows back up on her porch with promises to change and make things right. How it all turns out is nothing ordinary but sometimes it takes some disasters to push us toward our … Continue reading The Healing of Rose.

The Lazy and Cheap Housewife.

  Free all week!  Great little book to get started on a simpler and more frugal life.  The title is deceiving because this isn’t really about being cheap or lazy, it’s about creating a life for your family and as a homemaker that is easy on all of you, peaceful and relaxed.  It’s also filled with ideas to begin a frugal and thrifty life which will also create peace and happiness in the family home. If you find this book only begins to peak your enthusiasm for a different lifestyle go on to my The Homemade Housewife that is literally packed … Continue reading The Lazy and Cheap Housewife.