The balance between frugal and just living poor.

When you are on a budget for reasons of saving for a house or getting out of debt, you are looking down a very, verrrryy, very long road.  There are times that you may become down hearted feeling like Cinderella while your coworkers go on expensive vacations, your friends buy new cars, the neighbor shows you her new shoes or his new chainsaw.  Everyone out there is having fun but you! But guess what?  All of those people are probably getting into debt right as you read this and will be spending nights awake in the wee hours trying to figure … Continue reading The balance between frugal and just living poor.

Hardcore budgeting! How to get reinspired!

  For those of you in debt and with no savings, I want you to know that there is so much help, support, and hope out there.  The biggest thing I want to impart is that it doesn’t have to be lonely, scary, or even painful.  You can make it fun and get through it quickly. On this fabulous Saturday morning, I’m about to fill you up on some great inspiration and motivation right here.  Grab your coffee and read on! First of all, I’m going to suggest looking up Dave Ramsey.  He is a financial adviser and Christian for … Continue reading Hardcore budgeting! How to get reinspired!

.99 cents to a new life.

Here comes New Years and a boat load of lists on what we hope to accomplish, changes we would like to make to improve our well-being and life.  We all know the old saying, “you reap what you sow.”  The choices we make this very day will have a ripple effect on into the future.  Some of us will actually make some positive changes and stick with them.  Some of us will only dream.  Some decisions we make or actions may only take a few minutes but may cause huge and detrimental effects for years to come.  Scary to think … Continue reading .99 cents to a new life.

How to be poor and live better than the Jone’s.

Well, I have to throw in a budget blog now and then.  Budgeting and being frugal never really goes away.  I was inspired to write this due to a review I got on a book that I just published.  Although I appreciated the persons few stars that he doled out and the fairly nice review, I’d have to say that he did not read the title or subtitle.  He pointed out that the book was good for a minimalistic lifestyle, however, he enjoyed spending money.  I get it.  I enjoy spending money too!  And the minimalistic lifestyle is not a … Continue reading How to be poor and live better than the Jone’s.

Making a huge change in the household budget easy and fun.

I love this topic!  So many people do not.  It causes heart palpitations and night sweats if you are dealing with debt or more bills than paycheck.  The good news is that there is always a solution!  Plenty of solutions!  You and I are going to make this fun and easy.  You just have to be willing.  You may have to make enormous changes…or just tweak a thing or two. First, let’s becoming willing to do whatever we have to in order to get out of this tight situation.  Let’s get creative and decide to have fun with this no … Continue reading Making a huge change in the household budget easy and fun.

Traveling on a budget.

We are on a tight budget.  Very tight because I’m now in, what I call “cheap or free” mode.  I am turning it into a game so I don’t feel poor and I know that there is a pot of gold at the end of this rainbow.  We have a goal of buying a house and this dream is a great motivator to get our finances in order and start saving again. Buuuttttt….I still want a life.  I have my two little boys and we live in a tiny fairy cottage of 800 square feet.  Surprisingly, we really have a … Continue reading Traveling on a budget.

Feeding a family of 4 on $85 a week.

So, as some of you know, I am back into the frugal schmugal living again.  It takes a mindset.  I am either spending every hot penny in my pocket with wild abandon or I have to pretend that I have no money.  For example.  This paycheck was for rent and bills.  There are limited funds for groceries.  Now, we do have a savings I could dip into if needs be, however, I had that account moved to a bank far down the road, literally.  It is in another bank and I pretend it doesn’t exist.  It is a future house, that … Continue reading Feeding a family of 4 on $85 a week.

Becoming a Housewife.

What a great memory it is for me, the day I became a housewife.  I think I’m more fond of those memories than my wedding day.  I was working full time in the offices of Living Light Raw Food Culinary School on the coast and it was getting to me.  I had been working outside the home since I could legally work.  I always held two jobs and classes at whatever local college and then on the holidays I would get an extra job.  Mostly I did this to pay off debt, but also to keep busy and stay out … Continue reading Becoming a Housewife.