Housewife, writer, coffee drinker, and seeker of inner bliss.

Welcome to our life. It is filled with coffee, homeschooling, bread baking in the oven, and attempting to grow as much of our food as possible in a small backyard.  I love being a housewife and work daily to work under one small income that keeps shrinking. Despite the budget cuts as of lately, I meet the challenge with gusto and creativity. The simple and frugal life offers so many joys and opportunities that it is one to embrace and not take for granted or wish for something else. I am also an author of many homemaking books and fiction … Continue reading Housewife, writer, coffee drinker, and seeker of inner bliss.

Coffee with Kate.

Please join me on my YouTube Channel.  I love it over there and post almost daily with everything on frugal living, weight loss, being vegan, zero spending months, homemaking, homeschooling, anything to do with home economics, cooking, cleaning, being a housewife and writer, parenting, and spiritual food for the soul. Here is a video from the other day. Continue reading Coffee with Kate.

Another free ebook starting today. The Housewife is a Writer.

Forgot that this is free as an ebook for the next 4 or 5 days.  This is a compilation of write ups on everything from homemaking, building a writing career whilst raising a family, and thoughts on God and the spiritual life. I had to clean up a few political issues and I promise the book is free of anything controversial.  It can be read now and then for some inspiration just as one would read my blogs since it is a years worth of blogging. Continue reading Another free ebook starting today. The Housewife is a Writer.

How a family of 5 can make it on one small income.

How does a family of three adults and two children, two dogs, a cat, and 5 hens, make it on one gas station manager’s salary?  How about if they live in Northern California where a house cost an average of $600K in some areas and $350K in less expensive areas? Now, we don’t live in a city or the bay area.  I used to when I was single and it was long ago when it was still affordable.  I don’t think it would be possible today.  The housing market is at an all-time high…again, and rents have skyrocketed as well.  … Continue reading How a family of 5 can make it on one small income.

Finding God in this world.

A journey to create a faith and spiritual practice that brings Spirit fully into one’s life. Thoughts on society, why it’s such a mess and solutions to heal the root of the issues out there.  I explore addictions, poverty, and how to overcome both.  And I talk about ways to create a wholesome lifestyle that is joyous and full of peace. These are my personal thoughts on God, how to grow in  Spirit, have an incredible life and thrive with the tools we find in the Bible.  It is an exploration of many religious and spiritual practices and being open … Continue reading Finding God in this world.

The Housewife That Is a Writer.

My blogging book is done and out!  Starting early this morning it will be free for the next 5 days.  It is a plump book with a year’s worth of blogs on homemaking, frugal and green living, building a writing career while running a home, and plenty of advice on everything in between.  There are 3 sections so you can skip around and choose what you’re in the mood to be inspired on. I only hope it is as fun to read as it was to write this last year. Continue reading The Housewife That Is a Writer.

Being a housewife in this age and what a blessing it can be.

  I just read a sweet little book called, Living on His Income by Mrs. Sharon White.  She has a delightful blog  I have really been enjoying all these new blogs by housewives lately. Being a housewife is a rare thing these days and can feel a bit isolating…that is until you find all these other women doing the same thing. I know not every woman can have this choice and that saddens me because it is a truly wonderful job and there are mothers out there that would love to stay home.  I know that not every woman wants … Continue reading Being a housewife in this age and what a blessing it can be.

The wholesome housewife.

I’ll start out by saying that living a wholesome and pure lifestyle can be very fun and rewarding in so many ways that I will try and list further on into this write-up.  I will also be honest in that I was never into drugs or pills and my drinking was usually a weekend sort of drinking that could be a couple glasses of wine or me going to bed cross-eyed.  It was always a gamble.  I was mostly a pot smoker.  I loved my pot and cigarettes along with cold beer or a good wine.  But I was a … Continue reading The wholesome housewife.

Getting through the lonely times that come with change.

Many of us have gone through big changes or are in the process of some sort of life change.  Be it getting sober, getting out of debt, getting healthy, moving, changing our lifestyle for the better, going back to college later in life, switching careers after years or decades in one field, divorce, marriage, a new baby, the baby going off to college… For some changes in life, we have family, friends, and community to support us.  Some changes seem to bring more loneliness than we can take at times. When I truly committed to making a huge lifestyle change … Continue reading Getting through the lonely times that come with change.