Shut down mainstream media and feel your sanity and joy return.


You don’t have to run off to the Himalaya’s and live in a cave to find God…or peace of mind.  Why, you can do it right there in your home, right here in your life!

Let me tell you a little story:  Once upon a time I had my first child and something happened to me.  I had this huge shift and suddenly my heart opened wide and I cried for the world and all the humans out there hurting, starving, the planet and all it’s woes, global warming, war, disease, shootings, stabbings, more war, hate, pollution, corrupt governments (and not just ours), and abused animals.  I cried and cried and worried and fretted and worked my worry beads into frayed bits.

Then I stopped watching the news, switched to an antenna and started watching those old westerns with John Wayne.  I got off Facebook (I post my blogs there but I never read through the newsreels, I’m sure I’ve pissed a lot of people off with my lack of “likes”), I even stopped listening to the radio.  I only listen to Pandora online because I can create my music and there are no commercials or news breaks.  I definitely stopped reading magazines and articles on issues.  Whew, that was better.

I started exploring things like Good News, Positive News, and other sources that were filled with great news.  And guess what?  There is a lot out there but you have to search for it because that damn #$%&!@$ mainstream news with its toxic poison is what sells and owns all the channels and stations right now.  That is until we wake up as a mass consciousness and say, “Enough is enough!”

If you want the links to all this great news, find my blog “To those who think the world has gone to hell in a handbasket”.  I put a stack of great links in there.

I created this little world and it was so happy and I felt alive and cheerful most days.  I also found that living in a city was a bit much for me so I shopped at quiet times and took the kids to the playground in the early hours before all the madness.  I keep my calender pretty clear and I am picky about who we spend time with and where we go.  Why not tailor a world that fits you and your family?

So, recently I started getting back into the news when we had our big and wet, wonderful winter.  It was all weather and snow and floods and so I enjoyed it.  Then it turned ugly again and I could feel myself getting a bit depressed and fearful.  When you cut yourself off from the mainstream for even a few months and then reenter it is a shock to the system.  We become so desensitized that, although the damage is still taking place, we don’t feel it much.  Well, we do but it comes in the form of overeating, not sleeping, needed 3 drinks in the evening to “wind down”.

I’m no goody two shoes but I am older now and have babies and I like good wholesome fun and entertainment.  I also find that what I watch, listen to, and take into my mind affects me profoundly on a deep level.  It affects my moods and will decide if I live in a gray cloud or a beam of joyous sunlight.  The people around me affect me deeply also.  I wish I was made of iron and was detached as all get out.  But I’m not.  I have children now and I have become a regular crier among other things.

All that media is disconnecting us as a brother/sisterhood.  Parts of media connects us in global ways and is helping to make great changes now that we can all reach out and communicate across the globe.  Part of the plugging in constantly is creating isolation and an inability to socialize.

I see it with my boys.  They are so into playing and being with me and together, then I plug them into the computer and suddenly I don’t exist.  It made me think about this day and age and how everyone is looking down at their iPhones scanning and scanning FaceBook or Twitter or what not and they are completely checked out of where they are at present.

I watched Tootsie last night.  Great comedy with Duston Hoffman from 1982.  I was watching a party scene and was remembering that time when no one had laptops or even computers.  Cell phones were not even on the radar.  Of course it was a movie, however, everyone was chatting and engaged.  Now, you don’t even see a family go to dinner without someone on a phone or iPad.  It’s almost as if parents can’t take the mere noise or liveliness of a child anymore.

Now, on a positive note, I do think this is something that many people, even millennials are becoming aware of and trying to ease up on the cell phones and such.  I’m seeing a bit less of this and people are beginning to engage more at restaurants and parties.  Perhaps the thrill of it is fading or people are starting to realize how really silly and boring it all is after awhile.  Only the hardcore addicted or shy ones still remain glued to the tiny screen and scanning to here and Timbucktoo.  It’s ridiculous to be out with friends and to be so busy checking your facebook to see what people are doing who aren’t even with you at the moment.    It’s ridiculous to take pictures of your ever meal and to post what you said to your husband or wife every five minutes.  Tell your wife you love her and spare the rest of us the sentiment.  Do people really not get how silly it is when they post declarations of their feelings on Facebook that really should have been a sweet and private moment between to people?  Maybe I’m not getting it because I come from a time when you had to find a payphone if you were late to dinner.  I had my first computer experience in high school and it was some weird box with some mathematical riddle I had to enter along with letters and control buttons.  It didn’t go well.

As for what is happening politically and environmentally? I’m not ignorant to what is going on out there, I’ve just decided to pick and choose the items I want to fill my world with.  I don’t know how long I have on this Earth and I can only help in so many ways.  I do my part both in my home, with my money, and charity work globally and locally.  I’m aware of the comedy of errors in our government and system and I’m too aware of the suffering of others.

But there is a way to do our part, be extremely helpful and also be happy.  We can be sustainable in our household, in the ways we live, play and work.  We can volunteer, do mission work, donate, and support good causes.  We can be an example of love and goodness.  And then we can stay away from news, Facebook, Twitter, and all that nonsense.  We can sign up for all the Good News and Positive News sites and feeds if we must have something.  That way we began to see the world in a whole new way and we begin to have great hope and faith.

I have even gone as far as to move back to a smaller town.  Partly because it’s all we could afford and mostly because I can’t take being crowded in by so many people and all this unnatural cement and housing.  I need a balance of in town living and nature right down the street…or a farm.

My husband’s cell phone goes off all the time with this buzzing.  I asked him what the heck is that all about?  He said it was notifying him of email or notifications.  Rediculous!  I will be honest in that I find it absolutely ridiculous beyond ridiculous that a person has the cell phone tell them everytime someone farts on Facebook or they get an email.  Where the heck is the peace for crying out loud?

Do what you want but then don’t be confused as to why you can’t sleep, why you’re constantly stressed and anxious.  Don’t be surprised when your drinking starts to increase.  You are over stimulated by sounds, colors, media feeds, world drama, misery, rays coming from computers and phones.  It’s beyond toxic and there will be no peace and rest until a person puts that phone away…far away…farther…in the cupboard.  There you go.  Now, shut down the computer, Facebook, twitter, and the news.  Ahhhh, isn’t that nice?  What’s that noise?  That would be a bird in your yard, yes, been a long time I know.



Getting through the lonely times that come with change.


Many of us have gone through big changes or are in the process of some sort of life change.  Be it getting sober, getting out of debt, getting healthy, moving, changing our lifestyle for the better, going back to college later in life, switching careers after years or decades in one field, divorce, marriage, a new baby, the baby going off to college…

For some changes in life, we have family, friends, and community to support us.  Some changes seem to bring more loneliness than we can take at times.

When I truly committed to making a huge lifestyle change and quit all my bad habits such as drinking, smoking pot far too frequently, and cigarettes (mother had lung cancer and emphysema) I seemed to lose a whole group of friends and acquaintances.  Some I chose to move on from and some decided that I was no longer that fun.  I now understand that God was working in my life and was clearing out the weeds so He could sow a good and fine garden for my future.  However, I spent many weekends and moons alone with my tea cup and sadness.  I thought I would go mad on several occasions but I found AA and went to meetings, made friends, had a sponsor to call when I was pulling out my hair, and I began to really throw myself into it.  I attended every sober party, potluck, holiday, and meeting the group could conjure up.  I also took my dog on daily long walks along the beach and continued to explore my relationship with God.  I took to writing a couple books back then with no idea that I would publish one of them.  I just really enjoyed it and it gave me something to do during the lonely and dark hours.

Time passed and I got used to living life without habits of those sorts.  I got used to some lonely time and I began to enjoy life for all the small pleasures:  a job I enjoyed and had friends as coworkers, the time at the beach with Clyde, my hound mix, coffee in the mornings, a good Jane Austen movie, reading, writing, and dating (not always enjoyable).  I realized that my habits had helped me endure my pain and the lonely times.  If I got stoned I could care less about spending a Friday night by myself.  Now that I was sober I cared and I was also socially awkward as I had spent much of my life alone or with stoner friends.

When we first make a huge change like getting sober or healthy, we often must let go of a lot of our old life.  In AA they say, “All you have to change is everything.”  Everyone would laugh at that because we knew it was painfully true.  You can’t succeed and remain in the same life that got you where you are.  You can’t find a solution with the same old thinking that got you into the problem.

You must go to different hangouts, find new friends that are like minded and doing what you are now trying to do or accomplish.  You have to replace old habits and patterns with new ones.

And then the lonelies come.  The long nights with no one to call, the weekends watching movies on Netflix by yourself.  Oh, it is sad, sad, sad.  You cry and feel sorry for yourself.  Ah, but it is the beginning of a new life, a new way.  Don’t worry, this story will end well with a big, fat happy ending.

I was hard for me to give up my habits.  The wine and pot had made many a lonely weekend bearable.  It also made me fat and sick and miserable.  I never moved forward and I was always depressed.  I was worried about my health and I wanted things that I knew I couldn’t get with this weekend ritual.  You reap what you sow and with drinking, drug use and smoking cigarettes that would be not much except some major health issues, depression, and a life not fully lived.

Sure enough, after a year of sobriety I was involved in a theater group, I wrote two books, one I have published, and I adopted a puppy (or rather was given one at the local laundromat).  Two years later I had a wonderful life on the coast with new friends, a good job, community, then I was married, then I was pregnant with my first son.  I had all that I had dreamed of but it only came once I got healthy and sane.  And after a year of being very alone and doing a lot of healing and crying…a lot of crying.

Today I have two rescue dogs, a cat that moved herself in after being dumped on the river road, two amazing sons, a really good husband, a solid marriage, our first home and a new community.  But even these changes have had times of loneliness.

When we had to move for work and lived in a pear orchard on the river I had a little one and was pregnant.  I had no friends nearby except an old high school friend I reunited with after 30 years.  I had no community and one family member 40 minutes away.  My husband worked 60 to 70 hours a week with one day off.  I had some time on my hands.  But I used the time to educate myself on all sorts of things, to learn the frugal life since we had a very small income to work with, making everything from scratch from laundry detergent to bread and I became addicted to Amish fiction.   That alone time paid off because when we moved to the city I took up writing and self-publishing.  I wrote about all I had learned on the farm during those isolated two years of learning a new way of life out of necessity.

The city was almost more lonely than that farm on the river.  I attempted to create community but it just didn’t happen.  That was for the best in the end also.  I had time to do the writing of books and blogging.  I was also driven to find us another small town where we could grow in a community.

Alone time can be hard, sad, frustrating, even downright depressing, however, it always is a period of great growth and learning if you let it be.  It is that gestation period where we are cocooned away to blossom into a butterfly.  This time is so valuable to learn what we want, who we want to be, how we want our life.  And for the great healing that must take place before we can manifest anything new and bright.

Friends and family may magically disappear upon your new changes and choices for a new lifestyle.  Let them go.  Ne people will show up to take their place and these people will be your true tribe.  These people will love you just as you are and be on the same path working toward the same goals.  Jobs may go.  The right job for you will appear.  Lovers may leave.  Let him or her go.  The good one is right around the corner.  You may not be able to go to the local pub anymore and you may not be invited to parties now.  That is the best thing that could happen to you.  Find a Church or Center.  Get true friends and a joyous and solid life.

Man’s rejection is God’s protection.  I heard this decades ago and it is so true.  God will lead you down the right road, he will bring new people, new jobs, new matches, and he will provide all that is good and right.  He will take care of you if you call out to Him and then have blind faith.  And sometimes it will take a lot of blind faith as your world seems to be falling apart.  But it’s not falling apart, it’s being destroyed so a new and victorious one can be built.



A journey toward Christianity.


Lately, so many good things have occurred and I still debate if it was the chicken or the egg that came first.  I have been on a deep and wondrous quest to know God on all levels.  I have always loved Jesus but I have not known just who He really is.  I have been riding the fence for decades.  I have tried spirituality on so many levels.

I thought about going into Buddhism at one point in my life.  This was only because it seemed to be more accepted.  I knew my family had no issue with Buddhist.  I knew that the difference between claiming to be ‘Christian’ and ‘Buddhist’ can be people scooting their chairs closer to you or farther away.  Buddhism does not seem as controversial…at least in the circles I have gathered.  But that is not what faith is about right?  What is less controversial.

However, I never did get into Buddhism.  I had a book on my shelf for years and I’ve read one page.  And yet I have come back to the Bible again and again for at least 10 years.  I find that when I read it I feel this comfort in my heart…and it also upsets me, confuses me, confounds me…

For years I detested the Old Testament.  I didn’t know who wrote the Bible and I was taught that men wrote it to keep others down.  It was all prefabricated by the power hungry royalty to keep the peasants down and paying taxes.  That was my mother,s version.  I have watched all the History Channel Documentaries on how Christ supposedly survived the crucifixion and went on to live out his life in India, how the Gospels weren’t written by his disciples or even in the first century.  I have heard it all.  Then I had my own debates as to how the Native American Indians got here and why aren’t the dinosaurs mentioned.

I have been raised an atheist but I hungered for a spiritual life.  I was raised with a lot of pain and darkness, alcoholism, and abuse.  I yearned for a life with joy, peace, and light.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.

John 14:6 

One morning I discovered Joyce Meyer.  She is described as a Christian speaker and author by Wikipedia.  She travels and speaks all over the world and can be found on TV 7 days a week.  She spoke to me at a time when I had no faith, a misconception of Christianity, and I was probably hung over that morning.  I don’t remember what she said but I was hooked and started watching her as often as possible.  That was the beginning.  One of the beginnings but I can’t recant them all.

I recall one morning in my studio apartment watching her and at the end of her sermon, she said a prayer.   “Lord Jesus, I repent of my sins.  Come into my heart and I will make you my lord and savior.  Amen!”

Now, it went against all my raising but because no one was there to witness me doing it, I said it out loud with Joyce.  I then went into the bathroom to take a shower.  As I stood in the stream of water I felt like my largest emotional burdens were being lifted from me.  I cannot describe it any other way.  I suddenly became aware that a supernatural energy of something unseen was now with me, that I was no longer alone, and my life was about to change.  I can almost still remember that feeling of relief, how the shower looked, the way it was light with the morning sun.

And change it did!  It was another jumble of messy and fumbling years.  Six or seven more years to be exact.  I continued to drink, get stoned every night, chain smoke every night.  I moved another God knows how many times, changed jobs, changed boyfriends.  I continued to run from my shadow.  But the change was happening.  One person after another was brought into my life to help me toward the next step.  One book, one song, one Spiritual Center, one class on the Laws of the Universe, a Bible from a friend’s mother, a day at a Cross Roads church, more Joyce, the discovery of Christian Contemporary music and the KLOVE station, another person, book, a movie or two.

I was smoking and drinking less, I was thinking about God more.

At one point I got sick and had to change my diet and drinking.   I walked into an AA meeting.  I had done this hundreds of times with a friend because I actually liked them.  Strange right?  But this time I got myself a woman sponsor.  I spent more time at the gym and less at home thinking about all the habits I missed.  I was taking all sorts of classes at the Center for Spiritual Living.

Then my mother was dying.  I know God prepared me for this journey.  I had about 36 weeks of spiritual classes under my belt.  I had learned how to do prayer treatments, to call on God, to meditate.  I was also sober at last.  I knew I was supposed to go and make amends.  I went up to her cottage in the woods and sat with her, cooked for her, talked to her, cleaned for her, fed her one-eyed horse, tended to all her animals and bills, and made sure she was able to peacefully pass on in her home, her bed, and with her animals as she had wished.  I didn’t ask her to apologize, we didn’t even talk about the past.  But God showed his grace something mighty then.  I was able to be kind and patient.  I was able to create a space for my mother to feel safe as she was dying.  It took two weeks and toward the end, she was in another realm so to speak.  She would shake her fist at the ceiling and move her lips in a debate.  She always had a one-sided war going with God.  She was also an attorney and I’d say she was in court up to the last day.

This was my personal enemy.  This woman had spoken unkind words over me my whole life.  She had nearly snuffed out my spirit.  It was only by God’s grace that I was able to sit with her and feel only compassion, to understand the importance of death.  The task is that of a reverse midwife as you help the person begin the birthing process into another world.  I was able to detach just enough to help her through this with out my own agenda.

I know without a doubt that I was called to go and be with her.  No one else but a couple scraggly people showed up now and then but she and I were alone.  I was given the peace and strength to do it and it was an incredible experience that I would do again strange as that may sound.  When it was over I knew exactly who I was.  I was not the nobody she had claimed.  I was a very capable woman with a capacity to forgive, endure, and be compassionate beyond belief.  I walked away healed.  That was Gods doing.

From that day on my life only got better, richer, happier.  I was blessed with beautiful places to live, surrounded by a new and wonderful community.  I chose to stay in Willits even though the only job available was McDonald’s.  I was blessed again with a great job at a Chiropractic office where the doctor got me involved with the local theater.  I then was called to move to Fort Bragg and, against all logic, I moved there.  I was blessed with a beautiful pink victorian house, then another great job, a husband, a son…

If I went into every story it would be clear that each moment was a gift from God.  Each story has meaning and is a testament to having faith and blindly following when called…and being taken care of.

Today I sit here doing what I love, I’m writing and sipping my coffee.  I have two loaves of bread baking in the oven and my cottage is filled with all kinds of human children and furry children.  God also sent me two dogs and a cat and those are stories in themselves.  I was blessed with two children when I didn’t expect to even have one child.  I have a husband that I also prayed for and who is incredibly solid and good.

Lately, I have committed to making a choice, to get off the fence out of respect to The Creator.  I had my doubts about the Bible and all things Christian.  I have gone into this exploration for decades being suspicious and argumentative.  I found The Case for Christ and ordered it at the library.  I received The Case for the Real Jesus to my surprise.  I was so convinced with his research by the end that I decided to order all the books from Lee Strobel.  By the time I was done with The Case for the Real Jesus I felt pretty confident about the Bible.  There is historic proof that most of it was written in the first century and two of the gospels are directly from James, Jesus’s brother, and Paul, a Roman intent on snuffing out Christians until he was confronted by the resurrected Jesus.  There is so much more and I will write about that another time.  The Case for Christ (just started today) seems to go in depth into the Bible and who wrote it and when.

Personally, since delving into my own research to deepen my understanding and grow my relationship with God and Jesus, I cannot begin to write about all the ways I feel surrounded, guided, and loved through this process, by unseen forces.

I don’t believe in luck or coincidence.  I believe that we manifest with Gods grace and generosity.  I believe that God gifts and blesses us.  We don’t get everything we want, we get what is good for us in the long run.  We also don’t get things for being positive about it.  We earn our lives, our gifts.  We have to work for everything and we have to respect that God has his plan for us.

My life is so good and happy, so filled with sanity and light today.  I have been transformed and I continue to be healed and transform daily.

I now love reading the Bible in the mornings. I don’t get all of it and the New Testament is definitely a gentler section to digest.  I do believe that science and spirituality or religion can mix, that it should mix.  They actually go hand in hand.

It is evident that the world is billions of years old and there were dinosaurs…and not at the same time as humans.  There are Christians that try to fit the dinosaurs into the bible and I still feel that is ridiculous.  The Bible was written for us to understand Him, to grow in a relationship with Him and to find the Truth, the Light, the Life so that we might enjoy our lives and live fully.  It is not there to tell all the stories of the world and Gods work.  It is only and specifically for us as his children.

For any of you still questioning your faith or with one foot in atheism and one foot in religion and wondering what it is all about, I strongly suggest getting all Lee Strobel books.  And then look into your own heart and ask yourself what feels true for you.


All Lee Strobel’s books (he gives a ton of other books and places to research after each chapter so you will have many paths to go down for your own exploration).

The Case for Christ, The Case for the Real Jesus, The Case for the Creator, The Case for Faith.

The Everyday Life Bible with Joyce Meyers (or any Bible you feel good with)

Online Research

I haven’t finished The Case for Christ, just got it last night. I have yet to delve into The Case for Faith.  As for the online referrals, I have not had time to explore them thoroughly but other Christians seem to like the last two.   I like the because it talks about the age of the earth, dinosaurs and how the Bible is only for us and our relationship with God and wasn’t meant to cover it all.

My advice is to enjoy this journey.  I have become very emotional these days and I love it!

The gift of the yellow rose.


Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you.      Zechariah 9:12

I love hearing that there will be double for my trouble.  That seems to be the message I’ve been given often lately.

I have been given beyond double for what has been taken from me in my short life.  A large chunk of my life was pure hell.

But it has had a happy ending for sure.  I have been given back years and years lost.  I have been blessed far beyond my imaginings thus far and I am still receiving gifts all the time.

Recently, we received nothing short of a miracle in the housing department.

I woke up one morning and just knew it was time to buy a house.  And what a wrong time it seemed to be.  Housing prices in California have skyrocketed, rents are going up 13% a year here in Sacramento, finance rates are set to rise…boy oh boy.  My blood pressure was rising right alongside all that.

Then I found a great real estate agent and lender and was told we only qualified for 130K in a loan!  What??!! The average home in this area is starting at 250K to 350K.  That is an average home in an average neighborhood.  We are talking Sacramento where it used to be affordable.  With 130K we are not even entering the bad neighborhoods with run down homes.  We are talking trailers in the outback.

But God was kind and He had a little 1941 home hidden away in Yuba City.  No one claimed it and when I ran out of options I drove by this HUD home and thought I’d give it a try.  I put in my bid and the next morning I was the winner!  I got this little gem for 135K.

It is charming and in a fairly good neighborhood.  I say fairly because there is just one little unit across the way that is causing some issue.  But isn’t that the way of the world these days?  There is always that one bad apple.

Turns out that our little, sweet home was that bad apple for a long time.  According to my neighbors, my new home has housed squatters, prostitutes, and drug dealers for years.  It sort of shows.  The home needs a lot of work.  However, on the outside of the home are a few bushes and trees that have produced the most lovely red and purple flowers.  Off to the side of the driveway is a yellow rose bush with the most fragrant roses.  I didn’t even know roses had a scent anymore due to all the mixing of breeds.  I read an article the other day about roses and I was surprised to read that yellow roses are the least likely to have a scent.

But there is my reminder of all that is good and rare.  A bright yellow rose bush that has survived decades with that house and all it’s unhappy going ons.  It has remained victorious and fills the air with a thick perfume.

Soon, after lots of loving work, the whole house will become a home and the yellow rose bush will have all the more reason to celebrate.  For me, it will be a reminder that God is always there in all things to help us find our right spot and our right people.

In the desert for 40 years.


Joyce Meyers was talking about the Israelites who took an eleven-day trip and spread it out over 40 years in the desert this morning.  I love this story as a teaching tool and I, myself, have had this experience.

I try not to have regrets, I’m sure my lost years can be a way of saving others from this fate if used as an example.

I came from trouble in all forms: addiction, alcoholism, insanity, anger, guilt, fear.  And that was just the person who raised me.  I went on to continue some of these traits.  I was raised with so much negativity and instability that I grew up to be controlling, stressed out, fearful, depressed, and found comfort in drinking and smoking pot constantly.

I knew at a young age that this wasn’t the way to go.  I remember being 8 or 9 years old and being disgusted with the adults and all their drinking and smoking.  Then I discovered pot and just how good it made me feel, how it made my miserable world with my mother seem not so bad.  Then I discovered liquor and that really was, as they say, quicker.  Quicker at escaping the world altogether.

On and on went a wretched life on into youth and my 20’s and most of my 30’s.  I knew all the time that real freedom and peace would come from living a wholesome life.  But how do you build a wholesome life when you’ve been raised in thick dysfunction and turmoil?  How do you become a worthy and happy soul when you have been told your whole upbringing that you were worthless and didn’t have the common sense to amount to much more than pregnant and barefoot (which isn’t really such a bad thing as it turns out)?

Well, the first thing you do is quit the bad habits that keep you dulled in spirit and depressed mind.  You don’t drink, do drugs, smoke pot to stupidity, and party.  I needed all the strength and all my wits about me.  I knew this all along and I tried and tried (half-heartedly) to clean up my act.  I really didn’t try as hard as I should have.  If I had only known the life I was going to have sober and loving God, I would have done everything and anything to reach the prize sooner.

I had so many dreams.  But as I continued to live a dark life they stood back in the shadows.  I couldn’t overcome my depression.  I would drink more, smoke more, eat more and call all my friends to sooth my never ending pain.  I had a girlfriend ask me if I had considered medication.

God was always there whispering in my ear.  I could barely hear for all the commotion in my head but there were those times I would have that one spark of silence and in it I would hear the message.  I knew that if I stopped what I was doing, living how I was living, that my life would change for the better and I would have my dreams actualized.  But not until then.

Drugs and God don’t really mix.  Drugs and booze cut you off from the Source.

Today I live a completely different life.  There is music and sunshine and laughter.  My heart is full of good things, my mind has so many fun ideas, my home is filled with children of the human and the furry kind.  I have stability and sanity.  Someone may ask if I’ve had my coffee but never would anyone ask if I considered medication today.  I’m pretty happy without getting too annoying.  I wake up in good spirits and I go to bed grateful.

I still have much work to do.  I’d like to get to a place of no cares and pure jolliness.  That’s my goal.  And to sell a fictional book to a publisher.  My priorities are to keep my family healthy, happy and continuing to thrive.  To be a much better wife.  To be more playful.  I never thought I would say this but God is at the top, the center, and everything that makes it work.  The more I seek Him the more he answers, shows up in beautiful ways and the more I experience almost daily blessings and gifts.  I’m in a constant communion with the Creator and it is the sanest and emotional I have ever felt.

Today I’m doing my dreams.  I’m a mother, wife, housewife, and writer.  Doesn’t get much better than that.  For me at least, since these were my dreams.

But how did I get from alone in a studio apartment hung over and crying to today sitting at my computer with my classical music loud, two boys making playdough spaghetti, a hound that keeps pestering me for snacks, and a desk loaded with books I’ve written, photos of my family and all our fun, a file for our new house we just purchased and my big mug of coffee?

Find God and get sober.  Then start rewiring that brain.

I’ll give an example.  I don’t watch, listen to, read, or take in any music, words, or images that are violent, negative, vulgar, perverse, nasty…you get the point.  I do fill up on positive sermons with Joyce Meyer, John Gray, Joel Osteen.  I read the Bible, I read clean books.  I was actually really into Amish fiction for awhile.  It doesn’t have to be that boring but when I read books they are positive and have good happy endings (that’s not required but I have to have them).  I listen to sermons that teach me to be more positive and have hope.  I listen to music that lifts me up.  I watch Pureflix, Hallmark channel, Disney…I know, borrrrrinng.  But I love it.

There is so, so, so much good stuff out there now that is clean and positive.  Books, music, radio stations like The Fish and KLOVE.  There are channels on TV that are safe.  TMC is great for old movies.

I fill up on spiritual books that teach me and guide me to heal my mind and get it right.  I was raised with so much negativity and anger that it’s been a long road to clean out this poor and tired mind.  You have to change your thinking entirely.

Then there is the matter of who you hang out with and where you hang out.  If you hang out with negative complainers, gossips, party hounds, it will be hard to break the habits and change.  If you hang out in the pub on the weekends you won’t get far.

Find a Church, find new people that are on the same new path with the same mindset.  Find people who have what you want.  Watch and observe.  They will show you how to get to where you want to be.  Surround yourself with these new, happy, positive people.  Find places that are happy, safe, wholesome.  Make your whole life about finding goodness and light.

Why do this?  Because the life you will create will be so amazing that the past will be a distant and dark memory.  You will wonder why it took you so long.  Don’t wait, to waste all that time.  I started going down the wrong path at a ripe age of 12 and was really failing by 15 years old.  I didn’t start following Gods guidance and ask for His grace until I was 31 years old and it still took another 6 to 7 years before I really took hold and transformed my life.  Here I am 46 years old and finally in a fantastic spot in life and fully embracing God and all the goodness of life.

If the Christian scene is too much for you try the Center for Spiritual Living or Awareness.  Try The Law of Attraction books and other things to get you into a new mindset.  The Bible teaches all this too but I had to start out in other ways before I could grasp this Christian lifestyle and I had to really do some research before I was able to accept the Bible as being real and true.  We all find our way home in different ways.

Many blessings and good prayers to you.


John Grays World.

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This is my new TV minister.  I am so into this man right now that poor Joyce Meyer sometimes has to get in line if I have to choose between the two.

At first, I just thought he was another of those loud and annoying preachers but one day I felt compelled to not change the channel.  I have been watching him ever since.  He is dynamic, fun, deep, sharp, and entertaining as all get out.

This man knows his bible like no one else.  He even seems to know some of the old history and cultures that surrounded Biblical times.  He applies it to today’s world and everyday life just as other pastors do but the difference is that he is also an entertainer at heart and has a penchant for analyzing the human spirit.  He will often break out into a gospel song in the middle of a sermon or read a poem he wrote about Christ that will compel one to stand up alone in their living room and cheer (yes, I have done this).

I’m usually a mellow watcher of sermons.  I sip my coffee and listen attentively to Joel Osteen or Joyce Meyer with hardly a nod.  I often change the channel with Creflo Dollar.  With this John Gray, I turn into a black Christian woman on a Sunday at a Gospel church.  I yell, I cheer, I hold my hand up in the air, I do standing ovations…all kinds of bizarro actions for my personality.  But the man’s preaching moves me something fierce.  I don’t always remember what he said afterward but I’m lovin’ it!

I looked him up and it turns out he is also an actor, writer, playwright, singer…no wonder he’s so fun to watch and so deep and intense.  He’s been in gospel choirs, movies, all sorts of good stuff.  Right now it seems he’s happy preaching the Word.  And I, personally, hope that he continues for a long, long time.

He can be found on the Christian channels.  He is an associate pastor under Joel Osteen at his Lakewood Church in HoustonTexas.  Try him out a few times to get a real sense of the man.  You may not regret it.  He can get little wild at times.  I find that I like to mix and match my ministers.  Joyce Meyer is my daily bread, Joel Osteen is my cake when I just want happy and positive, and then there is Joseph Prince and I never thought I’d like him but he’s pretty good and funny as well.  There are some pretty fabulous people out there preaching the Word.

Coffee and the Word, can’t beat that combo for a fantastic start to the day.

God, frugality, multi tasking, and coffee.


I’m sitting here listening to my great music on my free Pandora online as I write up a blog piece and sip my afternoon cup of coffee.  I have bread rising on the kitchen counter and a pot of beans simmering on the stove.  Laundry is washing itself in the garage and my kids are playing well in the living room.  Yes, my desk is actually in the kitchen…kind of in between the dining area and kitchen.  It’s a small house and this is where I feel the most inspired, right next to the baking and brewing.

I was out late last night.  My friends took me to a Joel Osteen convention at Sacramento’s new Golden 1 center.  It was three hours of inspiring music and motivation.  I wound up with a child in El Salvador by the time it was done.  Joel’s family partners with the worldwide project and part of that is adopting a child from another country and paying a sum monthly so this child can have the basics we all take for granted: clean water, food, education, medicine.

My heart aches for the world, however, I found that since I started donating monthly to a handful of local and global organizations that are reputable and doing great works…I sleep a bit better.  I also have to remind myself that God created this world, all us humans, and He knows what He is doing even if don’t.  I have control issues.  I’m working on it.

But this isn’t a blog about the world or Joel.  This is about being a homemaker and having it all work in your favor so you, as a mother and homemaker, may thrive to the fullest.  Amen!!

Three things:  God, a great budget (and no debt), the skill of multi-tasking.  These three things will make homemaking much easier and give you more time and peace.  Coffee or strong tea is the magic elixir that will inspire you to get these things done.

So, what does that look like to bring it all together?

I like to start my mornings off with my coffee and a little Joyce Meyer and reading a bit from my Bible.  I swear by it.  A bit of time with God and some reflection on all the good things in your life, the blessings, and gifts, and you’ve set yourself up for a good day ahead.

Multi-tasking is simply running the vacuum while the dough rises on the kitchen counter or writing a blog while running the washing machine.  I clean the bathroom sink and toilette when the kids are in the tub for bath time.  I fold laundry and watch a show on TV.  I read something educational or inspiring while on the tread climber.  Go work in the garden when you children are in the yard so you are keeping an eye on them and getting a little weeding done.  Listen to educational/inspiring CD’s while cleaning house.  I find seminars on YouTube for free and listen while I mop the floor or do dishes.  Cook several things at once and then freeze half of it saving future days of cooking.

You can even get a little crazy and do a ton of task all in one day and then have a few days to just read, write, and play!

For example, I will do all my major house cleaning, laundry and almost a weeks work of cooking and baking in one day.  I do this when I’m trying to really focus on a book or want to just play and get some reading done.

Here’s the thing, you can have a clean, tidy, delightful home, plenty of home cooking, and take excellent care of the family without a lot of effort if you get smart about your work.

Downsizing and decluttering help.  That’s on other blogs of mine under “cleaning and organizing”.

Now the frugal part.  It is very wise to create a household budget.  Know exactly what you have coming in monetarily and exactly how much is going out.  You will need paper, pencil, statements, and a calculator.  You’ll also need my Queen of Penny Pinching book.  If you have more going out then coming in you must start cutting, cutting, and cutting.  Cut out the cable, cut down the phone plans, cut down on utilities, cut the grocery allotment in half.  There are so many things you can do to cut cost and save money.

Another great tip is to learn to spend nothing beyond the rent/mortgage, utilities, and groceries.  This is hard at first but with practice and some creative imaginings you can do it.  Make it into a game.  Find out just how many things you can do and have for free!

  • TV can be some great entertainment and it can be free.
  • I have read some bestsellers from the library…free!
  • Parks, long walks, beaches, and forest…free!
  • Movie night at home, also free.
  • Rearranging the living room for a new look and for free.
  • Starting a blog.  Free at first or super cheap if you want to post it on all sites such as twitter and Facebook.
  • Write and publish a book.  Absolutely free.  I have great advice on this on old blogs.
  • Do some crafting.
  • Have a chat on the phone and coffee.
  • Look of Freecycle and Free on Craigslist.

I could go on but I have some chores to get back to.  If you want a ton of tips and detailed ways to cut cost, save bags of money, get out of debt fast, and master the frugal life, get Queen of Penny Pinching or Dirt Poor and Lovin’ It!  I have so many books out there to teach anyone how to make a buck stretch and make it fun.  And all my books are .99 cents!  How can you beat that!

Brew up some tea or coffee and skim through my blogs for all kinds of tips and inspiration!

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