Staying inspired to accomplish your New Years goals.

……………………….   We are well into the New Year and by the time this post, many will have fallen off the New Years Resolution wagon.  I used to be one of those many. But then I learned the art of setting and achieving goals.  I am learning the art of manifesting realistically. The trick is to be rational and live in real time, real life.  Why do so many fail?  Because they set too many goals, too big of goals, and when they try to manifest they go for the castle and a bag of gold while living in a shack … Continue reading Staying inspired to accomplish your New Years goals.

New Years Goals.

  What are your goals for the New Year?  Are they meaningful, fun, playful, important?  Is it the same boring goals from last year that didn’t happen or are they new and exciting? Are you setting goals that can actually be accomplished, that will be set up in bite-sized pieces? I enjoy reflecting on the year that has passed, the ups and downs, the accomplishments, the gifts, the pains and hardships, the blessings that came with the hardships.  Now I begin to plan for next year.  I’m a strong believer in Manifestation and with the energy of the Creator and the … Continue reading New Years Goals.

The Zen like home. And the flow of life.

Many changes lately.  Grannie moved out. I joined some homeschooling groups far and wide.  My chiropractic visits have increased so much that I feel I should be having high tea with the man each day.  I have been planning events for the new MeetUp groups I joined and the first hike I hosted was a flop as no one showed up.  One of my more recent books I published and had big hopes for flopped.  The first two reviews on another cherished book were not only two stars but pretty negative. Oh, and then I wanted to start a yoga … Continue reading The Zen like home. And the flow of life.