Finding our path


We can be anywhere, doing anything when we get “the message”.  It’s that whisper in the breeze in the hallway of our mind.  That space where there is a brief moment of silence followed by a message from above.  It is our spirit telling us something from the other world where we are still connected to the great Source.

It is very important to become aware of this voice.  To hear, to listen and to, eventually, follow.  This message is the answer to most of our questions.  We ask and then we go about our lives and one day we get a message when we least expect it.

It takes bravery to follow the directions.  How do we know this is the correct message or something we made up in our head?  Maybe it’s wishful thinking?   We don’t always know or are clear.  I find that the message that is divine is the one I didn’t talk myself into.  It was when I was doing dishes and thinking about something else…or not thinking (rare).  There is literally a pause in the program and it comes so fast and quiet that if you aren’t in the moment you will not hear it.

There is another way to get a message.  Messages come in the form of a conversation with someone, a line in a song or book.  Only we know if this speaks to us because there will be a feeling at that moment or an ah-ha moment.

Why should we care?

Because it is God guiding us to a better way, a greater life, more fulfillment…our destiny.  It isn’t always magical or amazing, sometimes it is just a way to slowly improve our current situation, ease the burden, or lighten the pain.  We have those breaking points when we say, “I can’t do this anymore, enough is enough.”  Then we start to find our way.

When we begin to be honest with ourselves and listen to that wise infinite guidance that comes from God and Source, then we begin to really live fully and joyfully.  It takes time and work but it is so worth it.

I have been on a long journey toward happiness and home my whole life and continue exploring.  I love nothing more than drinking coffee and giving advice.   I want to motivate everyone and anyone that visits my site to a better life and happier self.  Some of my advice seems simplistic, however, it will make great changes and improvements in a life or family.  Some of my write ups are deep and swim in the topics of manifestation, co-creating a new life with God, and sobriety.  There is something for everyone here.

Come join me and enjoy this journey.