My job as a House Manager.

    I love waiting in dental or doctors offices. I am the one person that has no problem when they are running late. If I have no children that is. I bring a book and enjoy that quiet time, amen! The other day I waited my turn for a teeth cleaning and enjoyed some time reading Home Economics by Mrs. Sharon White. The entry was about a homemakers’ worth in dollars. We have read many articles on this and I have even discussed this before. We add up the salary of a driver, cook, maid, secretary, teacher, butler, nanny…or … Continue reading My job as a House Manager.

The reality of homemaking.

Does it happen to all housewives at some time in their homemaking careers? The letting go of the perfectly tidy house? The relaxing with all the cleaning, the days of organizing, watching Flylady routines on YouTube to get ideas…or try and reinspire yourself? Does a time come when you post a note on the fridge that says “Let It Go” and you take it as seriously as a Proverb in the Bible? I feel busy with task and projects all day but I move slowly and methodically and at the end of the day the house is a mess (I … Continue reading The reality of homemaking.

Fantastic redecoration of the home with Goodwill treasures.

A housewife’s day is endless when little people and furry critters are involved. There is a lot of washing, sweeping, vacuuming and tidying up…repeat, repeat, repeat ad nauseam. I was tiring of the Twilight Zone of house cleaning and wanted to have more time to write and play. So a journey began involving some research into Minimalism. I watched Marie Kondo’s Netflix series and the documentary Minimalism with Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. I’m not new to the movement. I had been introduced to downsizing when researching ways of homeschooling. I had read The Magic of Tidying up years … Continue reading Fantastic redecoration of the home with Goodwill treasures.

A housewife’s quest for enlightenment.

As you can see from this photo, the moving boxes went to good use in the end despite our not moving. The boys built shantytowns, cities, camps with the boxes for days until I tired of my yard looking like an encampment area and took them all to the recycling bin at Bali’s work. We have settled back into this house and are looking at staying another few years. Our neighbors are still nervous and encouraged us to get the “for sale” sign out of the front yard quickly and then when Bali brought home his friends large moving truck … Continue reading A housewife’s quest for enlightenment.

A big spend after a no spend.

We entered this summer with a goal to maximize savings and reduce spending to zilch outside of the monthly bills and mortgage. We had a dream and it inspired us to great heights of tightening the purse strings. And we did very well with it. The garden blessed us with onions, potatoes, zucchini, eggplant, and tomatoes. The neighbors’ nectarine tree hung over our fence to share plenty of the sweetest fruit it has yet to produce, and a kind and unknown soul sent us a Winco card for a large sum. We were truly blessed. We also walked everywhere and … Continue reading A big spend after a no spend.

Time to buckle down and get creative with saving money.

  Well, I’m finally back to my old self. Some of you know that we were about to purchase some land and old mobile home and it fell through. We should have stopped there but we had our house on the market and had committed to our realtor for six months. We tried our hand at another home, a loan, and lots of drives in the country to explore. We were disappointed over and over and the loan was not sufficient or the owner carry situations didn’t work out. It was the confusion and vagueness of life that really took … Continue reading Time to buckle down and get creative with saving money.

Embracing where we are and being patient.

  I’ve been taking some time to enjoy other YouTube Channels and learn a few tricks, collect a basket full of ideas, and be refueled with fresh inspiration myself these days. I wrote some blogs recently that I took down for various reasons. I was going to change my channel (that was not the best idea as my subscribers love Coffee with Kate, can’t rebrand after so many years) and then I changed it back. This seemed to be a reflection of some inner storm brewing. I love change, crave change. Change and new things feed my spirit and make … Continue reading Embracing where we are and being patient.

Cooking in my little kitchen.

Life has been filled with change these days. Life coming, life going. We took on a little pup that wasn’t wanted and later that week I put my cat to rest. I didn’t think I’d be so sad but I did mourn her for a couple days, still haven’t disposed of her kitty dishes and haven’t been as motivated to feed the strays out in the front yard. Life slowed down for two days and bugs gathered in the water bowl on the porch where she used to hang out. Then we have this new little life, Molly. She is … Continue reading Cooking in my little kitchen.

Being inspired to clean a little deeper and finding more inner peace in my work.

I was introduced to a new channel Haegreendal. It is based in Korea and is a homemaker recording her days and family life. It has influenced me heavily as it is beautifully filmed and edited and very Zen-like. I watched it the other night attempting to fall asleep. It didn’t work as the competition was a mocking bird rehearsing all the songs it had learned recently and then a grown cat that sounded like a lost kitten (you know I had to go out searching for it at 3:00 am only to find this adult/child cat having a fit over … Continue reading Being inspired to clean a little deeper and finding more inner peace in my work.