That tricky part of manifesting.


Ah, to manifesting.  We are always co-creating and manifesting our lives daily even if we aren’t aware of it.  Just look around.  All those words and thoughts we have are molding into reality before our eyes.  Our feelings are shaping our days.   We wake up in a bad mood and everything goes wrong the rest of the day, we wake up in a good mood and everything goes right all day.  That’s why when people first fall in love their lives seem to become vivid motion pictures of bright colors and fabulous background music.  Thier mood is affecting their whole life experience.  People who complain get gifted by the Universe with more to complain about and those that are in deep and constant gratitude are blessed with more blessings.

It’s an art really. A craft.  I have studied the Laws of the Universe and the magic of manifesting for over a decade.  My church of choice is the Center for Spiritual Awareness where the main motto is “change your mind and change your life”.  I still haven’t mastered with the depth I wish for.  For those of you new to the scene and wondering what all this talk is of unicorns and sparkly things, a couple things to introduce you to the game; The Secret (a movie) and The Law of Attraction, the teachings of Abraham by Esther and Jerry Hicks.  This is just a starter kit to introduce you to the subject.  The Secret is a bit cheesy and light, but I love this little gem.  It really breaks it down and in a fun way.  You have to watch it a few times, though.  I am still watching it 10 years later and I think I’m so smart.

So, here is something new I learned.  First off, I’m back into a deep study with my Napoleon Hill, Florence Scovel Shinn and Esther and Jerry.  I’m watching my spiritual truth movies on GAIA and even studying Tony Robbins.  I was going through a mini-depression recently.  I started out blue and worked myself into such a dither over the weeks.  I hated the neighborhood, wanted a divorce (not really, but sort of), I wanted a new life, I was miserable about my social situation and didn’t feel safe in the world and blah, blah, blah.  Then an old friend of mine suggested we go to a Law of Attraction seminar in San Francisco.  At first, I was just thrilled to get the hell out of the house and away from anyone who wanted to nurse.  Then I started watching some YouTube videos of past seminars and classes with Esther Hicks.  It brought me right back to my mind and the state of it.  I was reminded that my words, thoughts, and feelings will and do create my reality.  That one negative thought after another brings more and more and a bummer day can escalate into a full on depression.  The Universe just reflects back to use the vibration or energy we are putting out.

Well, fast forward to now.  I have been in full study mode and “rethinking” and I’m happy to report that life is great!  I am on my second honeymoon with the house and neighborhood and I’ve decided that the husband is still a pretty good choice.  I wake up happy and I look forward to all that I’m creating.

Now, I’m not new to this game and in the past, I have manifested so many wonderful things it would take at least 20 blogs to get the stories all told…I won’t bore you.  But, like any art form, if you stop practicing and educating yourself, you get rusty and stagnant.  With all I knew there was still one thing that I don’t remember anyone telling me and I think this is why so many people give up before the glory.  I just learned this the other day, here it is:

When we start focusing on co-creating a new life and putting our intentions out there, we may find that life is not looking any different, it may even seem to be getting worse.  This is because we have set so much in motion before we started focusing on a direction.  All that we already set in motion has gained momentum and is still playing out.  There is some lag time from your thoughts and feelings to it actually manifesting into your reality.  This means that you will have to live through some weeks or months of past manifestations playing out before you notice a shift.  However, the good news is that if you wake up each day with new and bright thoughts, intentions and good feelings, within 30 to 60 days you will start seeing results.  Kind of like dieting eh?

Here’s an example;  I’m still paying for my past negative thoughts.  So, I’m practicing “segment intending”, this is where you stop throughout your day and think about your intended desire for the outcome.  Each day I have taken my kids to the park.  I say to myself, “I see us having a fun and safe walk to the park, when we get there we will have a great time with lot’s of free play that will invigorate us and we will enjoy each other and meet all kinds of new and equally fun and positive friends, we will then have a good and safe walk back home to enjoy a delicous meal and rest”.   You do that each part of your day.

Unfortunately, the other day we went to the main forest park with friends and I talked of what a wonderful park we have and built it up to this glorious forest by the river.  We spread our blankets and settled in.  Then along came some vagrants down the way and a disagreement ensued.  It wasn’t bad, however, it did require 3 park rangers and 2 police officers.  So much for my wilderness experience.  Today I really set my intentions before I took my kids to the kiddie park two blocks from our house.  I said we would have fun and meet fabulous new friends.  As we arrived, so did a couple morning drinkers.  As I played in the park alone with my sons, the two men sat a distance and had morning cocktails and did some loud and vulgar storytelling.  Damn it!  Why is this intention stuff not working! This happened yesterday too.  We went to a park far away and these two women went on and on about the state of the world and all its violence and conflict.  I tried to not listen, but they were the only ones in the park, besides us.  It seems the more I put good vibes out, the worse it’s getting.

But wait, then it did kick in.  Just as I was going to leave the park with another failed intention trip…my intention kicked in.  A man and his son showed up.  I remembered him from a year ago when we first started going to that park.  He and I started chatting and he was fun and positive about all kinds of things that we covered.  He was great with my sons and very fun with his son (or girlfriends son).  He also gave us great information on the public pool right there that I have been so hesitant to go to for various reasons.  He opened my eyes to how much the neighborhood is improving and how many good families are moving in.  You see I’ve had a problem with the neighborhood lately, the graffiti and riff raff.  I also wanted to go to the pool but don’t want to deal with it being too crowded.  I had some misconceptions about this area.  But this person cleared it all up and filled my head with good thoughts and ideas on local issues and world issues.  He was Mr. Good News and we all need to converse with someone like that now and then.  We had a great time at the park and more pleasant people arrived.  We now have new friends and a new appreciation of our neighborhood and all it has to offer.

I’m thinking that my old work is almost petered out and my new manifestations are taking root now.  I am excited for each day as I become more empowered to make things happen as I intend.  As you shift your thoughts, you will see it unfold in your life and it will build momentum.  Give it time though, it may take awhile to totally shift from one reality to the next, but once the good stuff starts rolling out cause good times here we come!





Creating a home school for pennies.


Homeschooling is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds for many reasons.  It could be the best thing that ever happened to your kids and family if done properly.  First, let’s take the fear and stress and money out of it.

You may be homeschooling from the start or deciding to start doing it after years of having your kids in public or private school for years.  It will be a transition either way.  There is lot’s of great news and let me list it for you.  These are the basics and you’ll want to do some research on your own through the library and internet to get tons of advice and support.

  • There are many, many ways to homeschool and you can try any style and combo and you can even switch each year if what you’re doing is no longer working.  You can work through the public school and charter schools to get all your books and supplies paid for and to have more structure if you feel the family needs it.  Then there is Montessori style, Waldorf, Thomas Jefferson and Classic that you would do on your own.  Many families swear by Free Range or Unschooling.  Get some books at the library to really understand these styles.
  • Make your whole home into a school!  You could have one room that you turn into a classroom where you have hours and studies…if that works for you and the kids.  Then there is the idea where you have little educational outlets throughout the house and the children learn all day as they please.  For example,  I have a kitchenette fully loaded in the kitchen off to the side.  They can pretend cook and wash dishes, serve us food and bake as they see me doing this.  Then there are magnifying glasses, art supplies in a basket on the table and homemade playdough in containers, their own bookcase loaded with books and educational puzzles.  Outside they have a sandbox and garden.  All these things teach them science, math, reading, vocabulary, about the earth, agriculture, construction, building, art, creativity and so on.
  • Teach through domestic and life chores.  when a child cooks and bakes with you, they learn science, math, organizational skills and cleaning up.  When they shop with you, they learn math and about organics, business, and nutrition.  When you take them to farms they learn farming and all that goes with it.  That would be agriculture, animal husbandry, horticulture, and also science and math.
  • Reading piles of books from infancy teaches intellect, words, talking, reading, writing and all the wonderful things that the books are about, such as the solar system, dinosaurs, etc.
  • Media used wisely and the computer.  PBS has great cartoons that teach everything from community and friendship to math, history, the solar system, nature, the alphabet, numbers and science.  I use ABCMouse on the computer daily for the 4-year-old.  He learns geography, math, reading, problem solving, science and farming.
  • Dolls and toys are great tools.  Dolls help children learn how to care for and be compassionate to wee ones.  Blocks and wooden railroads help them with building and creating, along with problem solving.
  • Field trips.  The library, forest, and beach are great trips and very educational for children.

You can do all the homeschooling for free or very little.  If you go through the public or charter school, everything is paid for.  If you choose another way, you can use the internet and library to supply you with almost anything and everything.  Netflix is a source for educational documentaries and I know that people do a lot of teaching through movies.

Another few tidbits of advice would be to find a local homeschooling co-op.  This group will support you, educate you on the ways of homeschooling and give the whole family some community that is much needed when we take a nontraditional path.  There are legal groups and homeschooling groups online that will help you figure out the system.  By that, I mean that you will have to register your child or children in a “private” school.  They have to be registered somewhere.

I did not think I would ever homeschool, but with new laws going into effect in California, I had no choice.  I read stacks upon stacks of books on the subject and did days and weeks of research online and by talking to others doing homeschooling.  The more I read about these families and how they felt, how the children felt about being at home, directing their own educational course, the more I felt like there was no better way for us.  I love the idea and I feel that I’ve been homeschooling since Arjan was around 2 years old.

One thing I had to learn from my research and that really changed my mind, was that most of the parents are NOT teachers with credentials, yet they are teaching their children…and successfully!  So, you don’t have to have a Masters in education to homeschool.

As for socialization, if you have friends and family, take your kids to parks and trips and even the grocery store…they will learn to socialize.  You would have to keep a kid in a box to prevent them from learning to be social.  That is also what the homeschool co-ops are for.  Parents take turns teaching classes in math, science, history, English and all kinds of extra stuff like dancing, gardening, wood work and organize sporting events.  Kids have groups they grow up with.  There are planned field trips, science fairs and much more.

For a cost, you can get your children enrolled in martial arts, gymnastics, and sports.  They can get involved in theater and dance, some are free and some not.  There is a world of fun and opportunity out there.

Don’t fret and stress.  It can be almost free, even free.  Think, no school pictures, class rings, uniforms, the gas to drive them to and fro or the stress of field trips.  No packing lunches, they have hot lunch every day at home.  It can be fun and easy.  Just really educate yourself.  I read so much from the library and it really eased my mind and got me very excited.  I read stories from hundreds of parents and families to get ideas and input.  Most people and kids really love being homeschooled and rarely go back.

This will have to be a decision between you, the other parent and your children.  You can always try it and if it just doesn’t work for your family, they can be returned to school.  Nothing has to be permanent.

Good luck!


Filling Up On Spirit!


Happy Sunday!  Today is the day many of us fill the Churches, Temples, and Spiritual Centers to get some Spiritual food for the soul.  I sat with my mug o’ coffee this morning and started to write a bit about this, but I was getting a little too opinionated and was not awake enough to say anything of value.  I have since attended the Center for Spiritual Awareness (my church of choice these days), filled up and now I just might have something interesting to impart for the day.  My only desire is to inspire, motivate, or at least activate some thought for at least one person out there.

I am a big lover of the Spiritual realm and studies.  I used to attend Cross Roads Christian Church for a couple years, before that I enjoyed a handful of services at Kingdom Hall and before that I attended the Centers for Spiritual Awareness. I like to mix it up.  I attribute much of my personal healing and growth to have come out of taking several classes at the Center for Spiritual Awareness and I enjoyed a women’s bible study at Starbucks weekly.  I have a library full of Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, Ernest Holmes,  Deepak Chopra, and everything in between.  I have the Jehovah’s library on my computer.  My deepest gratitude goes to Florence Scovel Shinn, a bright and fabulous metaphysical teacher.  I work with healers and clairvoyants to repair the wounds of my past and I will point someone to a good Disney movie for a good teaching in values, morals, and teachings in the great Universal Laws.  I have a small painting of Jesus on my dresser, Lakshmi (a Hindu Goddess) in my living room and one of my favorite books is Autobiography of a Yogi.  I attempt to read the bible daily every year as a New Years Resolution and so far I have made it up to February.

So, there you have it.  That is how I fill up!  Why just go to one Church and have one book and one belief?  I had a foreign friend who said it perfectly, “All rivers lead to the ocean.”  If you strip down every religion and every spiritual practice and theory, you get the same message.  Do right, think right, act right, live right and you will prosper!  Of course, that is a simplification.

The teachings of Christ are beautiful teachings, the gospels teach us how to live well, so do the teachings of Buddha and Paramahansa Yogananda.  And how about the Native American beliefs and their deep connection to Mother Earth and the Great Spirit.  How about all those metaphysicians that help us to understand the Universal Laws and our connection to God and the power of our Mind?  Why limit ourselves to just one book or church?

Having a spiritual practice of some sort is soothing to the soul.  To believe in the Universe’s greatness and power, to find faith in hard times, and to have the tools to heal your pains is what a spiritual practice does for us.  There is no right way to believe or study, there is no right religion or spiritual practice.  All practices are wonderful and can bring you to a place of comfort and peace.  They can all be used to build a home within us that makes us feel solid in shaky times and all practices can all teach us that faith is real and produces real results.

When we open our minds and explore the spiritual world, we can plant an abundant garden of mental and emotional health.  We can go deep and heal what ails us and we can learn to reverse and replace incorrect, old belief systems that are holding us back from our greatness.

There are so many great and wise teachers, past and present, that can lead us to the light.

I, personally, have always loved and come back to CSA (Center for Spiritual Awareness).  It is a place where all religions are embraced, along with all cultures and beliefs.  Everyone is accepted with all their ideas, eccentricities, and orientations.  Their motto is, “Change Your Mind, Change Your Life.”   I have to attend a place like this, no one else would accept the way I go about being a believer.   I’m also planning to attend a Joyce Meyer’s convention (hardcore Christian) coming to Sacramento in July.  I was studying one on one with a Jehovah Witness recently and I’ll be reading Autobiography of a Yogi for the third time.  How do I get away with it?

I suggest everyone find a place where they can go worship and praise.  Find your community, find a church or center that feels like home.  Study Buddha, study yogis, study the Bible…or just meditate.  Sit silently in the forest, sing with a choir, find teachings that make you think and ponder the wonder of life.  Mix and match!  The worst thing that will happen is you may get a little bit enlightened on the way.

This Universe is a miracle in itself.  Albert Einstein said, “Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind.”  Think on that!

So, have your coffee with a little Joyce  Meyer’s or Joel Osteen in the morning, meditate at the beach as the sun comes up, find a Center or Church near you.

Churches and Spiritual Centers are great for families.  They celebrate holidays in fun ways such as talent shows and holiday choir groups, there are potlucks and gatherings that bring the community together,  Bible studies that bond women and men, youth groups for the kids and teens (great for keeping them in a wholesome arena during pubescents), and you build a community that will support you through good times and hard times.

If you are new to town, this is a great way to get to know people and make friends.  If you have a troubled past or you want to change your future, classes and study can help attain this goal.  I have made 180 with classes through CSA.  I learned how to do treatment prayers and meditate, to change my thinking and empower myself.  I have learned to manifest and co-create new experiences in my world.  I wish this for everyone.  You can rebuild your life completely with the help of a spiritual practice.  Ah, what wonders await.

And so it is!







Homeschooling. What a great idea!


Homeschooling is becoming very popular!  It grows 10% each year as the high school drop out rate has gone up 60%.  In the UK it’s gone up something like 60% in the last 6 years. This is for many reasons.  Some being that the school system hasn’t changed that much in a hundred years or more.  It is still based on the old Prussian-Industrial model.  Our children are being prepared for the factories and corporations of America with all the structure, bells and testing.  Yay!

In public schools a child’s desire to learn is being slowely snuffed out by the time they get out of kindergarten.  They carry huge back packs home and have homework daily from the first grade onward, with it ever-increasing.  School is focused on test, test and more test.  Schools look like prisons now.  They are made up of many modular boxes lined up and surrounded by a chain link fence.  They have asphalt to play on and maybe a tree can be found somewhere on the grounds.  Outside of the school hours parents rush kids to all kinds of after school activities and study groups, then there are sports to train for and play on the weekends.  Kids don’t even get summers anymore.  They are sent off for their vacation with tons of homework and there are all kinds of programs they can do on the computer to keep them sharp and ready for the fall.

Those 60% of kids dropping out are not all high risk.  Many of them are young people who had dreams of college and careers.  They are dropping out because they just can’t take the stress and pressure, along with the boring curriculum.  Being bored and stressed is not a winning combination.  Kids are exhausted before puberty.  They are being driven and driven past go.  When do kids get to be kids?  Where does their childhood fit into all this intense schooling.

Let’s take a look at a school system that is doing great.  Finland!  They used to be right there with us at the bottom of quality.  Then they shook it up big time.  They are now rated one of the top schools in Europe and the students all score high, high, high on science, math and reading in the international standardized testing.  93% of students graduate. Why is their system working so well?  Well, let’s give it a look-see.

Now, I may have this a little off, I had to piece together some articles and a section from Michael Moore’s latest movie.  It seems Finland has got the school thing down!  Finnish students rank #1 in the PISA test and 93% of the students graduate with over 60% going on to college.  Why are they so successful?  Here is what I found. Children don’t start schooling until they are 7 years old.  They may start kindergarten around 6 years, but it’s all play and outdoor time.  They are not taught to read until 7 years, unless they have that desire.  There are around 75 minutes of play time outdoors compaired to our 27 minutes, there is only one standardized test taken when they are 16 years old, the focus is not only on math, science and reading, but also the arts, languages and music.  The children attend school only 4 to 5 hours a day and high schoolers have a college like experience in which they only attend classes they need.  Some may start at 8:00 am while some start at 10:00 am.   Play and creativity are encourage at all levels with a firm belief that play is a great way to learn and every 45 minutes older children are encouraged to take 15 minute breaks. All children are treated and educated equally and get the extra time they need to succeed.  Classes are kept very small.  There is hardly any homework if any and children don’t even receive grades until high school.  Now remember, these children are testing #1 in the PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment).

Teachers are of the highest quality.  They are required to have Masters and only the top 10% are chosen.  The salaries may start small, but increase largely over time.  Teachers are given the same respect and kudos as doctors and lawyers and work only 20 hours a week with the belief that a happy teacher is a good teacher. Hum, happy teachers, happy students, lot’s of free time, play, creativity and a focus on self-reflection and socialization in the early years…

That would not be acceptable here where we are pushing and pushing constantly for higher performance and test scores.  Sad thing is, we are failing something fierce.  We come in at the very low-end, say 16th to 23rd after all the other countries such as Canada, Hong Kong, etc.  Just food for thought.

It would be great if we would revamp our schools to adopt this way of educating our precious young.  Our future.  Many say it just can’t be done here with a population that is 50 times what Finland has.  I say that’s ridiculous.  These are our children and our future society and it’s looking gloomy folks.  We need to do something fast to nurture and care for our young so that the future will become even more hopeful and bright.  Our children are already struggling with stress and depression at ever younger ages.  This is unacceptable.

Until we revamp our school systems, I’ve decided to take my childrens schooling into my own hands and make it magical and fulfilling.  I want my children to love learning and have hours and hours of play and self discovery.  I want them to find their passions and spend all day dreaming up new inventions and blossoming as humans.  I hope to send them out into this world confident, kind and ready to do good works for humanity and Mother Earth.  Is this a dreamy state I’m in?  No, because I’m taking their education into my own control.  I am creating a home and life that is all about learning everyday and all day.  And they don’t even realize it!  We don’t have a “classroom” in this house.  The whole house and yard and world is their classroom.  We don’t set up “study time”.  We learn all day.  Everything is an opportunity for learning.  When we bake bread, plant a garden, learn to crochet (that hasn’t really happened yet), learn another language, read books, play in a forest or on a beach…we are learning science, math, reading, speaking articulately and developing our minds, our ability to solve problems, dream up ideas, build, and just plain think.

I follow my boy’s lead.  I am a firm believer that if you follow your passion, you will build an amazing life for yourself.  I have learned that when things are done with play and fun, you get much more accomplished.  You actually work harder when you enjoy what you are doing.  Homeschooling doesn’t have to be hard.  It can be easy and fun for all of you.  Just don’t try to recreate the very school system you pulled the kids out of, right there in your home with the structured hours and work and seperate room for class time.

There are some great books out there on homeschooling.  Go to the library and check them all out.  I would list them, but I must have read 50 or more and can’t remember any of them now.  There are also many ways and styles to teach.  There is the wonderful Waldorf, Montessori, Classical and Thomas Jefferson.  Then you can also go through the Charter or Public school system and have everything paid for and have the structure if you really feel you need it.  Or you can really get wild and do Unschooling or Free Range (I don’t know if that’s really a name).

I know that here in California we are having a big debate over the SB277 law coming into effect this July, I believe.  Many parents will be turning to homeschooling.  Don’t be afraid.  It can be a wonderful experience for you and your family.  Get the books, do the research and be flexible.  What works for the Jones may not work for you.  What works great one year won’t work the next.  Join a large home school co-op.  There you will get much-needed support and guidance.  You will also learn about the laws, your families rights and how to enroll your children as being in a private school so you can home school legally.

Feel free to contact me at and I will happily answer any questions or do the research to find the answers with you.  Also, for those of you just going into having one parent stay home and trying to figure out how you will live on one income, you will find the perfect book for that on Amazon,  Modern Homemaker and Mama, by Kate Singh.  I go into homeschooling a little, but mostly it is about setting up your life in every way on a small budget or one income and specific for stay at home parents and homeschooling life.  Good luck and have fun!
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