Transforming an ugly yard and house into a sanctuary.

  All it takes is a shovel, some pots, fruit trees, long weekends, lots of love for the work and voila! You have taken a hideous yard and made it lovely and productive. I was searching frantically for homes in 2017. We watched housing prices double in the Sacramento area and rents were skyrocketing (as they are to this day). I have two children and two dogs and I’ll tell you this…do not have dogs if you plan to rent cheap. It is very hard to find a rental that will allow dogs, especially big dogs and you have to … Continue reading Transforming an ugly yard and house into a sanctuary.

To rent or to buy?

Recently we had to make a big decision to continue renting for the next few years in hopes that the insane housing market would crash and give us a meager chance at affording a home or to just jump in and, with a lot of prayers, see if we could play this game and win. At first, I decided that we hadn’t a chance in this state and we would just have to wait, continue saving like crazy and be patient for something to change in the world of real estate.  We live on one small income so that seemed like … Continue reading To rent or to buy?

Winning the housing challenge.

I I sit here vibrating with a busy and intense day of trying to win a very challenging competition.  The housing market.  I’m in California and it’s absolutely ridiculous.  The housing prices are at pre-bubble popping, pre-recession crashing prices.  No one could afford them back when the bubble burst around 2008 and nothing has changed since to make it affordable for people now.  I read an article the other day that said that the housing prices are not only up to that crazy amount they were years ago but people’s salaries are only a tiny percentage higher.  So, how are buyers doing … Continue reading Winning the housing challenge.

Almost home.

Well, I’m up again at one of my ridiculous hours.  It’s Sunday and I’m up before 5 am.  I really should live on a farm, although, the thought of going out in that cold to feed animals and milk cows sounds awful.  I’d rather wake with the roosters…and stay in my cozy bed typing. My thoughts today cover a range of things; how frugality and planned budgeting guarantees a better future, manifesting and how it works but not always how we think it will, and finding a home. If all goes well, my husband and I will be buying our first … Continue reading Almost home.