Loving your life and the path that leads to happiness.

  Ah, the birds are tweeting and doing their mating dances, my kitchen garden is beginning to sprout, the days are warm enough to have all the doors and windows wide open to fill the house with fresh air and warm sunshine. Last year we won this house in a bid and had keys in hand by April 12th.  We began cleaning, whacking at dead vines and branches, mowing years of weeds, and dealing with outdoor roach infestations.  The yard had old locks and keys buried from the Banks failed attempts at keeping out squatters, broken glass, and other odd … Continue reading Loving your life and the path that leads to happiness.

When You Relax into life.

  Life is good and improving vastly as the days go by.  I have had some epiphanies lately and each one has led to a transformation of consciousness and parts of my life. The first moment came when I was falling apart and realized I had to change my health.  Dieting is not a solution but food is medicine.  Thus I am vegan today and loving it.  It’s been months of trying new recipes, cutting out this, trying that, watching vegan chefs on YouTube, figuring out why the weight wasn’t coming off and overcoming myself in order to succeed.  I’m not … Continue reading When You Relax into life.